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Original address: as long as the collection of this post, you can rest assured to Taobao shopping! author: interview with rotary in Taobao shopping also has a very long time, also accumulated much experience, has collected quite a few good Taobao shop, it is not very good in the Favorites category, so together had a Web site, content classification, shopping when convenient. If parents were to go to Taobao to buy something, you go to the collection at the site, save every time you want to spend a lot of time to pick out the shop, click on the go: soubao tide people is love-scouring (click to enter) remember I started net acquisition was in 2002, at the time eBay, shopping is a money transfer to other bank accounts, so they can't buy too expensive things, even if they had been cheated or dozens, okay. Don't know what is good character is quite cautious before and after the direct remittances way scores nor be deceived, overall it is quite satisfactory. Of course the drawbacks of direct remittances are prominent, at that time often who who who cheated on how much money disappearing news, mostly more precious commodity, for me, is not the Internet to buy precious commodities, of course, that means the payment mechanism is not perfect. Let's see now the net acquisition: in the payment of this link, as long as somebody, do not covet xiaobianyi, there is no risk of it to the mainstream now! Taobao, the buyer and the seller does not directly generate money, buyers have the money to your PayPal account-the seller receives notice of payment-the seller shipping--buyers signature, authorized merchandise, to confirm their own Taobao account--sellers receive money. Such a set of processes that can be said to be very secure. Selection of goods, this is a skill that simply don't have the right to buy the cheap, that's right to sell, kill your own imagination. See exciting merchandise not impulsive, carefully look at transactions over buyer's detailed assessment, that no content please skip HA! experience this selection I separate a stick strategy, how to 's, 3 yiersansiwuliu, 5 thousand words are considered simple, here's to much to the doorways to the ! several years of net purchases, and then dishes of rookie has become old birds, now habit is to see the collection of the best shops, prepared for the meeting, save every time you buy things you want to go back to square one, here's to a friendship ����??��. A number of mouth, if you think good reputation is good shop, that's wrong, not what a good shop, but ratings and evaluations of specific content! this is only a small part of the classification, more please concern: Taobao shop great honesty and good looking (click to enter) skin care cosmetology, ml * Recalling grass headquarters flagship store �� products cosmetic skin care acne, douba �� security, spot 99.99% LUQI dew thousand infants official direct flagship store (natural skin care, EGF bio cosmetic) 99.81% Yen Yiyue Yung Church Taobao store products my strongest 99.92% SI Yeon Mido-natural skin care center-fragrant good oils | xuelian skincare 99.91% fashion �� my clothes bar�� 100% real shooting outside Pai travel personality single fashion (2-piece package express) 99.86% �� wreaths Nana �� Korea N9 Street leisure wind (2-piece package express, buy 4 get 1) 99.87 and witty! CIAO! da Fanfan Taobao Shop dress channel official cooperation 99.99% male and female underwear ibrashop famous underwear quality assurance is not satisfied with 3 days can purchase 99.99% �� deserves the ladies ' underwear shop �� shopping zero risk �� returned you say 99.95% Datang socks-Hangzhou septwolves cartelo underwear, socks, specializes in direct store 99.78% of men's play nice while 591mmm! Taobao men's shoes category ranking first 99.24% stone red Taobao jeans first shop your shave a global fashion 99.61% fifth season of professional men's spring/summer fashion brand new listing 99.69% hot shoe bag �� lazy corner Superstore ��-South Korea women with cute bag, small objects ornament 99.79% simple luxury packages and Korean style leisure fashion deductive Street package baoxiu 99.85% age classic leather language culvert shop leather goods classification first sellers 99.89% kubao City fashion shoes fashion begins, every day I become 99.89% MarinaWei dealers shop (CONVERSE) two double 299,399,499 matched 99.99% overall handset �� �� of Shenzhen storm digital certification entity company businesses overall handset 99.98% delicious snacks first shop in Inner Mongolia cheese snacks hot cuisine eat cheese from cow to fragrant start 99.95% Yunnan cuisine (the hyper-like) 100.0% 100% pure cocoa butter advanced manual chocolate-BU Ke BOUQUET monopoly flagship 99.76% these are have had dealings with shops, because all are more satisfied, then to my favorites HA. You will find that not all of the Crown, in fact, the old birds for Taobao, Crown Diamond or red and is not too important, service is good or bad is here, the turnover of large and not necessarily a better volume small, the first one is called Taobao shop, turnover of terror, but there are a few getaobao veteran will go shopping transaction?!, simply network means clever comparison, publicity, no under strength! as commodities, we all almost! why old birds are not willing to go popular shops, it is because, the delivery time is not guaranteed, and often the wrong goods and testing are not careful, no way, that others too busy! most favored by the kind of diamonds and one or two of the Crown of the kind! course, can not be generalized, also depends on what specific buy, such as some shops selling commodities longer one kind, Crown point also does not matter, he is too busy to come, is to pack buy, credit on HA! if you have patience, I will continue to run, he said that buying commodities, 1000 buyers he turns 5, 6000 credit, buy a mobile phone of 1000 buyers also 1000 with a remnant of reputation, here head learning much. Besides the ratings, Crown is 10000 praise, if 99% that have 100 transaction not authorized, the 100 $ you have to read slowly, is the wrong goods, shipping is not timely, or quality is not good, or simply buyers picky?! this is important, and so are you used to do so, you can get rid of rookie title HA! I have ever seen a lot of shops, 13000 just one in praise of, the content is pretty good! you said this how depressed, fortunately, is the Crown, a tear also 99.99%, that if a new store on the dozens of praise stalls so, also not vomiting blood HA! so, praise rate is not very absolute, refer to the reference, the specific need carefully look! scouring to baby-a pair of nike shoes in Pacific saw a Nike shoe of leisure, boyfriend wears well. It was returned from shopping, there is no energy and try again, but these days the temperature is high, really do not like to go shopping, okay, I can Taobao. According to the style and turned over several pages, found that the price the same, just find a deal more, more evaluation well know, like those sold more is good, this paragraph 100 more evaluation felt that good things can easily lead to resonance HA. Basically all boast quality is very good, very comfortable, very nice. The Treasurer is quite warm and brother, describes in great detail, too me too wordy, embarrassed not bought. Because the price including express just 238 Yuan, so I will only be deemed jingfang Nike, anyway good quality on the line, now also see jingfang, so it automatically ignores the shopkeeper brother say is true. A surprise, yesterday in hand, to a friend, he says, is really, really confused. I looked at the Pacific but standard 750 called discount also 600 block, this gap is too big. A friend of his that I know, the original, a little cost Taobao is, first of all costs on the low, this is the second from Viet Nam to engage, not the official channels, the same shoes but price difference. And then, and how do you see what I say, how do you see the logo, than women also wordy! finally also did not forget to undermine me, do you think people stupid, the Boutique of clothes into the price is 2, 3, and give you a discount on your music alas, not that many, that picture look-this shoe has been Taobao channel specifically recommended that men have sold more than two-1100, four color Optional: �� Taobao recommendation �� Nike global attention most new style SB plate shoes four color! (see details), this paragraph shoes are Nike and Supreme two large companies combined to create a masterpiece of world attention for its work in both in-and the use of materials on full luxury quality cost is generally twice that of Nike shoes. / > Help make a shopkeeper brother: every good advertising a shoe store (click to enter) , style number of Doha, ADI's shoes, also day sitting on the bus, discovery platform on Taobao advertisements write to the effect that: had a stomach of car exhaust, haven't bought into appropriate commodities, rather than on Taobao ... .. I think that Internet shopping is not smooth, without having to eat from the most important is you can shop more, without running back and forth .... or quite convenient drop!! The key is also quite cheap, saved me buy cosmetics summer must-have sunglasses hot season is cool man collective, women's collective makes efficient. While each of the men and women are not missing equipment that sunglasses. In addition to protecting eyes from sun damage, shelf sunglasses main reason is to allow ourselves to feel closer to the big star. But when parents try to wear a pair of sunglasses, have found that you want to pick a pair for my very difficult wearing friends? "on his face that look good, in my own face became another thing? simply because in the selection of the suitable sunglasses before knowledge of its design and style is combined with your own face. Selection of sunglasses, pay attention to the size of their amazing, though in recent popular some larger and exaggerated design, but if you face a smaller and have to wear a large frame of sunglasses will cause the overall proportion of losing balance, counter-productive. If a parent born has an oval face, (good envy OH), congratulations, because this kind of amazing, almost put on any style sunglasses will look good, because this amazing overall ratio is the most balanced. But if not, choose sunglasses when it should be borne in mind. First of all is to avoid wearing a face with ourselves, and to a lesser extent, similar to the picture frame is to learn how to achieve balanced proportions. On the contrary, a comparison of face Kiss should choose streamline or a round frame, as compared to the side of the face has a very strong lines and square corner, if you wear a streamlined or circular frame, and this strong feeling. Conversely, if you wear a squared frame, it will become more prominent the zygomatic and cheek's party line. There is an inverted triangle shaped faces friends, choose when you can try some sunglasses color predominant frame, the attraction is concentrated in the first half of the face, so to help balance the contour of the width of the narrow problem. To round shaped faces of friends for example, do not wear sunglasses, a circle will only make your face look round and round, on the contrary should try some of the more square picture frame; in addition, you can select a slightly wider than the face frame, which can be visually lengthen your face and make a better proportion. In recent years, the sunglasses design, are biased towards large frame of the ancients and the design, such as this paragraph Lei Peng 3025 sunglasses, men and women, most suitable for couples. Lei Peng genuine sunglasses 3025 Gallery details to Taobao buy can open counters, not invoiced the invoice is only $ 158.0, this month has sold starting with 1400 pieces in preparation for their attention to the parents of sunglasses, you can go to the shop: small glasses Hall (click to enter) , more fashion brand sunglasses are hot ... Successful herbal acne really is entangled me almost exactly 10 years, from middle school to graduate nearly University, from the large red slowly degenerate into occasionally a two of smallpox smallpox. Youth was almost entirely destroyed the damn litle ~ ~ R > douyin, starting in middle school as herbal times didn't seem to care about it, because it is virtually impossible and large red, but compared to herbal herbal receded, only to find the original large douyin has occupied the position of the previous Zits. Skin looked crude. Hey ~ girls who do not want to be like an advertisement in the star's skin thin slip slippery? see a lot of places that are not ordinary douyin method for removal of beauty salons, unless to do surgery. God ~ think went to beauty salon was ended, it is better to keep cannot take the risk! so this douyin just like I to the present. Inadvertently Taobao saw a fragrant good acne Indian oils that can go to douyin. Anyway, the price is not expensive, holding a try of psychological bought a bottle, Taobao champion HA. Previously bought many products to douyin, results have been very good, in order for a contrast, took photos before. The second photograph is a month later, in fact every look in the mirror, but no comparison is to see it, shoot photos, Wow, they jump, didn't think it was kind of effect! two weeks later, the medication after one and a half months. A coloured dot BB cream, might be a little obscure, so the effect looks more impressive ... A tank is used up, now what is whitening on such insignificant douyin, however recently may be due to weather conditions, take a few herbal, ignore ignore Al ~ see douyin effect just fine though some traces, but really really talking a lot, but makeup is more in the future to see out, but the price is too cheap, two months and years that bothers me just solved the problem! haha! addition and then share my usage, I first hot wash, wash and towel scalded by hot water and then compress it later, then even the makeup of the water and what are not direct smear, smear is isolation during the day a simple cream is OK. Mask with not many, are washed by the mask, not in the face of things, always feel that direct contact with the skin so that the medicine will be more effective ~ ~ Hei Hei ~ ~ and I have the same trouble, take a few minutes to see is repent Oh the shop is: SI Yeon Mido-natural skin care tips (enter): still take a long time in Taobao online to find hot selling baby, also for sellers of credit worries worry now?: were: Taobao 09 autumn ladies ' classic listing the latest autumn and winter fashion shoes 09 package jewelry latest 2009 autumn wind men's popular sports trend 09 autumn new listing throughout the food special clean sweep around to Taobao >>>>