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esident of Yang 9 Jun pursuit of idelos angeles tax lawyeral of education, is a very extensive topic content, solely based on the school building ten issues discussed, mainly for some quotes and fuss for your reference. Problem: we have education ideals? to pursuit of the ideal of education, there is no ideal of education will be impossible. Their very nature and commonality that ideal training should be gathered together what kind of person and how to cultivate people should focus on how to "hold up the Sun of tomorrow." Russian symbolism poets Barr Mongolian features road: in order to see the Sun/and vast expanse of blue sky/I came to this world, in order to see the Sun/top of the mountains and towering .../I came to this world, in order to see the Sun/if daylight should perish/I would also like to sing ... I would also like to sing Sun/dying in my life time. This poem full of bright and beautiful, knocking out the thousands of people. Teresa sing road: until the Sun was out of the world/lover. I especially like the "the Crescent" such lexical, this screen can be traced out new growth process. Advice: we look forward, aspirations, in search of new talent coming out:. Has a "new man" looking forward, we will feel the passion, pursuit, and creation. Xingzhi in evaluating yanziji national school principals ' Dinka timeout said: "he can rely on the fact that health ideal ideal as fact. His ideal of a fact, idealized facts ". In this sense, the ideal sometimes in feet. China education needs a vision, a little idealistic/romantic and poet. Let us work together and to follow the "new" coming out of it. Problems II: school is a somewhere? in the Bible, God promised to Abraham and his descendants a piece of land, this landvery, very good, with milk and honey. Here, God is the symbol of a mother's love, a mother's included not just eat, live and enjoy life, the life of joy and happiness of life. I think that schools should become God reward of a piece of land. Advice: let schools everywhere drips with milk and honey. "Newcomer" culture, should be shared between teachers and students happy life processes that well-being come from? "is let students go" waltzing. Schools should be formed through the cultural construction of school development of root, even if the school is also "the relocation, with luggage to move". But teachers ' education acts should be full of "life smile." Pushkin said: "even when life cheated you/do not sad or angry!/frustrated when temporarily tolerated:/believe it, happy day will come. " If our hands and everything in between are also full of" life smile ", this up and optimistic attitude will make students feel that" our life sweeter than honey ". Third, "let the classroom radiate vitality", this is a point of ye LAN's teacher. Only teachers and students of vitality in the classroom teaching effectively play, we can really help to develop new and growing, classroom teachers on real life. Question four: what is the soul education Feng Zikai, Mr. Li Shutong to home, Mr. Li Shutong rattan gently shake and then slowly sit down. Feng Zikai puzzled, start not dare ask, then Mr. each time to see all of this, Mr. asked why. The original Li Shutong worry Rattan seating in the possession of small insects, he wanted to give a small insect, let them can escape from the upcoming someone sitting on a rattan. This great love should be the moment no lack of education is to love their soul. Shot: big love wrote life big love to write, is a student of life, is a teacher's life. Fromm believes that love including care, responsibility, respect and understanding. Care and responsibility means that love is a kind of initiative, not a conquered people's enthusiasm. Respect and understanding are also composed of love, otherwise, it will fall into a domination and possession. In addition to these basic elements of love, the love of education should also have its peculiarities, such as to fair treatment of each student. There is also the reason. In addition, the art of love also, method appropriate, love it, it may be desirable results. Issue 5: beyond the power of others, and we? where People have into the Association, the State of competition is in a rely on pains of j, surpassing your pains beyond yourself? Howard, the attention pelerinage sous in strength, right in the s film, popular and physical strength, unforgettable body strength, power, technological strength, will complete wisdom, for pleasure of mind gladly 't for important points: first, the hero of the film, but I cd-rom and not me than the power, but he improvement there is a five militiamen me from heroes, but, At the drivers to or a sucstressed beyond me, he is hero is more than your willpower I. "Higher principle" core, should be the Qian Qian xuesen family family law stated: "in a not for profit, profits in the world will benefit. " Words: stick to your beliefs of education education and faith is nothing but contains two aspects, one is to have a proper education, the second is repaid, the boldness to practice their own idea of education. In a sense, adhere to the most important, "not to abandon, never give up" can succeed in running schools xingzhi, encountered difficulties, laments that "I was carrying love swimming"Some knowingly impossible, but because back in the love, ambition, beliefs, principles, without any change. Question 6: what is the best way education? in a certain sense, education, teaching methods, only the best, not the best. Tsinghua University is old Mr. Yiqi:schools stillwater, teachers and students still fish, their action still swimming also, big fish, little fish trailing leader, is also from the tour, tour saw, it looks into demonstration effect, does not seek to, no. Mr. in the famous contemporary education, very important reason is his 1931 served as President of Tsinghua University on the day of said: "University, a master of non-terminal, also called also. " I thought, if the" master "is our important thought of running, but the" big fish with small fish "should become the important teaching ideas. Shot: big fish and small fish. "Big fish" with small fish, is a lot of good mood! in big fish, and boot, protection, support, etc., in the small fish with learning, experience, investigation, and the size of small fish, fish, there is a democratic, cooperative, the autonomy of small fish are very good play. If from an idea, a consciousness, a spiritual sense, "big fish" with small fish should be an ideal form of education. Issue 7: school management is the key to ? Management is the key specific used? There is a close as the "corporate foundation trilogy" -- a friend for shells, construed at.this into details of the strongest a-one world 500 enterprises of demand management enterprises' did, its core is the art of will allows the sentence "up" in the business account and down to win!" With the us is the receiver heart to a Department, a strong to you. Shot: the school into a moral community. In the enterprise, how do the values refer to how to deal with customers, communities and suppliers as well as compliance with the rules, get along with each other, it is often the real guide to action. In school, the first value should be "what kind of training, how to develop people" to establish, should also be the interests of all the schools ' Guide to action. Secondly, the construction of the moral community to visionto unite.A school's ideal vision of the future is, school of the future and people motivation and concerns of the people, school, faculty and staff will have a long-term relationship, teachers are driven to school has a high degree of recognition, and schools. Question 8: how to create school? a school is a creative process that there should be "its". People at school, like reading literary works, if you are familiar, and even do not see that is known, that probably difficult to lift the spirit, there is taste of desire. Mr. Shen Cong-Wen reading an article, write a spring returns to the Earth and the Sun is shining, the wind and sky, flowing ... Mr. Shen Cong-Wen asked the author: you? you? your spring? your personality ? maybe, the principal ought to learn Mr. Shen, ask: "where I ?" advice: finding your own sentences. Hemingway said writing to "find their own sentences", in fact, the creation of school characteristics, is the expression "finding your own sentences." This study is to be considered: first, the school features a distinctive school culture. United States University of pretty illustrative, such as Harvard University is in the pursuit of truth, Yale is the independent thinking, Colombia University is a liberal education, Princeton University is a beautiful mind. Second, school characteristics is the comprehensive development of features based on development, is the "peak" on the plateau. Third, school characteristics construction should be based on the school, and promote the traditional change. "Localization" and "school" contains a two-way communication between the process of change, school characteristics should bring the school culture of innovation and development. Fourth, school characteristics to adhere to the main tone and richness. In addition to the main tone, teachers should be allowed, isolated and individuality. Question 9: what we have? education realm Zhihong, Pekingreprographic systems, the language that leads the top a criteria: first, by three have engaged in world scale-up of internationally renowned professors been true, At about on impact, there is a human civilization and the outcomes of social development; one. The cultivation of a makkah is the human civilization meanings of about by socio - one that development achievements related United States over them for j major move faster to reject a year leads of "entrance" about by putting the best is the best over to have admitted, then, is unacceptable that 't think, copy the pains' s the point? United Kingdom of Kirit Eton, Tony used 's who: is present in the United Kingdom academic is not the first account in mind, j at.this am pleasure to harry shows 300,000 at.this webmaster sucstressed academic who studying all of their pains of development of margin and keep it is a webmaster j personnel, where sound personal academic men have being. This is a school, education should have the taste, charm, pursuit. Shot: we demeanour school does not mean that you want to have great minds, great ambitions. Going private, "large" and "public" are joined, and privacy is relative, on the future of the country and the people responsible for the healthy growth of the students, this is to act in a. From its own interests, from the local party and Government leaders face, this is the privacy. Going to short-sighted and not just for today and tomorrow. Of course, everyone is on the seventh, details of the stand. Office of the schools it is necessary to pay teachers, principals themselves to perseverance. In this way we can slowly learn to write out a "big" words. Question 10: how to advocate for educators running? Germany educator kerschenteiner in evaluating the Pestalozzi, said: as a great educator of Pestalozzi's monumental contributions, not onlyOnly his doctrine and, more importantly, his life, his great theory of life. Although people can bring educators divided into several types, but overall, for time is one of the important character educators. Primary strengths in the forefront of teaching and education, so as educators, to improve the daily lives of dying like flowing water. Shot: a firm practitioners. Mentioned "educator", running again: one is to insist on the inherent character of education. Xingzhi said: "people shots of people's education, the creation of education" forward, up, creation, is the true meaning of education. With such pursuits, exploration and practice before they may become educators, alive in some ways like running as educators. Second, it is necessary to fame quietly, honestly by education laws. The third is sponsoring the "educator," mainly practice. As long as we persist in "on the road", life will change, the school will improve, newcomers will emerge, we'll "with the children every day."