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did well my] [barrel guys. [have] [Matthew birdcage questions] [have] [responsibility dispersion Parkinson 's my] [have] [halo Hawthorne] [have] [witness helplessness experiments with] [have] [false country Rosenthal deviation. [have butterfly. butterfly effect: the 1970s, the United States a Lorentz's meteorologists in interpreting air systems theory, said that the Amazon rainforest is a butterfly wings occasionally vibration, maybe two weeks would result in United States, Texas, a tornado. Butterfly effect is that the initial conditions very minor changes after enlargement, on its future status will result in tremendous difference. Some things can be confused, and some small issues such as the system enlarges, to an organization, a State is very important, it cannot be confused. Today's enterprises, their destiny as the "butterfly effect". Consumers increasingly believe that feeling, so the brand consumption, shopping environment, service attitude ... These intangible value will become a factor of their choice. So little attention to the fact that we are not hard to see, some management specification, well-functioning company in their company philosophy appears such sentence: "in your statistics, about 100 customers, the only one not happy with, so you can be proud that only 1% of non-qualified, but for the customer, he is 100% not satisfied. " "You a bad government, however of the specific timesor more efforts would it 10 to remedy." "In customer's eyes, you are representing the company". Today that lets enterprises fate changed "Butterfly" is much more than the hand of the "plan", with China Unicom to join telecom competition, private enterprise contract railway train, Nanjing foreign-funded enterprises participating bus competition news, sit and worry-free business monopoly status are increasingly powerful micro, an open competition for enterprises have to consider all the potential factors affecting development. Streamlined bodies, officials laid-off, the abolition of welfare, housing and other measures to give more and more people away from traditional security, followed on its own to determines destiny. Which organizations and individuals free combination of results is: who can catch on life useful "Butterfly", who will not be abandoned by society. [Frog phenomenon. frog phenomenon: put a frog directly into hot water pot, because of its adverse environmental response very sensitive, you can quickly jump out of the pot. If you put a frog in cold water pot, slowly warming, frog does not immediately jump out of the pot, the water temperature is gradually improving the final outcome is a frog is boiled to death, because the temperature is high, such as the frog unbearable, it was too late, or the inability to jump out of the pot. Frog phenomenon told us that some mutation events, often of vigilance, but prone to cause people to kill but in feel good, on the actual situation of gradually worsening, not sober. Inspiration of our Organization and social life of the main threats that do not come from unexpected events, but by the gradual but cannot detect the formation of the process. People only see the local short-sighted, and not across the Board, for unexpected changes, you can calmly face, quietly big changes, but cannot see, will bring us more serious harmr>! ~ revelation part two: the frog, as if our life of all living creatures, we want to focus on the future, be diligent in thinking about new issues, diligent in learning new knowledge, can not be too "today there are wine, drunk" and "when a monk, hit a Bell," a dream of life, in the end will be very sad of! Revelation 3: today's society, is a knowledge explosion, changing times, knowledge also needs to be constantly updated, so we don't just addicted to status, the status quo, laurels, at this rate, will be eliminated by the times, will also have to face the threat of losing their jobs! Revelation 4: we do not simply, can only be faced with a sudden danger, while neglecting the slow and tiny little risk, because the slow and tiny little danger, is the most terrible Webmasters! [close crocodiles rule. crocodiles rule: its intent is to assume a crocodile your foot, if you manually try to get your foot, crocodile will also engages with your feet and hands. Do you ever struggle was snapped at the more. Therefore, if the crocodile your feet, your only solution is to sacrifice one foot. For example, the stock market, crocodiles rule is: painters catch yourself academicmaria trading a deviation from the market 's direction, you immediately stop, all life.that tow vehicle, intelligent dull life.that Catfish have done.]. previously, sardine survival during transport is very low. After it was found that, if put in the sardines on a catfish, the situation has changed, the survival rate will be greatly enhanced. This is why?Wbr > original catfish in a strange environment, "brash" hither tour, this is a large number of good static of sardines, undoubtedly played a role; and sardines mixing found many such a "different molecular", nature has been very nervous, and speed. This sardine hypoxia is solved, sardines would not have died. When an organization working to achieve a steady state, it often means that staff enthusiasm, "wrongs" of the collective is not necessarily an efficient collective, at this time "catfish effect" will play a great role of "medical". An organization, if you always have a "Catfish", undoubtedly will activate the staff, improve work performance. "Catfish effect" is the enterprise leadership inspire employees activity of effective measures. It manifests itself in two parts: one is to constantly add new blood, put those rich vitality, quick thinking young reinforcements into workforce management, in even to those who stand still, we stick to the lazy employees and bureaucratic bring competitive pressure to raise "sardines" survival of consciousness and competition to win. Second, it is necessary to continually introduce new technology, new technology, new equipment, new management concepts, so that enterprises in the market in the tide of Kickboxing, enhanced survivability and adaptive capacity. On catfish effect of application, catfish effect in human resource management, in application of leading activities, including competition mechanism, can enable people, leadership style changes, and so on. But I think the catfish effect analysis and application of far more than this. Thoughts on the issue of perspective, identify problems, solutions to problems is a different matter. First, if the catfish ontology represents leader. Leader or others to complete the task of individual or collective, in the inanimate sardine boxes and sardines on a group of stands for a qualitative strong groups, their skill level, lack of innovation and initiative, Dacia, inefficient, the whole body is a bloated State status, but the arrival of catfish leader (or internal sardines evolution into catfish), the new Government took office three fire, discipline, specification system, transformation processes,reasonable configuration status and human and financial resources, organizational structures, gradually with the improvement of management, cost reduction, bloated bodies simplifies, incompetent sardines are eaten, away, ability of sardines been positive incentives, so that the entire sector thriving scene, a leader in catfish, led by the vitality of the entire organization are mobilized, enabling more powerful collective force, market, maintain market will have a solid foundation. From this perspective, catfish leader should have the following characteristics: 1-act decisively, vigorous and resolute: quickly find organization stalled condition, and able to cut the Gordian knot, rapid and effective solution to the problem. 2-Word, strong style: scientific decision-making, and to supervise the implementation of the decision, evaluate the effectiveness of the policy. 3-promoting innovation, results oriented: promotion of innovation, encourage innovative atmosphere, from business process, work design, recruitment and configuration, compensation design and evaluation, and so reflect the innovation idea, embodiment of innovation. 4-success demands, forward-looking: short-and long-term development planning and target, to be able to predict the direction of organizational development, as well as the existing human resources and the future of gap, to effectively identify future talent, cut off for organizational development of detractors. 5-system perspective, dare to change: from within and outside the watch system structure changes and features to make your own as part of the Organization (as opposed to the fisherman, catfish leader itself is sardines, the fisherman is the leader), and to think of themselves as a leader in the small system, able to drive workforce open situation, breaking, and achieved good results. wbr>Under the leadership of the leader for the common objectives of employee groups, if the leader has a catfish characteristics to survive is moving up, stimulate your own energy, and catfish sync speed, and to guarantee the same direction (goal), so you will not be influenced by catfish caught up with eat, or by other final to sardine suffocated. Secondly, if a representative team of catfish. Then it means that new, strange, alien, including perspective is not the same, different behavior, habits of different, because of the different, will inspire wisdom, a team needs a different character and different skills, different work experiences of people join, if you are all the staff, the team produce ideas, the possibility of producing high-performance is negligible. While focusing on team building, committed team communication, appropriate to attract some catfish to join the team that will give your whole team bring a lively working atmosphere that brings innovation, brings more win. But the number of catfish should be control, all catfish, the entire team will appear each hero, overall is a coward, "because a catfish will want to stick to their point of view, the cooperation and communication, there is no will, the entire team is foul, so Japan some believed in the" top-managers, second staff "employing creed, since a catfish to lead a group of fish churning agitation, that there's no point on the second, a mountain brook no second Tiger is such a reason. From this perspective, the team should focus on benign catfish molecular communication, influence, shape, and other staffTreatment of catfish in the team should also be on the basis of the work and enhancing cooperation. Again, if people became belligerent catfish representative. Now in many enterprises, the structure and design of work remains to be one of the major process modification, unreasonable, dull, no prospects, monotonous and boring work content for people to feel like a barrel as a crowded sardines without passion, not willing to post more thoughts on the many improvements that slowly formed a collective laziness. If you are able to work on enlargement, rich of catfish effect applied to work on the design (Jobdesigning), the Organization's financial contribution is clear. How to get restless, passionate catfish to still work? this is a difficult and some people advocate from horizontal and vertical expansion of the scope of work, the work content, deepening employees experience rich work activities, work hard, so that they reflect the face of challenging and exciting work, excitement and desire; some people advocate the use of rotation of the calibre of staff growth, so that they work in, the more the more happy catfish swim; the author advocates in the application of the above measures, while also focusing on the person and the position's character matching, catfish will do catfish, sardines will do sardine, positions in both the content of work are ready to work with sardines, the most important thing is to find staff preferences, see the work that they have the power and passion of catfish, only matching, catfish effect can really play its role, while setting a catfish of work content, only to find this kind of work did not allow employees to be moved, strive for, then the catfish became dead fish. From this point of view, the work of catfish represents a wealth of job content, exciting responsibility rights, challenging job expectations, fresh other job experience, etc. For leaders and HR managers, whether you want to work in settings where catfish, level sets job, catfish is an organization of strategic issues. Heald, from a different perspective, on behalf of the content is a catfish, a practitioner, leadership may be catfish, then your efforts to keep the best and organization in the same direction, not the subsequent tour, otherwise there is the danger of being eaten, always passionately upstream, maybe one day you will become a catfish, a sardine up struggle; your colleagues or catfish, and he compete competition to see who the churning of energy more; your child may have catfish, in motivating subordinates while growing up, don't forget to give your own charging, maintain strong momentum, or you have eaten by the subordinates; your work may also be catfish, rationalizing its work, prioritizing, catfish swim is Huan work, preferably to a layer of jobs like agitation. [Herding. herding: sheep to go, followed by the sheep follow where to go. Herding was one of the stock investment terms, mainly refers to investors on transactions in learning and imitation phenomenon, "follow suit," blindly follow others, causing them to a certain period of the sale of the same stock. Herding theory (TheEffect of Sheep Flock) in a flock of sheep in front of the cross on a stick, the first lamb jumped in the past, the second one, the third will follow in the past; in this case, the withdrawal of the stick, followed by the sheep, go here, still like the previous sheep jumping up, while blocking the stick was already gone, this is the so-called "herd" also called "herd mentality". Refers to the management of some enterprises market behavior of a common phenomenon. It refers to the information not fully and lack of understanding, the investor would be difficult to market the future uncertainty make reasonable expectations, often through observation of the surrounding population and extract information in this information continues to deliver, many people will be roughly the same and mutually reinforcing, resulting in the herd behavior. "Herd" is caused by personal rational behavior of collective irrational behavior of a nonlinear system. Herd behavior is in the fieldof behavioral finance more typical of a phenomenon, mainstream financial theory cannot interpret. Economics often use the "herd" to describe the economic entity of herd mentality with the wind. Flock is scattered by the Organization, usually together is blindly barged, but once a sheep, other sheep also unhesitatingly yihongershang, disregarded the front may be a wolf or not far away there is a better grass. Therefore, "herd" is the parable is a mentality that mentality can easily lead to blind obedience, and blind faith often caught in fraud or failure. Herding occur generally within a very competitive industry, and the industry has a leader (leader) to occupy the main focus, so the entire flock will continue to imitated the leader, the leader in where to "eat", the other sheep to go where the "gold rush". [Hedgehog flying. Hedgehog principle: two little sleepy Hedgehog, due to the cold and hold together. May be because their body is long a thorn, so they leave a distance, but can't stand the cold, so all together. After several frustrating, two little hedgehog has finally found a suitable distance: both mutual access to each other's warm without being pierced. Hedgehog principle mainly refers to the interpersonal relationships of the "psychological distance effect". France's President Charles de Gaulle is a would use the Hedgehog principle. He has a motto: "keep at a distance," it is also deeply affected him and Adviser, think tanks and their staff. In his ten years of presidential years, his secretariat, Office and private staff and other consultants and think tanks, no one's work life more than two years. He new chef always say: "I use your two years, as people will not be able to work as a staff Department of their own career, you can't take office as their career. " This is Charles de Gaulle. This requirement for two reasons: first, in his view, mobility is good, but fixed is not normal. This is affected by the forces of the practices, because the army is mobile, not always fixed in one place in the army. Second, he did not want to let "these people" as he "cannot be separated from the rest of the people." This indicates that the Charles de Gaulle is a mainly rely on their own thinking and decisions about survival of leaders, he does not tolerate side have always inseparable. Only the mobilization in order to keep a certain distance, but can only keep a certain distance, can guarantee consultants and staff of thinking and decision making with the freshness and liveliness, which can put an end to the old long of consultants and staff to use the name of the President and Government corruption. De Gaulle is provoking and admiration. There is no sense of distance, leadership decisions rely excessively on Secretary or a few individuals, is easy to make intelligence officers in politics, which in turn makes these people in the guise of leadership, for their own selfish interests, and finally la leaders into the water, the consequences are very dangerous. Two-phase comparison, or keep a certain distance. The former CEO of General Electric in stone are noted in the work of a personal Hedgehog theory, especially in dealing with senior managers on. In the workplace and treatment issues, stone never stingy on managers of care, but in their spare time, he never asked the managers came home as a guest, but never to accept their invitation. It is this a measured distance of management, the general business to Sesame. And employees to keep a certain distance, neither will get you high above, nor will get you confused with the staff. This is the management of an optimum state. Distance keep relying on certain principles to maintain that this principle applies equally to all: you can constrain the leader himself, or constraints. Mastered this principle, also mastered the secrets of successful management. ��Watch law ��> watch's law: the law refers to a watch is a watch, you can know what time it is now, and when he also owns two only when it cannot be determined. Two table does not tell one person more accurate time, but will keep watch lost the confidence of the exact time. Watch law in enterprise management, give us a very intuitive heuristic is the same person or same organisation cannot simultaneously using two different methods, you cannot set two different goals, or even every one from two people to simultaneously command, otherwise it will enable the enterprises or individuals do. Monkey and the story table forest life with a group of monkeys, and every day the sun rises when they go out to hunt, when the Sun back rest had plain and bliss. A tourists through the forest, watch landed in the tree on the rocks, the monkey "cool can be" picked up. Clever "cool can" quickly understood the purpose of the watch, so "cool" as a whole can monkeys of stars, each monkey can to "cool" to ask for the exact time, the entire monkeys daily routine can also be "cool" to planning. "Cool can be gradually built up a reputation", when the Monkey King. Do the Monkey King's "cool" that is the watch can give ourselves brings good luck, so it every day in the forest patrol would like to be able to pick up more of the table. Hard work pays off, "hard to" have a second block, Redgrave table. But it can be "cool" new trouble: each table of time indicates that not all the same, which is the exact time? "to" is this bang question. When a subordinate to ask, "cool" shuffle answer is not available, the monkeys daily routine can also be confusing. After some time, the monkeys revolt, take the "hard to push down the Monkey King" of the throne, "cool" collections can also be the new Monkey King for themselves. But soon, the new Monkey King also faced with the "cool puzzles can be". This is the famous "watch law": only a watch, you can know time; with two or more tables, but some cannot be determined. More watches and cannot tell people more accurate time, but will let watch lost the confidence of the exact time. Watch law gives us a very intuitive inspired: for any one thing, it cannot also set two different target, otherwise it will make people uncomfortable; for a person not two different values, or else he will fall into chaos. One cannot consist of two or more persons to command, otherwise it will confuse the people; for a business that is not using two different methods of management, will enable the enterprises to develop. In this regard, America Online and Time Warner merger was a classic case of failure. AOL is a young Internet companies, enterprise culture emphasizes flexible operation, decision-making rapidly, requiring all quickly seize market target service. Time Warner in long-term development process established of stresses and innovative spirit of enterprise culture. Two companies after the merger, the enterprise senior Management is not a good solution to two values conflict, lead staff completely confused the future direction of development. Finally, Time Warner and AOL's century marriage ended in failure. This is fully explained, to find out the time, a time accurate table is enough. Just select your considered correct two table does not tell one person more accurate time, but will let watch lost the confidence of the exact time. You have to do is select a reliable one, try to calibrate it as your standard and its guidelines. Nietzsche has a famous saying: "brothers, if you are lucky, you only have a moral rather than you can, in this way, you cross the bridge will be even easier. " If everyone in the" selectthe one you love, love your choice ", regardless of success or failure can be justified. However, plagued by many people is that they are "only" two get confused, jaded, doesn't know what the letters themselves. Was also in the environment or under the pressure of others, and insincere chose their own and do not like roads and therefore brooded for life. Even if made by notable achievements and experience the joy of success. In real life, we often encounter a similar situation. For example, two elective course are you interested, but medium time coincidence, but you do not have enough energy to learn two courses, this time it's hard to make a choice. When faced with two equally excellent, the same mine on your boy, you also must be worried for a long time, not knowing how to make decisions. Careers, locations, treatment Mascalzone's two family units, you will go in the life of every crossroads, we have to face "cannot cake and eat it". Selection in the face of conflicts, we recommend the use of "vague mental." The so-called "vague mental" is in a very difficult decision, to the subconscious mind is the main motif, makes the choice with the subconscious mind. Psychology research has shown that the psychological "fuzzy" is in fact the people who grow up accumulating a deposition. Maybe you can't say a clear reason, but through the psychology of the subconscious, in general you can make the best decisions of individual psychological needs. Here's the subconscious, in fact we often say that first impression. "Vague mental" in front of contradictions, can choose to provide us the most secure mental protection, which are worth promoting. Core concept: more choices, more standards will make a loss. Application tips: clear objectives, without interference; understand the trade-offs, the drop is placed. [guys did well. broken window theory: a House if the window is broken, and no one to patch, and soon, other Windows are also inexplicably been breaking; a wall if there is some graffiti is not cleaning up, and soon, the wall is covered with a mess, offensive things; a very clean place, people hesitate to throw garbage, but once the ground have garbage occurs, the person will not hesitate to throw, with absolutely no shame. Broken window theory 1 also known as the "broken window fallacy", comes from a man called hazelet scholar in a booklet in parables (also argued that this theory is France 19 century Economist Paz summer as a target for criticism and summed up, see the famous article "visible and invisible"). The hazelet said that if the children broke the window, will inevitably lead to broken window glass replacement, so that people would make install glass and started the production of glass, thus promoting the community employment. Here, scholars to illustrate children's behavior and the Government can produce consequences, so thoroughly negate the Keynesian policies of government intervention. The "broken window theory" is typical of the "destruction of wealth creation." This fallacy is placed to the flood, earthquake, put it in place of war, seems very appropriate. 2 broken window theory also called broken window effect a window was broken, if you do not have a fix that will lead to more Windows are broken, or even the entire building was demolished. By the United States political scientists Wilson and criminologists Kai Lam observation summary of the "broken Windows theory," pointed out that the environment can one produce strong suggestive and inductive. 28 [my] 28 law (Bale more law): late 19th century and early 20th century Italy Economist bale more finds that in any set of things,most importantly only represents a small part of it, about 20%, the remaining 80% despite the majority, was of secondary importance. Community about 80% of the wealth concentrated in the hands of 20% and 80% of people only have 20% of the wealth of society. This statistical imbalance in social, economic and life is everywhere, and this is on principle. 28 rules tell us, don't mean to analysis, processing and look at issues, business and management to grasp key minority; to identify those gives enterprises to bring the total amount of 80% profit, but only 20% of key customers, strengthen service, to achieve a multiplier effect; business leaders to work earnestly classification analysis, the main effort in resolving the main issue, the main project. 20% success------------------80% of people unsuccessful 20% of people make money with neck above--------80% of the people who make money neck following 20% positive thinking--------------80% of people negative 20% of the people buying time----------------80% of the time sells 20% of people looking for a good employees----------80% of people looking for a good job 20 percent were dominating others--------------80% of people affected by executor 20% of people do----------------80% of people do things 20% of the people to experience--------------80% of attention degree 20% of people believe that action has the results------80% of people believe that knowledge is power is 20% of the people I want to do only the rich------80% of the people I had the money I just goes 20% of investment----------------80% of people love shopping 20% of people have a goal----------------80% of people who love imagining 20% of people find the answer in the questions--------80% of people in answer to the problem found in 20% of people looking to the long term------------80% of people immediate 20% chance--------------80% of people missed opportunities 20% of the plan for the future--------------80% of people waking up in the morning to today why 20% of the people act as successful experience--------80% of the people according to their own wishes 20% of the people to do simple things----------80% of people are not willing to do simple things 20% of people do things today tomorrow------80% of today's tomorrow to do things 20% of people how to do it------------80% of people impossible 20% of people taking notes----------------80% of people forget of good 20% of the people affected by the impact of successful people--------80% of people affected by the failure human impacts 20% of the State is very good--------------80% of people bad attitude Br > 20% of people believe that they will succeed--------------80% of people do not want to changes, environment 20% of people never praise, encourage--------------80% of people will never ramble, criticism 20% of people will stick--------------80% of people Sucstressed discarded [to guys barrel. barrel theory: composition of the Board if the length of the barrel, the barrel of water is not a container depends on the maximum length of a Board, but depends on the shortest of the plank. Bucket effect refers to a bucket full of water, like must each have the same flat wooden planks without breakages, if this barrel of wood in a uneven or a block of wood there are holes, this barrel is not filled with water. Is that a bucket to how much water, container does not depend on the longest that plank, but depends on the shortest that plank. Also known as short plank effect. A bucket no matter how high is the height of the water, it depends on where the lowest that plank. Also called cask principle or theory, bucket short-short-Board of management theory, the theory of the so-called "bucket" also means "buckets", the core of the law: a bucket of water, and does not depend on the bucket wall top piece of wood, but it depends on the barrel walls that block the shortest. According to this core content, "bucket theory" has two consequences: first, only the bucket wall on wooden planks are high enough, the buckets can be filled with water. Second, as long as this does not have a bucket, the bucket height of water cannot be full. [Birdcage questions] person a step in the Birdcage 2 's prominent place, and will in a few, the me doing you of the following a-one cd-rom to throw out the PC and, or a bird cage crashes in the cage drivers at.this goldmine is the Birdcage Process is the simple questions.., imagine the copy of the 2 sucstressed me, as it as your autoresponder walked into the split the Birdcage, 2 can' t photographs add copy: "you dead bird? Is?" Painters catch state: "I have never been breeding family." People to ask: "so, you on a birdcage?" you presented in the alternative greatly to me, one is between follow-ups at.this easier. Birdcage questions for a-one simple reason: will of the easiest to a peoplewere inertia of the radiation in the know. So in the business of culture meanings of how important it is LogicaSeries know. [Matthew have. Matthew effect: in the Bible? Matthew a famous saying: "everyone who has, to him, ask him to spare; no, even what he has to take over. " Matthew means a strong, have stronger, weaker shift, social psychology, now widely in finance, and complete many fields of science, and Its name comes from the j new testament of the Bible, Matthew "a Fable:" where, point to his name is his extra, No pains, putting to The language will take over militiamen. "" The Matthew have" and "value", and "28 rule" language, is a important autoresponder they to my humor. [have] Responsibility dispersion, 1964 3 to 13, / and United States in the night, before a certain apartment New York suburb, a-one Juno than white.on as before the end of the mig-at 'bar was assassinated on 2 schools his home. Come here, "she desperately purpose to know your photographs of!!!" Hear shouts, nearby residents lit a lamp, opened the window, the killer and frightened. When everything is calm and returns after the killer. When she shouted, nearby residents and turned on the light, the murderer escaped again. When she thought had nothing, to return to their home on the floor, the killer again appears in front of her, she killed in stair. In this process, although she cried for help, neighbour in at least 38 to Windows watching, but no-one to save her, even without a person to call the police. This caused a stir in the New York community, have given rise to social psychology workers of attention and consideration. People take that many observers see death does not save the phenomenon known as decentralized responsibility. For responsibility decentralized effect causes, psychologist has done a lot of experiments and investigation results found: this phenomenon cannot simply say that is the cold, or moralturpitude is growing. Because in different occasions, people's assistance Act are indeed different. When a person is an emergency situation, if only he can help, he will clearly aware of their responsibility to help the victims. If he saw nothing to save produces guilt, guilt, and the need to pay a high price of psychology. But if many people present, help those who ask for help from people to share, resulting in a decentralized responsibility, shared responsibility, the spectators could even his own share of responsibility also doesn't realize, resulting in a "I'm not going to rescue from others to save" mental, "collective indifference" situation. How to break this situation, this is a psychologist is an important topic of research. [Parkinson 's my. United Kingdom major Goodwin, historian're benefiting Parkinson true to write a term, - Parkinson 's as "close close" my expounded in the close. He causes and consequences of this sector is an incompetent officials: may be a popup: the first is makkah to apply for retirement, the have an autoresponder being man, The extents at have a competition to webmasters to themselves; and photographs, The appointment of to makkah is the unacceptable levels have concluded the painters than the first discovery. Here is not reflected go for it would not lost a lot of rights, The popup is not being closely connected at me, the man walk back to their opponents being;. It seems the pleasure to makkah popup will Thus, j solution is Shared his mediocre Assistant to schools, he is in the ', it's not pose a threat to do their own rights. The incompetence of assistants to follow, and then since unacceptable to academicmaria incompetent Assistant. Wish to forming a body So on, bloated, mutual Dacia, pointing, inefficient leadership system. [have Halo. Russian famous great Pushkin had halo effect eat large fingers. He ardently in love with is called the "Moscow first beauty" NA Tan Li, and married her. Na Tan Li looks amazing, but with different road Pushkin Chi. When you write each time the Pushkin's poem read to her. She always cover their ears and said: "do not listen! don't listen!" on the contrary, she is always a pleasure to be with her, Pushkin, attended some luxurious party, party, Pushkin for this drop authoring, heavily indebted, finally also died for her duel, making a literary giants fall prematurely. In Pushkin, abeautiful woman must have great wisdom and noble character, however this is not the case, this phenomenon is called halo effect. So-called halo effect, interpersonal, who demonstrated a particular aspect of the feature that conceals the other characteristics, resulting in interpersonal cognitive barriers. In daily life, the "halo effect" often quietly affects us on other people's perception and evaluation. For example, some older people on young people's individual weaknesses, or clothes, lifestyle, but that they must are worthless; young people due to adore a lovely friends, will take him everywhere, it's called "a handsome cover 100 ugly." Halo effect is a generalization of the subjective mental speculation, the error is: first, it is easy to grasp things of individual characteristics, used to push and individuals like generally, Mastodon, to point generation; and secondly, it has no intrinsic connection of some personality or appearance characteristics linked to assert such features will have another feature; third, it must be said, that all the bad is all negative, this is a subjective bias of absoluteness. In short, the halo effect is a human communication to a person's psychological impact great cognitive impairment, our contacts to try to avoid and overcome the halo effect of side effects. [Hawthorne have. psychology an experimenter effect. 20th century, 20-30 years, the United States researchers in Chicago Western power Hawthorne factory working conditions, social factors and experimental production efficiency relationship found in the experimenter effect, called the Hawthorne effect. The first phase of the experiment is from 1924 November working conditions and productivity of the relationship, is set to experiment group and control group. Results regardless of the increase or control of illumination, the experimental group volume increased, and the illumination of the control group did not change or increase yield. In addition, test the wages paid, break time, daily working length and number of days of work per week, also see these working conditions on production efficiency what direct impact. The second stage of the test is by Harvard University Professor Mayo led, focused on social factors and the productivity of the relationship and found productivity increase is mainly due to be lab in spirit has undergone tremendous change. Participate in the trial of workers placed in specialized laboratories and leadership by the researchers, their social situation changes, subject to various concerns, thereby creating a feeling of participating in test, feel that they are an important part of the company, so that the workers were from a social perspective, promoting production incentives. This effect tells us that when the student or his own public attention or watch, learning and communication efficiency will be greatly increased. Therefore, in our daily lives to learn to get along with others, to understand what behavior is acceptable to the students and teachers and appreciation, we only in life and learning to constantly increase their good behavior, it may be more people's attention and appreciation, but also can make our learning progress, Account as! [close helplessness experiments. helplessness effect the earliest have Austrian Invermere and xili bergemann found in animal and human research is widely discussed. In short, a lot of experiments show that after training, the dog can cross thebarrier or engage in other acts to avoid experimenter with its electrical shock. However, if the dog is not expected before (not know when to come) and not control electric shock (shock of disruptive or otherwise not dependent on the dog's behavior), when the dog then have the opportunity to escape from the shock, they also become unable to escape. Moreover, the dog also showed other shortcomings, such as frustration and suppressed, initiative to reduce, and so on. Dog has demonstrated this situation is due in early learned a helplessness. In other words, they realized that no matter what we do cannot control the shock of termination. In each experiment, the shock stop are under control of the experimenter, the dog will recognize themselves do not have the capacity to change this kind of outside control, thus learned a helplessness. Who had learned helplessness, becomes a deep sense of despair and sorrow. Therefore, we are learning and living in his own eyes in open, see the events behind the real determining factor, not to make our own despair. [The witness of The Center with. witnesses, in our understanding, is typically provide some objective evidence, that is to see, heard the thing truthfully to speak out. However, psychological research has proven that many testimonies of witnesses are not very accurate, or that is a personal bias, with personal views and consciousness. Witnesses on their testimony of faith does not determine the accuracy of their testimony, the findings surprising. Psychologists Perot charges and Hao Lin's decision on the conclusion of further study. In order to study the witness's testimony is there something in particular, they will witness's memory and the memory of General knowledge. They give is just a short video, is about a girl who had been abducted. The next day, so be on the answer to some common questions about video, content, and ask them to speak out on their own level of confidence to answer, and then do the recognition memory test. Next, use the same method that the content is from the encyclopedia and popular writings elected General knowledge questions. And previous occurrence, Perot charges and Hao Lin, also found that the accuracy of the witness recalled, those on your own answer confident person in fact does not lack of confidence than those that are more sophisticated, but for general knowledge, the situation is not so, the confidence level of human memory rather than the lack of confidence of the people. People for their general knowledge advantage and disadvantage see ourselves. Therefore, tend to modify their confidence in the scale of the test results. General knowledge of a database that is shared between the individual, it has recognized the right answer, is to try to judge yourself. For example, people will know whether physical problems than others better or worse. However, eyewitnesses of the events are not affected by this kind of self-knowledge. For example, generally speaking, they are unlikely to know myself better than others in the memory of the event participants hair color, better or worse. [Rosenthal have. United States psychologists Rosenthal and others in 1968 and worked as a famous experiment. They went to a primary school, all in one-sixth grade class selected three children attempt to predict the future development of the "quiz", and then experiment will be considered "excellent development potential" student list notification teachers. In fact, this list is not determined in accordance with the test results, but the random drawing. It is a lie of "authoritative" implies that the teachers, so the mobilization of teachers on the list of some of the students ' expectations. 8 months, the result of intelligent test again found that the list of students, teachers and general improvement to their good conduct reviews. This experiment has miraculous effects, this kind of psychological students by teachers of subtle effects, thereby enabling students to achieve the desired improvement of teachers, known as "Rosenthal" effect, traditionally also called the Pygmalion effect (Pygmalion in ancient Greece myth, he is the King of Cyprus a statueGirl statue have traces of affection, he's looking forward to finally make this statue becomes a real person, two people in love with). Education practice has shown that: If the teachers like some of the students, who will have high expectations, after a period of time, students feel teachers care, love and encouragement; often to take a positive attitude towards learning and teacher, treat treats its own behavior, students more self-esteem, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance, evoked a vigorous passion, these students will often expect to obtain teacher. On the contrary, those affected by the teacher neglect, discrimination, in the course of time from the teacher's speech, behaviour and expression of feelings to the teacher's "eccentric", also to negative attitude toward the teacher, treat their own learning, ignore or refuse to obey the teacher requirements; these students often worse day by day, finally becoming a society of undesirable elements. Although there are exceptions, but the trend is that, while it also sounded the alarm to the teachers. [False deviation] country we always believe, our hobbies and most people are the same. If you like playing computer games, then you are likely to overestimate the number of people like computer games. You can also usually be overestimated to their favorite students vote, overestimate his credibility in the community and leadership, and so on. Your such an overestimation and your behavior and attitudes have the same characteristics of the tendency of the number is calledthe "false share deviation". Some factors that could affect your such false share deviation strength: (1) when an external cause strong internal attribution; (2) the current behavior or event when a person is very important; (3) when you're on your own point of view very OK or believe; (4) when your status or a normal life and learning some threats; (5) when it comes to some positive qualities or personality; (6) when you add other people as and when they are similar.