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u, Liu Xulos angeles tax lawyeran �� ? ' ��?��?o? 2009-09-15) author: that's not my Staying True In a Sea of Snobbery Liu Xuan whether domestic or foreign, and in the workplace and who your fist, are used to pass on a business card. Especially in Asia, the other regular business cards to decide to give you a few minutes of a face-to-face time, whether you be open to take you to the door, and even to bow to Ju several times, and so on. We all used to it, has become a kind of ethics. United Kingdom recently saw the famous writer Alain de Botton of a speech, referring to the observation of the card. He said the decision to use business cards to tell people is a kind of snobbery and snobbery is a common failing of modern society. Snobbery that word translated into Chinese is a very nice ��introduction of snobbery ��, deBotton give ��introduction of snobbery �� proposed a new definition: ��introduction when others take your a small part, to you the people to do a comprehensive conclusion. �� Suddenly is a bit of a shock,. Days that! I'm a snob who? my lifetime education, not stressed ��introduction not judge ��, "Don ' t judge a book by its cover" is not a snob ? reflect on past life, I find myself often benefit from others ' snobs. Whenever someone heard that I am a graduate of Harvard University, usually reveal stunning look. (If not, they probably Yale graduate!) but this is a blessing, it is a challenge. There is a ring set in the header, the others would you expect, and the action will become more inconvenient. In my first job, a boss would often say to me: ��introduction Comeon! so simple, straight to your Harvard should not be problem? �� I often work overtime to latest, just to prove themselves worthy than others. Previous photo ads, I'd be happy to help producer Assistant gaffers, just to be able to identify oneself with colleagues. Later, I found myself really confuse what is loyal to himself, but what is loyal to the people waiting for self, and the number of times required to do a lot of things, to overthrow the other people's preconceptions. My friends also have the same experience. Most RAM is the financial sector, almost all of my classmates are to Wall Street investment and resume, because it is the Ivy graduate expectation. Less than two years after the dot-com boom, everyone is rushing to go open network company. At that time everybody was convinced that, as long as there is a good idea with a shiny degree, Silicon Valley's safe will open for you, the investor will be queued on the banknotes. In the 1990s there was a short period of two years, actually really is so. Then, the detonation of a sound, party ' sover. Then we called in those days as a group of clever ��introduction children's failed experiment. Now world faces another unprecedented global financial crisis, we shake their heads and sigh. Hey! that do so stupid? first fraud by a group of kids, and now they are masters of deception. Green Bank in Congress on the ass, and the entire stock market are waiting for the tea, why no one ignore those warnings local bank staff? then again, who really 100% know what you're doing?, Maestro will be an error but we still prefer to listen to a master, because the world is too complicated, we can't believe they can make the best decision. If it's a snobbery, that I really couldn't stand. From academia to the creative community, I don't think I belong to a member of the rat race. On its own, I am what Ithink, but on the outside world is concerned, I am what Ido. As artists, my work is my Representative, and the works of excellence is the most important principles. I deeply believe that a person can comply with this principle, is your success, the customer automatically finds, you also will be subject to the respect of his peers. But then I found out this is not entirely correct, because if one does not know the self marketing and establishing a good relationship and even ��introduction first staking ��, missed opportunity, but also very difficult to climb out of. So that I find to be loyal to yourself in their career, will need to take the comments of the outside world. At least we have to know how others see us, to know how to respond to their expectations. The courage to go its own way, but still not successful, in fact, the most feared outsider's heart. Before you know a friend that he said to me, Frank: ��introduction long ago, I asked myself what most want, find what I want is to have a good day. A good day in need of money, so I was determined to make money! �� my friends really spell, intersection, Jorge not hesitate socializing with the band went to the hotel customers, the Cypriot red envelopes to plug, did the business is doing great. I also have a friend who, full of art head ideal but empty pockets, but to raise sufficient amounts go abroad in search of inspiration, have again put their art in order to meet the business needs desalinated, wry smile and do it yourself. They know each other, but privately for each other has complained. The artist says businessman ��introduction without ideal ��, the businessman said artist ��introduction just make money ��. In fact, they both are loyal to their goals, against the own principles, but individual living with ��introduction of snobbery �� looking at each other. From a third party perspective, could not help but feel that both in the pot calling the kettle black. Therefore, I think that in trying to implement ��introduction loyal to self ��, served bother changing their snobbery. Because life is full of necessary compromises, we need to learn compassion, tolerance, not because of circumstances on one-sided a fracture with respect. In fact, put aside the snobbery of misunderstanding, I believe that most people are loyal to their own lives.