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e pa the aesthetics of the group in the" first China innovation Forum" on speech achieved new Chinese education, education reform and opening up 30 years are no small achievement. However, today China education face a huge crisis. The dangers for the current education, many estimates far from sufficient. Because education is different from the political, economic, and military activity, mishandling will have consequences, immediate. Education related to each individual's life, involving groups of a generation, the consequences of some 30 years later to come out. The so-called "Decade of trees, one hundred years", this sentence summary of the ancient people of the truth. We now present the root causes of social problems, at least 30 years ago. While we present more serious education issues, probably in the 30 years will explode to social problems. 1. education is a social life upstream of education crisis in the first area: personnel training. It is also proposed. The seriousness of this problem lies in the fact that China could not be imported from a foreign top talents cultivation must be on your own. A very sharp fact: all in natural science, the Nobel Prize and Phil Medal of China (CN Yang, t., Ding zhaozhong, Steven Chu, Yuan t. LEE, money Yongjian, qiuchengtong, taozhexuan) have one thing in common: their education, and now China's primary schools, secondary schools, universities or not. Since the 1980s, China study abroad approximately 400 million. The educated 30 to 40-year-old Chinese man in about 100 million or more, but no one person can receive the Nobel Prize, fields. Education crisis in the second area: character education failed. Say no to attain higher rank education. Performance of intensity: teachers, doctors kill children in kindergarten, middle school students, college students killed teacher. The breadth of performance: from peasant to entrepreneurs, government officials, University professors, character education as failed. For example: there is no equality awareness, respect their useful. Does not work. China football is a microcosm of all trades. These events in the past, even if there is an individual, in the moment China compare intensive appear, broke out. These are the source of the problem lies in education. Because education is a social life of the River. Anyone know, if the pollution of rivers upstream, downstream doomed. If social life is the River, so that education is the River upstream. Nobody was born to human civilization, each individual entry and civilized road is education. No educated people is the barbarians. Therefore, each individual growth in the first stage is to receive an education. Education is therefore called the Enlightenment, "open Mont". These educational outcomes, for each, produce life. A junior high school graduates also had nine years of compulsory education. As for the University, master 's, doctoral education more. But in essence they had not been perfect character education. So, basically, they just have some knowledge and skills of the savages, or, just past the sense of the artisans. Education out of these problems, our social life of the River is polluted, all other social problems inevitably exposed, which is downstream of the inevitable social life. 2. suffocation China education feudalism " current Chinese education is not a normal, but the metamorphosis. Leading causes of metamorphosis, I summarized as "three big mountains: 1." Official standard "education system, 2." Exam-oriented education "mode, 3. narrow concept of social success. The first "Dashan": China's education system, "" the official standard is an indisputable fact.The "official" system for China education kill and harm, it simply is to become the Government of the French school. Fundamentally, China's current education system is planned mode of the system. Just imagine, we use the "plan" to manage the economy, and how you may use the "plan" for managing education?-in short, the Government even a production enterprise management, how to manage a college? these planned economy of the "official" education system that does not comply with the education development law, lags behind China's economic and cultural realities of the building. The second block of "mountain": contemporary Chinese education in many ills is the "test". For the entrance examination, the percentage of each primary and secondary schools in China. More seriously, for the entrance examination of the Sprint, from kindergarten, even prenatal education began. Entrance is a must to have a single-plank bridge, so that the score is the last word. "The harm of examination-based education" directly in three respects. First is hurt, the shield of the "most". The excellent teacher in high school is mainly used in minority academic achievement excellent students who, in essence, our high school is for these minority, forgotten most of the academic achievement of students, allowing them to take the soul of the trauma out of the gate. Secondary stage is one of the world, life formation period. This negative effect for the individual is affected one's life, the impact on the ethical, social and even crime, and many other areas, it is difficult to estimate the dangers. To give an extreme example. 2008 4 October night, Shanxi Shuozhou a of Hao Xu-teacher, was 16 years old high school student Jeff even poked a few knives, pour in a pool of blood. This is the first "Countdown, poor hygiene, bad student, a stinking flesh out a pot of soup", Li Ming, on a single sheet of paper write down morethan 300 words "death note ": not only teachers, and parents do not respect my students too, they discriminate against me. I wouldn't have to respect them, my soul graduallyBecome distorted. I used the most extreme (client). I'm not going to regret this idea from me, I know I chose a showgirl, a road leading to death, I hope that I used in this way you can wake up people's attitude to students, knowledge society, knowledge of the State, recognizing the teacher bastard, so that you can change the education industry. This blood scream, direct means of existing education system! any education is education in the first place. Education is not the kind of culture of the minority elites and hurt most of education. Let inscribed "most" has become the social cold-hearted, even is effective against a citizen, is the psychology of primary and secondary education in the real failure. Second is killing some of the best students interest in learning. Now, the pupils are "ready" State, heavy courses and jobs, and a variety of exam, or even a weekend there are a variety of tutorial. When they enter university or stayed up Dr, real interest for science has vanished. Use their knowledge to make money, being an official, a good life, is the way these children. Scientific creation of a motive is interested in. This is our educational destruction talent lies. Third is almost blank character education. It cannot be said that there is no moral and quality primary and secondary school education, compared with score, however, offer good, considerate, and so on, these things can value the geometric? now Achilles ' heel of University students is not experienced setbacks, unbearable. College students ' mental problems are not rare, and university students who have not committed suicide in small numbers and are on the rise. The third block "Dashan": narrow "shine" social concepts for students and schools are in the case, become deformed. The child's future as the sole focus of the family, and the future of the key is the college entrance examination. Thus, from the child conceived of, to the end of the Sprint began. Family and community, the notion that let teachers of primary, secondary and enormous pressure, they also have no retreat. Any school, if the percentage of no, excellent student will dry up. Schools and funding shortfalls, the teacher of treatment, serious you will go out of business. Percentage of high school is exactly the opposite. This also produces a peculiar phenomenon: some famous University high school principals, the University also vivid atmosphere! Secondly, the concept of "shine", leading to contortion family education, achievement measured also is treated as a child all the qualities and capacities of the sole criterion. Learning good children, even if there is a boned, selfish, lazy, and other defects nor care about. Learning results are not good for children, even with thrifty, hard-working, ready to help others, and so many advantages, also could not get the appreciation society and parents, families and social repression of carrying suppressed, so take advantage of the Internet and other forms of rebellious family, causing a lot of family and social tragedy. Family, oppression have often become the spiritual pillar of destroyed children final blow. Society and the family of such a concept as "exam-oriented education" mode, making it worse, not curbed. Feudalism "is:" the Foundation "is the Foundation, it maintains the" test mode ";" education-oriented education "mode directly harm; and parents and social concept is passive, but the flames. China education must tear down this "three big mountains. However, shake, shake China education difficult! because, under the current education system, there is a huge educational vested interest groups, stop the real reform of China's education. br> First great education bureaucrats group. Leave the existing education system, which most people will go gang or laid-off. All of them stocks lives and this system is integrated. We found: a decade of education for all "reforms" have a characteristic: the right to change the administrative departments of education. Therefore, they are very keen on this kind of "reform" Afar! followed by tremendous educational business systems, including publishing houses, newspapers, TV, private school, the school, etc. series They are dependent on the structure of the client, to huge economic benefits. Now we realize that earning a child's money is the easiest, is huge. Third is specified, the system finds the "experts" and "academics", they essentially is a Crown. In this system benefits, even to officials. Therefore, in the hope that the current education sector to tear down this "three big mountains, only wishful thinking. 3. how to tear down this feudalism "? issues facing education in China, and China's economic reform before the problems underlying the same. When we planned economic system reform cannot break from internal, can be used only when the market leverage from external digestion. Market economy not only breeding, and the private sector, reform the State-owned enterprises. For the Chinese education system, we only use the "market" the power of leverage and to eliminate its problems, so that the "official" the cauldron, recovery education original features. Therefore, China's education to push into this "three big mountains is the only way to truly private capital: entry into the national education, opening up a private University. With market rules not only in China to build up a group of leading private universities, but also to enliven our National University. In fact, Europe and the United States and other developed countries, such as the famous University of Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, etc. are private. This is especially common in developed countries run education experience. Only the introduction to this mechanism, to tear down the "three big mountains, fundamentally changing China's education system and mode. We make a case analysis: If Yenching University complex, if is Stuart this educator regaining yanda-, will be a what situation? first, byJust use the equivalent United States Professor's salary (salary 8 million), you can employ to China's top professors and the most outstanding scholars, can also be employed to Chinese academics worldwide outstanding. The annual income has gone far beyond the present national university professors and scholars of the "River" of annual salary. Therefore, even as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, such as the best are unable to compete. The use of first-class scholars hired will create a number of institutes and academic "flagship". These top academics of unparalleled Professor team, will become the most eye-catching of Yenching University. Any University in mainland China to antagonize, equalled, sigh. Second, has such a high level of service that will attract the best students. Therefore, by enrolling (it can separate enrollment or to participate in the study) in mainland China can outshine, unbeatable. These two changes to the entire China education brings avalanche-like shock and consolidation. The first impact was in college and the entire academic community. First of all, it will produce a truly serious and influential academic evaluation system. Because it does not consider non-academic of external factors, only academic standards candidates. This gives scholars have opened a rigorous, scientific and academic research-oriented. A true scholar, will be recognized here, showing the value. Therefore, the social impact of it is unstoppable. Any non-academic factors obtained title, rank, in the system be penniless. Because real academic evaluation system established, professors, academic freedom can truly achieve the so-called academic corruption will disappear immediately. Since, once discovered, scholars of academic life will end. Such a "punishment" is enough to make a career in academic life from. Secondly, it will push for real reform of universities, teachers and students from this truly established. Because no State-of-the-art professors and teachers, it is impossible to become famous, as neither good students, nor access to national and community resources, College of education will be the case. In paying additional teaching by the strong impact, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, etc., in order to maintain its own position in the academic field, and must employ the best professors, otherwise they will automatically be dequeued. Therefore, they must be put together with limited resources. In front of such a reform, the University's survival is first and foremost, just like our SOE reform, if not real thing, but it embroidered leg colleges could not survive. Because ultimately, the University's academic level and impact are not determined by the bureaucrats. Therefore, the University must carry out administrative, logistical system reform. This will put the current staff of bloated, inefficient, corrupt the Chinese College really push reforms, instead of getting stuck in the surface, the "official" will be undermined. Third, hired professors will not only scholars throughout the community to bring dignity to achieve real social justice. Now the Chinese Professor's salary is not only well below the international average, well below the average level of liberation. Now North an ordinary Professor of salary of about 4 thousand RMB, only the former yanda-251. In terms of social justice, or scholars dignity, this salary is reprehensible. At present, some professors touring, or do business, while counsel for consultants, titular Director, ... With this treatment. Now the big disparity between Professor, surprising. There is no social sense of dignity, Professor of naturally digestion the sanctity of the vocation and responsibility. Second impact is in the primary and secondary schools. Due to the absolutely impact by admissions, it can break the pattern of Chinese college entrance examination, breaking the bastion of exam-oriented education, to the Chinese mainland students brings new style and atmosphere. This will give China education limitless vigor and hope. This behavior occurs, the quality, is truly the formation of the educational market, thus encouraging University genuine competition between. Should be emphasized that, China is now in private universities do not have the genuine nature of private universities. Because the real private universities is donated to build, not-for-profit, and our investment in private universities are established, profitable, it essentially company. Therefore, it is not in accordance with the law school of education, but according to the economic law school; it is not possible to allow educators to manage, but allow entrepreneurs to management. Therefore, it is neither possible nor can thrive, develop truly outstanding talents. Successful private universities in the world developed education plays a decisive role, the successful private universities is also the only way for the development of education in China. We need only think of Yenching University, Nankai University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Tongji University, and so on, you know that private universities for the Chinese education had tremendous contribution. Only by breaking the State monopoly in the education system, in school, enrollment in the basic system on reform, and it must implement the tax system reform, the establishment of private education Foundation, enabling true education market, can bring genuine and healthy development of the University, the Chinese Ministry of education, science, academic development of genuine Jiankang. In this way, you can go back to press China education education laws of normality, there is hope. 4. related words: money existing Chinese education depend mainly on government financial support. 2010 government education funds less than 4% of GDP. Also, many large, primary and secondary school expenses, in particular non-focused schools. But on the other hand, our idle, wasting and outflow of funds and shocking ! first is ever left in overseas education fund. Europe in the past in Chinese schools run by no less than 100, the famous universities also have scores. After we closed the schools, but these should still be in Education Fund, and is a huge expense. Only Yenching University still exist in the Fund,It is said that there are billions. There are also other Fu Yan, Tongji University Education Fund. Why don't we let this huge funds back into our education services, as the great rejuvenation of the Chinese, services take off? second is now China Civil lost each year overseas educational funds. Now China each year, large numbers of students studying abroad, there are only 2009 29 000 people. These people get the college scholarships of no more than 3 million, the full amount of the even will not exceed 1 million, and those about 26 000 people. Preliminary estimates, one in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other places at reading University, an annual cost of about RMB 20 million. Follow university graduate in 4 years, the annual China outflow overseas educational expenses at a minimum: 20 million X26 million X4 = 2080 billion. But many are reading school, graduate school, it takes longer and costs more, then add half scholarships, as well as 29 million after thousands of persons, and so on, the number is greater. 2080 billionis a concept of "now what?" 985 University (PKU) annual national inputs 6 billion, the University "211" annual State input of less than 1 billion. 1991 University of science and technology was built to spend $ 2 billion. If you use the annual outflow in 2080, you can at least in the near future to establish 100 "985 University", the "1000" 211 University. Education is still a huge industry. This scale of private universities, able to address all aspects of employment. Needs of the teaching staff there are hundreds of thousands, administration, logistics managers, but also to hundreds of thousands, related materials, equipment and service personnel, more is needed. Then vision: new 100 "985 University", the "1000", 211 University students on University of ratio to 75-80%, the proportion of the famous University reaches 30-40 per cent of high school entrance examination will not be so hard, this should be solved "-oriented education recruiting's fundamental approach". Those who seek to increase the number of college entrance examination, essentially put once too many times into the jaws of the jaws, ultimately increasing pressure and high school students. Course, save our children, save the China education, there are a lot of things to do. Education reform and tax reform package, otherwise no one donated education initiative. Also changed the narrow concept of ambition, we must establish the equality of human dignity, to promote common values and significance of labor. However, at present, the recovery of private universities, education marketing, fundamentally reform China's education system, is the most important and urgent. 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