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ongNaShanContent clos angeles tax lawyerollege(2011)Recruit students general rulesWorship natural for division, to learn things!A, regression eternal natural home - 21st century living predicaments and hopeIn the past several centuries, we pay more attention to the human, the relationships between humans and on earth on exploitation. We very aware of their own on the damage - 25 at.this invest organization is preparing to 300,000 9 brick structure with my desperate at.this goldmine is not match the human predicament, but the plight of the World's Association. The soul, judge not afford it, there is the equanimity Bewitched invest 's ecosystem, metals is unprecedented in its human promote. About ten thousand years ago, since humanity began farming villages settled lifestyle, we continually give the planet the Earth's biological systems increase the burden. However, due to the nature of the fertile and population and human intervention in natural systems capacity is limited, these burdens are to a certain extent can bear. Modern history for centuries, especially industrial civilization after it has occurred in the Earth's deep foundations to plunder the forces of the Earth's geological structure, chemical structure and its land and sea deep survival forms created a frightening effect. From a philosophical point of view, this is the history of mankind is also on the nature of its own terrorism challenges. Now, the loss of the Earth every year about 250 million tons to topsoil, the future of human food sources will produce what kind of consequences, we also have no idea. Currently undermining of the main reason is that our current world economy, social structure and human thought patterns, which establ
ished the existence of human beings and other forms of radical rupture, and all rights to the mankind itself, other existing forms have no right, only the full exploitation of rights, its reality and value only and human use of them. In this context, human development, the other exist completely trampled upon. In reality, in fact we only in this way a complete earth community, which includes all members: Earth, mountains, rivers, trees and flowers, animals, and humans. The existence of divided into human and nonhuman, is undoubtedly the anthropocentrism thought, in fact people look different than on this planet is extremely common, the soul of the world's thought is not appropriate. In the larger community of nandrolone, every kind of existence has his own role to achieve his own dignity, his inner spontaneous; each exist has his own voice; each there are entered into and to other existing contacts. This worldwide association, this Association, appeared to other existing capacity, spontaneous action capacity, is the entire Earth in every form has a capacity. Here, our point of view is not a super moral ideal, but from the actual status live worldwide. We need to review the history of human society. Whether China's social development or the historical development of the countries of the world, initially, the extremely difficult survival of humanity, in order to survive, will have the nature of thought, only to urban civilization of brilliant for human pride. From 14, 15 century capitalist social development began, the machine has been in the wild, the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, political revolution, human and natural evolution of contradictions thoroughly and human contradictions in adults, as well as numerous conflicts resolution, even when environmental human existence has been very deteriorated, human still can't jump out of this vicious circle of social structural contradictions. But this vicious always has its end, we want to be in this moment, standing on the future of the desolate location thought to produce sound, thus preventing the past that is now the human evil. Therefore we would like to insist that every kind of existence has been recognized and respected. Tree to tree, insects have insect, Shan mountains. The Earth and all of existence. At the same time, all these rights are also limited of andRelative. In humans, there is no denial of natural habitat for other species, without disturbing the Earth this planet bio system basic functionality. We cannot take any absolute grounds and with earth or any part of the Earth, but in the past few centuries, the Earth is mainly regarded as we use the consciousness has been enhanced. Especially in the 20th century, humankind to themselves, not the interests of clarity, even these unreasonable demands has become not curb the unconsciousness, indulge ourselves continuously, through the destruction of this star to profit, resulting in increasing deterioration of the situation. In this new millennium, we are facing is to implement such a change: the human ravaged the Earth into various period, to the existence of a common benefit way exists in the planet's period. This historic change, is any change in the history of humanity cannot be compared to. This ideology is not never, but it's hidden in the human consciousness, from Tao Yuanming to Thoreau, Tagore to Yen, College from Liang suming to Montenegro, a natural living hope and harmonious life vision always belongs to you, me and him. The fate of our future, more decisively dependent we establish close relationship between man and Earth. "The natural, to life!" from one College to several colleges, from zhongnan mountainto the South, we would hope that the fire spread throughout China and the whole world. II, new countryside to the context -- concept and goals feasibility in the guide us into the future of life, education is an essential way, however in the past few centuries, especially in the last century, the school through a variety of professional education, like science, engineering and technology, has been supporting the development of the Earth, the scourge of supporting the process of urbanization. China and the world of educational institutions have been the target for the development of the Earth to training professionals, not lead people to establish the Earth, nature of intimate relationships. China's ideas of invigorating indicate this idea in the world political and economic development requirements make it be rational but irrationality of perfect, even the traditional lack moral extremely highly. World's top 10 universities: Harvard (Harvard University), Stanford University (Stanford University), Yale University (Yale University), and United States Caltech (California Institute ofTechnology), University of California Berkeley (University of California atBerkeley), Cambridge University (University of Cambridge), United States, MIT (Massachusetts InstituteTechnology), Oxford University (Oxford University), University of California San Francisco campus (University of California at SanFrancisco), Columbia University (ColumbiaUniversity), is used to develop the social sciences and natural sciences research talent is leading the direction of human University. But we also want to see a more open, more solid education, a respect for the social and historical development, respect for the urban and rural development, respect for human development of education as a strong undercurrent, remains in the modern history of movements and response. > 1863, India great poet, social change (Tagore) Tagore family father Mahar a.s. �� Deventer �� Ronald, Tagore in Bangladesh BOR Temple nearby create a place of spiritual practice for monks, he came in three trees ancient Banyan tree put up a cottage began farming to accrue, sitting preaching, thus named Mulberry extract Nick Tan (Shantiniketan), which means "the land of peace." 1901, Tagore is home to Mulberry extract Nick Tan, be converted into an open-air laboratory school, there were only 5 students. Since then, Tagore took his 1913 remedy for the Nobel Prize and lecture, the drama of income is devoted to the school building. His lifelong commitment to rural development, an attempt was made to the arts, crafts and rural living together, which affected many of Western education thinkers. But in China, starting from before and after 1926, hailed as "revolutionary contribution to the modern world of great men" great educator yen, and when a group of knowledgeable educators, will view from big cities to the vast rural China. Tao xingzhi, Pei, Liang suming, a large number of educators in the late 1920s began almost simultaneously by the city to the countryside "transfer" of the strategy, to 30 years, formed a momentum rather huge rural education campaign. Founded in 1933, had 23 years long history of the United States well-known educational institutions �� Montenegro Institute, advocate for teachers and students working together to advocate not simply some sort of art form, but rather from the "life is art" to reflect on all that advocate a big discussion of life's problems. ThisSome positive educational model has always been our concern, and is worth learning and development. Zhongnanshan from College is in this particular historical background and thought background established, it is for the realization of "establishment and natural, Earth intimacy" goals, seeking to enter the future of a more practical way. It is to the countryside movement in the new century, not political, but nature and life. It to mutual assistance, learning, experience teaching way, advocating the worship of nature as a teacher, learning to everything. Learn what is learning how and nature, and all things effectively. It is an open College, no degree course, is not set. Promotion of "everyone is a Professor, everyone is a college". Its goal is to put people back to nature, re-establish goodwill of our nature, in order to reach people and nature in harmony. Thus advocates a live mountain way of life. People should live in the mountains, people should be together with nature. People from the outset is one of the biological chain, it does not, cannot be divorced from other biological and survival alone. three, headquarters address: ZhongNaShanZhongNaShan, is located in xian 30 kilometers, with its south in the days of the south, therefore, say again "in nanshan", the "book of songs", sea classics called it "the nanshan". Today we often sense mentioned zhongnan mountain is the Qinling Mountains in the segment of it East Chang'an, West longitude until Lam Tin, huxian, weeks, about 100 km East-West, 2000 meters above sea level. "The world", zhongnan for Crown ", zhongnan mountain is famous since ancient times God by destination, it is both a source of Buddhism, and also the Chinese Supreme wisdom classics of the daodejing" and the birthplace of Taoism. Zhongnan mountain is the world's attention, there is another important reason is that it's "the hermit culture", zhongnan mountain has been the hermit tradition, the Chinese in the history of many famous people have done "the hermit" zhongnan. From College in this location, is the result of a long period of geographic research, field trips, finalized. Represents the natural life of highest pursuit. Its main characteristics: 1, zhongnan mountain is the most abundant natural vegetation in China, many rare birds, have available to visit, study and experience of an enabling environment. 2, zhongnan mountain since ancient times are in seclusion and best practice, have a good cultural environment; Wang Wei "zhongnanshan": "Taiyi near day, Caroline Hill received sea corner. Looking back on the white, green-Oi-in look. Division in the same, whatever is his neighbour. To vote in person at the hostel, riser asked the woodcutter. "This is the natural life of the mountain in excellent picture. " Cloud cross Qinling home?" Han Yu's eternal famous delineate Qinling, zhongnan mountain and subtle human spiritual home. 3. independent living easier, there are a lot of wild resources, can find a variety of natural food, and can be used to establish the fields of experience. , Experience where zhongnan mountain of Institute (hereinafter referred to as from school) students, according to the experience and entrance two learning methods. Experience is also called experience. With his own act to facts, w.t. impressions from an act, the pleasure that. They 'real, practical, we feel so impressed With meanings in pleasure, we can always recall ever' over the act rats and to have a presentiment of the future. From college established experience, as a long time lived in the city of people experiencing reunification nature of a place. Experience in General is set close to the city not far from the nearby mountains, the natural environment. The present from college established experience in only one place, namely the West guanyuan experience, is located in one of the 72 Valley zhongnanshan Dayu depths, Bradbury, yearend, the beautiful scenery and pleasant, everyday drinking water as a mountain spring water, eat for vegetables, picking vegetables. Experience to participate in the experience of specific time limits depending on your specific circumstances, can be a day, week, month,. Eat to live at a cost of $ 30 per person per day, unity of accommodation, two meals a day, vegetarian, every meal a basic three vegetable soup. Main content: work experience, and experience are required to participate in some of the means of labor, such as plowing, seeding, weeding, harvesting, composting, making mud bricks, cut firewood; walk, go to the surrounding nature to walk, walking feeling nature; knowledge of plants and animals, to understand the nature and animals, and they favor; participation in parades, and adopt plans, experience the experience to recognize such a distinction, half-minute, or adopt a tree; watch for nature, ecology, environmental film, recommendedRead about nature, ecology, environment, books; and participation in school infrastructure. Five, the entranceWe are committed to making the content college human return to natural "huangpu military academy", thus train drive more most people return to natural leader for. Of college admissions student principle will experience from the Institute of practitioners in the entrance examination, a trainee shall require trainees will be dedicated to nature, ecology, agricultural reform. Semester as one, two, three years, learning to live in compounds during eating, eat to live free of tuition fees, cost of $ 10 per person per day, other expense, and participation in school infrastructure. School students need to complete the application form, by the Institute staff and students have been to school, has decided to allow its attendance, and student interest and direction, allowing students to learn the system. Six, learning content 1, from college students admission to "mutual aid, learning, experience" as a principle, to promote the "worship of nature as a teacher, to all learning"; 2, from college that live in the mountains, is the best form of education; 3, in the medium of form, not for specific classes of Professor of College stress that "each of us is Professor", only a few bits of lead, no course schedule, there is no specific timetable; 4, school enrolment of students Knowledge Learning Institute "of recommended bibliography", according to their interests and hobbies, to learning autonomously, students discuss and Exchange as a supplement, individual presentation times; 5, recommended books in the bibliography of "reading" as all of college admission required course for students, all students must be studying, and lifelong learning; 6, from college school students according to their own interest and hobbies select bibliography "must read" in the related books to focus on learning, other books, but the "Bibliography" required reading for all books are required reading; 7, "reading books" and "ecological bibliography", participants can choose according to their own interests and hobbies to select learning, reading; 8, from school to school students learning focused on natural learning and day-to-day learning both; 9, natural learning content in addition to learning about the animals and plants in nature, but also include astronomy, geography, calendars, and various plants of medicinal and nutritional, etc, and includes regular walking in the mountains, passing through the learning field survival to cultivate students on nature, Earth, at the same time, exercise their will and physical fitness; 10, ongoing learning, refers to all participants in addition to participation in the knowledge and natural aspects of learning must take turns on duty, participation in school life environment construction and improvements, including cultivation, harvesting, cut firewood, and other work related to agriculture, as well as for cooking, washing, cleaning, and other aspects of daily life; 11, literature, art, handicraft, etc, but also to learning autonomously, while we will relate to the specific requirements that are not regularly invite relevant experts and scholars of the College of special instructions; 12, every Saturday night regular show a relevant natural, ecological, agricultural and other relevant aspects of the movie, save in exceptional circumstances, the admission of college students have to witness, and other movie will not regularly show, watch does not make special requests; 13, colleges will not regularly invite professionals in various fields for related lectures, lecture content including nature, ecology, agriculture, Chinese studies, Chinese medicine, education, art, writing, tea ceremony, etc. Seven, admission time experience students, to participate in the experience of specific time limits depending on your specific circumstances, can be a day, week, month,. Can also be based on individual willingness to extend the experience, free time, more ready to leave, except for special circumstances. School students, according to their admission and to provide information on request, inform its specific admission time. Each year on 12 March as admission time. The annual March 12 to November 12, for a school year, a total of 8 months. 13 November to next year's 9 March for holidays, vacation time students are free to choose to live in the school or home. Eight, the recruit students objectEvery year full 18 one full year of life, regardless of nationality, race, sex, occupation, all can register. Poets and artists, workers, peasants, beggars, have the same vagabonds, 'learning opportunities worth.Requirements: for natural, agriculture, ecological, education, Chinese medicine, traditional culture etc to have the strong interest.> 9. tuition does not charge you any fee (but experience, learning to eat, stay for the period and the related costs themselves, experience, eating, living costs per day per person 30 yuan, entrance, food, lives at a cost of $ 10 per person per day), special situations and subjects will be given the appropriate funding. Ten ways for application available via telephone, QQ, electronic mail, personally confirm registration, enrollment, student registration time is 3, 10, 11, 12 March at the opening ceremony, 13 March officially opened. Eleven, accept donationsContent institute as a non-profit organizations, do not collect fees, with mutual assistance for way. Accept messages from all levels of the same questions, at a donors can be enjoyed, PPC - learning, act, copy college.i '. 12, address line address: Shaanxi Xi'an Chang'an district cited town yukou Township new sequential Temple village West guanyuan. Routes: 1, from the railway station out by 30, K5, K605, 5, 46, road to the South of the city bus station, then change 923 bus-to-end dayukou, hire a car or walking into new cross village, walk on the West by Cui Hua; 2, from the railway station out by 30, K5, K605, 5, 46, road to the South of the city bus station, then bus transfer 920 to cited town, hire a car or walking again to a new sequential Temple village, walk on the West by Cui Hua; 3, drive along mountain roads or a guide to the big wild goose, excessive yukou Valley reservoir, straight on to the new tubular Temple village, walk on the West by Cui Hua. 13, consultative approach 1, from college blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/wuxueyuany20072, reception you would like to participate in the experience and Admission on the field visit asked 3, telephone and other:Hanako: 13324511709QQ: 73139712 papazoglou g: 15319921060QQ: 23158875The sufi shu: 13324511279QQ: 1339961184, E-mail: wuxueyuan123@gmail.com5, QQ group: 24065196Content college student admission application formThe original address: sufi shu blog: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1183097703