Notes on me in New York before Christmas _ small dimples

Categories: salsatax attorney irs drifting to New York in New York has more than two weeks, starting at 23, daily routine has been gradually returned to normal, leisure time completed the on-line distribution of Harvard classes---positivepsychology learning, but also saw the kite runner, the small reunion, solo mission "," I love asked even Yue ". Linda wrote the history of deep concern "and other books, and now also hear Yuan rise to speak of history. These books are more or less have seen previously, but come to the United States, I have to put the sidetracked in eDonkey, full of books, so again, what to see what catches, the days are getting fly faster in General. The seminar program at Harvard, and oklahoma injury lawyer
I now want to learn some of the professional, I highly recommend it to friends to listen to this class, this is a can make people feel that the world is so beautiful, so that people get happy lesson. Links here, waiting for me all finishing http://v.163.com/special/positivepsychology/finished 23 lesson notes, intend to send to the NetEase group, if you say a Word, a story can change my life, so I have to say, at the door after what happened in it, is really able to subvert our many negative before the error view. --------los angeles tax lawyer-----------------------I was kind of split lines beginning----------------------------------------who to take it for granted that would avoid the Christmas Eve of shopping peaks can both enjoy diving prices and not crowded, but unfortunately the Christmas day to discover new York is a great small large shopping mall, departmentStore, Outlet are closed off, very depressed. After leaving in the United States, several people asked me to open the store in Manhattan around on, I pretended to be very aware of the way for others to answer that "certainly not, because it is now 11 points, to open early. The results of the round-to-own ", only to find that even the Macy ' s such a large department store has not open call H & M also unanswered, we buy the TV and the desire to put clothes to back a few days. Christmas day, the streets only isolated cases of chitin, nor in the subway, New York Center a deserted landscape. Good in which which are closed, there are always some place will be open, that is--ChinaTown. In New York, the largest Chinatown in Flushing (follow the Cantonese pronunciation of translated is flushing), where everything and the price is very cheap. For example, hot pot is a self-help 15 knife, for example, KTV room is 20 knife for an hour, but that is the least expensive in New York. Unfortunately, the flushing away from Manhattan's too far, one-way ride to subway to 1 hour (New York subway no matter how far away is a tool that is 2.5 Sunderland), if a taxi to go than going to the airport is well (probably more than 50 knives), so we only have time to go KTV flushing. In New York has three more famous Chinatown, Manhattan's Chinatown (ChinaTown), Queens of flushing (Flushing) is Brooklyn's eighth Avenue (EighthAvenue). My husband will be the weekend went to Manhattan's Chinatown to buy out a week, than we are in the vicinity of the supermarket to buy probably cheap 2/3 or so. And Chinatown, as long as you want to buy ingredients, and generally have, such as lamb pot material, spare ribs with sweet miso, soy sauce, curd sauce, chili, the Dan Dan noodles sauce, soy sauce oil cooking wine, very complete, price is more expensive than domestic. This time we buy a lot of things, only N spent 80 multi-tool, MITBBS, Chinatown, the evaluation is morethanreasonable flotilla. Chinatown in countless Chinese restaurant, extensive, Sichuan cuisine from all over the country, there are dishes of Southeast Asia, Viet Nam restaurant is very famous. See our China town, full of character, everywhere is the taste of our motherland, really nice, people are flocking to Chinatown to the ~ ~ 1. Even Mcdonald also marked in the text on a wide variety of fruit spread Chinese architecture ~ ~r> 26, the day a huge snow storm (is the legendary Blizzard), raging underground with rain and snow, not for a moment that is boundless, even with snow on the roof are formed by wind cap of snow, we can go out. Next few days, I will go to good shopping, 29, are going to visit the National DesignExhibition, 30 in the morning to go to Time Square countdown clock for the new year, and kiss my littleWBY. Feeling old diary of the scene immediately to your own personal experience, was excited. These days a search on the mad in watercress, Lincoln City Center every Thursday evening performances, Metropolitan Museum, a variety of drama, ofarts exhibition, visiting, I want to go one by one to experience. Everyone had a seat of their expectations of the city, always feel that city is their own. To the city, you will be desperate to stay, rooting, precipitation, touch, taste the city's temperature. While other cities, always busy in their so-called pretext, cannot enjoy. In those years, Nankai reading, Tianjin, Beijing, a lot of places I haven't been in Hong Kong, before leaving, he found me Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Causeway Bay, Yau Ma Tei has ever been. Busy, is an excuse, but that is not a part of your own city, in the absence of loved ones in the city, what to do are dull. Once upon a time, long time to me when the secondI knew I wanted in New York City stay, does not go. I know, Tianjin, Beijing or Hong Kong, I'm just a traveler, they are just my one short stops. Now it is not the same, no matter how busy and tired in the future, have to find each week, get to experience the city like a callow, go play, so fresh every day. ILove NY! Wow this is my photos of the club, don't know how to red-eye... Would not have had to send the original PS tablets out scary. Nevertheless PS and website production I must have to learn, hopefully they can handle photos