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Original address: high slos angeles tax lawyerchool parents how to educate the children author: once Angeltax attorney irs high school was in the "mental break during the weaning period" and personality training period, the family is still important. And high school parents are 30-40 years old, are at the peak of the flower in theoklahoma injury lawyer
family education aspects of time and effort are also relatively small. In fact, educating children is the family of a period of important tasks. As a parent have said "I now greatest wish is to educate my son, so he ordered. " In fact, the child's development is a key to the success of the parents. So, how high school parents, family education and better help children grow up healthy? I think that the parents can choose from several areas to think about and efforts: a, let the children feel their parents pay and love, children of Gratefulness. Many kids think that their parents pay and love for granted, not to appreciate and reward. There is no sense of gratitude for parents, the children did not obey an important reason. In my view, it is necessary to let the children feel their parents pay and love, cultivate their gratefulness is very necessary. On the one hand, let your children learn money management, develop the habit of recording income and expenditure. Former United States the richest, CEO of Mobil, Rockefeller, each week for children's pocket money only 30 cents, which is equivalent to 2.4 Yuan. And he called his children every week to each expenditure records, receive pocket money next week when handed father checks. Later, his children, to pass through their work, to live a happy life, but do not rely on the billionaire father. New era requires us to learn, learning to be, learning to do, learning to cooperation, we need to learn money management. Habit of recording income and spending habits, you can add your own wealth in "Blade", on their own life plan in good order, not because of money problems and always hard-pressed, struggle to cope with. Institute of financial management, that is, the society of financial planning, life will make your life benefit. After a period of time, to let children be the workers, a semester, a year to go and how much their parents. Another aspect but also to allow the children to participate in a number of labour, try to make money, learn hard-earned money, and you must get through labor. This helps to develop the habit of diligence and thrift, and will help develop the child's sense of gratitude. A grateful heart, is the family education made good effect of powerful guarantee. II, tolerance and strict requirements, and develop the child's sense of responsibility. "Strict is love, the song is harm" is a saying in China. For thousands of years, parent education, teacher education students, said up is also "strict". Indeed, the strict demands on the child's healthy growth have important role in promoting, enabling children to follow the development of adult ideal model, detours, there are many successful examples. But on the "strict" negative impact cannot be ignored. It enables children used to accept, not critical thinking, creativity, individuality is weak, even in the minds of children, depression, personality alone to avoid premature loss of innocence. CCTV science and education channel, in June this year to the end of the report, 13-year-old admitted to University of gifted children had the tragedy of Tony showed. So I think on the child's education, should be more strictly, should be tolerated. Strict is not a hard, demanding, there should be strict, rigorous and orderly, strict but rational, tolerance does not equal indulgence, laissez faire, does not mean turning a blind eye to the problem of children does not mean that you can forgive a child's all error tolerance more is on the child's emotional, spiritual, let the children have tolerance for healthy mind in a relaxed environment to accept rigorous education. Parents to handle the requirements of the strict and loose, process environment of strict and the relationship between the results of the tolerance. Tolerance is on the child's trust, making the child's confidence, courage, strict requirements are the children a sense of responsibility, and help to develop children do set strict demands on themselves, consistent with good habits. III, democratic and equal exchange, children's consciousness and after puberty, the young people prominent feature is the "change". The children started development, physiological and psychological changes also. Parents find that I do not know when, children did not obey, you to East to West, he. This phenomenon, called "reverse psychology psychology." This period, psychology as "mental break during the weaning period." The period of the children, the most important features is the independent activities of desire becomes more intense, but due to the lack of life experience cannot comprehend the self-esteem, but just strongly urge others to treat them as adults. If parents send their children to see, they'll get bored, you will feel hurt their self-esteem, revolt, germination the confrontational. The period of children, despite the development of self-awareness, self control also is very poor, often unintentionally violating discipline. They like and people argue, but argument; like views, but the judge denied; like the criticism of others, but also easy to doubt the one-sided; like others, but the lack of scientific evidence. Therefore, parents-to understand the child on the face is not enough, the parents must learn some psychological knowledge, you must understand the "mental nature" broken during the weaning period. Mental break during the weaning period is, in essence, of teenagers with growth, evolving from a dependent on their parents ' psychological State independence, their judgments, their own solutions to new problems, this is one of the socialization process, to establish a close relationship of equality friend; you want to believe that the child has the ability to independently handle things. This is a naive to mature turning. Thus, parents must respect children's self-esteem, to support them as much as possible, especially if they encounter difficulties, failure, and they equal exchange, help them analyze things, right from wrong, correct handling. On the other hand, parents cannot too accommodating childrenChild of unreasonable demands and bad behavior to prevent child later always resists to coercion against their parents, their own ends. For more serious resistance behavior, parents can take reward training methods, strengthening your child's obedient behavior. IV, help children to know themselves, to build your child's core competitiveness. New educational concept that: "everyone has the material, without the talent, aptitude, lumber." Education's purpose is to let the children mature and abilities, strength, is the only way of materials. Family education also aims to let their children rolling, rolling roads millions, all roads lead to Rome. Our school has won the Hunan TV's 2004 Super male # 2 Dong Nan and 2005 Super girl 2 of huangyali, they had in the tens of thousands of players, say that it is talent, and say that it is a success. These are their respective schools and parents to teach the results. Each child is unique, Harvard University Professor, development of psychologists Gardner's multiple intelligences theory "," view: on the one hand, intelligence and certain social and cultural environment of the people's standard of value, which makes the different social and cultural environment of the people's understanding of intellectual, mental manifestation of requirements are also different; on the other hand, intelligence is the ability to solve practical problems, and who is a production and create socialneeds products. He raised about intelligence and its nature and structure of the new theory-the theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner's multiple intelligences frame relative independence exist seven kinds of intelligence: speech-language intelligence, music-rhythm intellectual, logical-mathematical intelligence, Visual-spatial intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, insight-since the province intellectual and exchanges-exchanges of intelligence. 1. Bring -- language intelligence this intelligence mainly refers to listening, speaking, reading and writing, performance for individuals to the smooth and efficient use of language to describe events, to express thoughts and communicate with people. This kind of intelligence in the reporter, editor, writer, speaker and political leaders, and others who have outstanding performance. 2. music- intelligence rhythm this intelligence mainly refers to the feelings, identifying, and memory, change, and the ability to express music, manifested as personal music including rhythm, tone, timbre and rhythm of sensitive and composer, playing and singing, the ability of expression of music. This kind of intelligence in the composer, conductor, singer, musician, musical instrument maker and musical instrument tuner with outstanding performance. 3. Questions - mathematical intelligence this intelligence mainly refers to the operation and reasoning, performance for the various relationships between things such as analogies, correlation, causation, and logical relationships of sensitive as well as through mathematical calculations and logical reasoning, thinking ability. This kind of intelligence in the detective, lawyers, engineers, scientists and mathematicians who have outstanding performance. 4. Visual Intelligence -space this intelligence mainly refers to the feelings, identifying, and memory, change objects of spatial relationships and to express the thoughts and emotions of capacity, performance is on the line, shape, structure, color and spatial relations of sensitive and flat graphics and 3D modeling will they demonstrated ability. This kind of intelligence in painter, sculptor, architect, Navigator, naturalist and military strategists have outstanding performance. Body - 5. kinesthetic intelligence this intelligence mainly refers to the use of limbs and torso's competencies, performance for the ability to better control their own bodies, on the event can make appropriate physical reaction and the good use body language to express their thoughts and emotions. This kind of intelligence in athletes, dancers, surgeon, racing and inventors who have outstanding performance. 6. Knowing - since in intellectual this intelligence mainly refers to the knowledge, insights and reflect on their own abilities, performance for correctly awareness and evaluation of their own feelings, motivations, desires, personality, will, and in the proper sense of self and self evaluation formed on the basis of self-discipline, self-esteem, and self-regulation. This kind of intelligence in the philosopher, novelist, lawyers, etc. who have outstanding performance. 7. Association- communication intelligence this intelligence mainly refers to and interaction with people, to observe, experience others moods, emotions and intentions and make appropriate reaction ability. This kind of intelligence in teachers, lawyers, salesman, public relations officer, talk show host, managers and politicians, and others who have outstanding performance. Can see that our children are not non-material, but their wood is elementary school to high school model of education the kill, destroy. As parents, we should be able to discover your child's unique "Bole" should also be a child growing up in planning guru, discover their strengths, to enlarge their strengths, build their core competitiveness, become an irreplaceable talents of others. Interest is the best teacher, the children have some achievements, tend to become his efforts to restore their confidence ahead of power.