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stax attorney irstock market investment success and failure are in yourself! author: stock market life regularly in the unit you see in a lot of people out there complaining and complaining about the day, and complain about the dealer, but no one is complaining of myself. In fact, the stock market investment success and failure is what you own, and not to any message or anyone else! once I was in Beijing in financial stocks show people see a stocks more than ten years of the old shareholders that his own the stock account PIN, not stocks, because now the stock index futures is T + 0, the stock market is T + 1, system problems led to his loss. I was very shocked that such a decade old shareholders also like a novice, it seems more than ten years of tuition is white turn! see today the daily limit, I 002015 without any accidents. 002015 for three consecutive months of finishing large box, today formally merchant breakthrough. Impact of $ 12 for next week's early resistance level is the probability of an event. My only regret is that follow me buy 002015 some good Hirotomo (such as: Warrior, Hirotomo) has been sold out, hard to wait for a long time it sold at dawn. Stock market stories daily repetition, story of truth and everybody knows that, but really can adhere to their own operation concept and have the patience to wait for the very few people. See my recent $ 15 more to sell gold and molybdenum Corp today has risen to $ 25 per lot, and I'm feeling a lot, in fact, money-making opportunities in the stock market, the key is to have the confidence and patience to endure loneliness and suspicion. Future me about the stock ideas and how-to articles will send less, I can understand and comprehend something fundamental in the previous unit sea expedition blog described, do not want to rubbish. Last month, I issued a little, but feel the calm state of mind. If many years ago, saw his sell gold Molybdenum Corp's continuous rose, I have good foot mourn, angry uneven. But now, even when the market rose by 20%, their purchase price not 002015, I will not have any mental imbalance. This year I account of profits is very huge, earn their own did not think that my mind than ever quiet a lot, maybe this is the time of the grounding. Many of my friends are looking for ways to make money in stocks, in fact, the method is simple, but the real failure is due to human greed and fear, and no ability to live alone. If you are also looking for stock market investing method, you can look at my blog the stock market investment-their own war with my almost the entire investment philosophy and methods, the weekend I will open all the links to articles, sharing of cryptographic controls. This two months, his attitude changed, and now think about closing unit sea expedition's blog is at heart a manifestation of the impetuous, explains his attitude was not sufficiently mature. While I wander about in the stock market for 16 years, but it is a little change in mentality. I want to Buffett's success is decades accumulated as a result, I wish I could continue to mature. My recent review of the book "Buffett" snowball "," Omaha's mist "(very good this value investing books), and found out his many previously not understand things and ideas, and feel quite dark! plus, recently enjoyed building a forest that quickly _ slow blog, always look at the article, there are many stories are thought-provoking, profound, I like it very much. Several articles reproduced below for reference: the water is poor, became masters (2010-05-26 21: 05: 34) any track, insolent and think that is very simple: you have not yet started; ourselves, not see hope you novice; pick up the order and not look back on, all the way, you're on the road; clearly, there is no new thing, you go out. Each track are masters of the line, they are pioneers. Them in the desolate field trodden path. They use their energy and talent, to the road on their identity, their bodies fall orientation, are links to even more desolate future, that is left for later, perhaps you, if you can stand to go there. Along the way, you will get acquainted with one master interview with them, listen to what they were experiencing any problems, how they are going to explore how to attempt to analyze how to solve, you walk on the necessary nutrition. Gurus will indicate to you in the right direction, let you in on the existing road detours, this is a classical sense. However, all of the master are not open to the future, according to the cheques. If you would like a magic wand, classics as not sink the ship, then you are at best give way to increase a negative specimens, the following comments: pedantic. If you persist in this way, you set up all the masters, until the day before yesterday and yesterday's master, today's masters and possible master, then you go to the vocation of the door. Is out of the door. Of course, this process takes your perseverance and some talent, there is then a pinch of luck (really, just a pinch of luck). Next, you will find that you don't have to learn. You get so lonely and miserable, that is not a "get lost" pretentious. Because you don't want to win, you take the masters for their nutrition. When you no longer have the front of the master, you will be the sun exposure. You will know that there is no master's confused and hunger. This time, you are behind a big guys chasingThey shout your master, you finally realized that all the masters, the original is so lonely.br> (Wen/unknownFigure/selected from & lt; The knife knife comic & gt; ) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -Act to water to the poor place, become the master. The unit may be - at.this of God alone in the small Buffett live headmaster of the reasons why a-one Omaha? ! Gurus will indicate to you in the right direction, let you in on the existing road detours, this is a classical sense. Forget history, equal to betray; don't know history, read necessarily failed. book hundred times its meaning from the existing time feel, every day at financial investment case for books, or look at the financial annual report, really some reading fatigue. Do not know whether every hurdle jogging Liu Xiang boring? table tennis every day national champion who was horribly annoying not bothering? day after day, year after year the face before of the Blackboard different people teach the same content and what teachers think? innumerable people running in its own orbit, constitute a troubled and orderly screen, each person's world together is mankind the world. Looking out, looking in your own piece of territory to see its own this well, found it waters slowly drink slowly products, good for the body, also is alive, could not be thirsty to drink. Own the land, but also to look through the whole well, patient care, will harvest. This year, the stock market doing seems very easy, had accumulated a little profit, also one or two more days (April 19) will be cleared. A few days before the lecture with Hong Kong stock index futures expert, short-running speed is far faster than the bulls. This seems to seize lands on the battlefield is always slow speed, but escape is very fast, the so-called "defeated as mountain down." Like disease, disease to such as are mountain, go as tights. Also such as trees and tree felling, or people learn and bad, or making money and spending money. It seems that the "construction" slow and quick "damage" is a law of nature. Since nature is such that we are not short of riches to give it the "ignore"? that is, do a "literate." Trying to dodge the wind storm, do not know if there is no one can do ? in stock market investments in "Dodge" is bought and sold, in cash and stock. Always heard someone "Acknowledgements" Flash, for each of the "successful". The problem is one of the two successful does not represent investment success. Investment success from your investment in history begins, the two criteria: first, did you get in this land, or whether a harvest of income is less than you invested in the "seeds", not to mention free labor; second, you have to find a "land" in a way that can guarantee you a very long time, the probability of "land" success? first standard, their drilling in the black House think calculate it, success has nothing to do with others. Second, regarding the "land" means, please go to on the go. We take a look at the real success of those people says: 1938 8 may, nearly 70 years from now, this one named person to Keynes, is most famous for the Cains, wrote: "to select the right stocks than the correct use of the market fluctuations in hot stock, and cash can change hands between more profitably. " I think he meant to say this, not the short term, is to profit from the investment in the career path. On how to profit from investments in life, there's now famous people live in a famous book in the prolog of a passage, Buffett for the intelligent investor, "write the Preface:" want a lifetime access to investment success and do not need superior IQ, unusual business insight or inside information that is needed is an ability to help their decision a better knowledge of the framework, and an ability to exclude emotional disturbance. This book is accurate and clearly describes such knowledge framework. However, you have to take your own "make up" control of the commandments. " A book's preamble language must be the most important thing, after careful deliberation, from this passage, the least we can see two information: first, a lifetime investment success requires a knowledge of the framework; second, to have a kind of" exclude emotional interference capability ", that is, the man to some of his own, said too little, too little of the" axis ". This second fear is important than the first. This fact should permit the it: on one's life, the EQ is more important than IQ. As this passage of another meaning, said that "investment success does not need superior IQ, unusual business insight" anything, I look at this from two aspects: first, it is certainly not wrong, because it has astratospheric (this word a callout at the following link) is indeed a man of IQ is too small, certainly less investment success; second, after all, is a book of the preamble, was to maximize the reader spread, it is not to say that in order to sell more books to do marketing, to compare one-size-fits-all God drug advertising, can be understood as a common "Inertia ". That investment is not suitable for many people? this problem is very difficult to solutions! has a set called the "rich Dad" financial management series books, speaking people living in four States, namely employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs and investors. "Rich Dad" encourage people to become an investor or entrepreneur, make money, it is easier to obtain wealth and freedom, and depict the various people of the "financial statements" and features that draw the attractive blueprint. Countries also want people to get "property income." I desire from the "good", "rich Dad" series is recommended for many people to read. But turn around and see the stock market's numerous injuries, tightening brows, garrulous, period period Yiyi, I ask myself, my "good" in the friend zone where?, however, in addition to the stock market, there are many worthwhile investment. Very often, if you are not too lazy, the knowledge structure is not a problem, you just learnit byheart is "studied" to learn. However, the "heart" to learn "knowledge" that control the ability of the "heart" of how to get to, or the "heart" of their own but still a problem. It is like saying that as long as you have money (energy), you can buy airplane (good knowledge) to solve the traffic problem, but also the freedom to control (control and application) in order to really reach our destination. So Buffett want you "must make up control emotional discipline." (wen/selected from & lt; ShiJun blog & gt;Figure/selected from & lt; The knife knife comic & gt; ) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -Chart may make money, but will certainly losing money, Responsible of fund managers, they all can only try to run win indices, but the pity is that they only a very few people can run to win the market, Most of the fund manager of performance, the hands hold the same kind of stock than for 30 years of housewives worse. - some Kostov Andre �� shares God, like mushroomsfact as survival, many value investors are not heard because they are generally very low-key, never showing themselves, so people are not aware of them. However, Warren �� Buffett know a lot of such people, Herbert is one, Herbert probably together with Buffett taught to Benjamin �� Graham artistry, a do not even know what is the name of the Fund Manager. Herbert (Herbert), we only know his name, but I don't know his last name. When Buffett introduce him to the Super money writer Adam �� Smith, Buffett said: "he has almost no access to useful information channels, in fact, Wall Street, no one knew the man that he himself never listen to other people's suggestions. His only reference data, and then on to interested businesses to obtain an annual report. This man's family is very heavy: maybe he spent on the children's time than spend the time on the stock. "" He never forget they are in the management of funds of others, which further strengthen his aversion to risk. He has a noble character, and in a pragmatic manner and fragility. Money and stock to him is true, so he can stick to the principle of ' safety margin '. "Of course, behind the discribed in on Buffett himself as appropriate. Herbert never-in card Dai �� Heifetz had lunch restaurant, Oscar party should also be difficult to find him. His performance is not as Buffett's partnerships so bright, only the average level of the Dow Jones index of several percentage points. However, in 15 years, his composite rate has exceeded 17%. That time, when Smith and herb contributing good for lunch. In Hat hosted Office, Herbert waits to see the Briefcase is placed before he went into the restaurant. "Be careful always do any harm. " Herbert said. "I haven't been to University," Herbert Smith describes himself said, "in the great depression I direct to find a job, because my family has no money. I worked as a courier on Wall Street, also done live stock records. " Herbert greatly in New York, Finance Association heard early Graham 's courses. "will you please," amongst early like hiking today they are talking about buying the there of the Graham, "if he wasn' t so keen on please, I think he might be being closely connected with you more money to." Herbert's actual operation and Buffett is no different. He never concerned about the rise in stock prices. Every day he picked up the newspaper and the first thing is to find companies that are affordable. "Look at the iron and steel enterprises," he said, "no one wanted them. They will bankrupt? what a industrialized countries may not have iron and steel industry in the United States Steel Corporation? prices less than $ 30. They cannot use such dividends continue ? " " I'm not very smart, "Herbert said," I could not compete with those who are wise, especiallyThose who went to College, graduate school of business, and went top contacts very dense. I don't know anyone in the circle is okay, so I can only buy those most let me rest assured of stock. And those who bought the Procter and Gamble and General Electric, I don't know why they should do so. You know, these stock prices have been volatile. If I have such a share, in the evening is sure to sleep well. "So Herbert buy?" I bought PennCentral bonds. "Herbert said. This let Smith felt a bit strange, because both are going bankrupt PennCentral. Smith said, "the company's Pennsylvania railway had failed, its stock value almost negligible, the bond is also plagued by doubts. Perhaps 20 years later the company to ease over the world. You should buy Hillman-Stirling law firms, lawyers in the next 20 years the money. " " I know, "Herbert said," but PennCentral notes in the Pittsburgh Railroad Company and Eric railway companies as collateral. I write to Irving trust company, ask if they really is the only bond to provide security, their answer is Yes. Yes, they are not the only bonds pay interest, but I wanted to wait until things settled, they will. At the same time, the interest in Girard trust company have special account, the interest rate can reach 12%, 13% or 14%. Maybe wait for time to be very long, but at least in the night I can rest. I do not worry, good things always more grinding. "Herbert. Look at Bill �� junies, he is also a bit low, if not the Buffett's recommendation, we probably don't know this person, we just know he's Sequoia Fund Manager, an identity claim to be a "research analyst". He also was Buffett's classmate, who had taught together to Graham's tutelage. Buffett always appreciate junies years investment results. When 1969 Buffett dissolved his partner company, he asked whether the willing junies to some partner management fund, and Sequoia Fund began. Sequoia Fund was the first to focus on investments to the operating principles of the common fund, its turnover rate is very low. While Sequoia Fund is a focused portfolio, but Fund owned by the company's business is widely distributed, relating to banking, pharmaceutical, automotive, and property damage insurance. In many respects, junies views in fund managers are unique. He starts from the choice of optimal stock before forming around these stocks. He avoided Wall Street Broker spoon-fed analysis report, on their own company to carry out an in-depth analysis of the survey. Moreover, "in our company, we seek is not a job," junies said, "but if we confirm posts, my card is printed on:junies research analyst. " The idea in the Wall Street Journal," generally, people began their career, from the beginning of the ' analysts ', was promoted to the heart with ' portfolio managers ' positions, because this post is considered a different and higher levels. In contrast with this approach, we have always believed that, if you are a long-term investment in people, then you know that analysts are the most important positions, and the Portfolio Manager is after the effort. "This unique ideas to their shareholders what? that is, Sequoia Fund in 1971 to 1999, the average annual yield 18.9% instead of the standard and poor's 500 index 15.2%. Although this period of market standard variance (reflect market volatility indicators) is 16.1% while Sequoia is 21.2%, some people think that Sequoia to higher risk, but to Suh, when selecting the stock of a prudent and diligent, traditional risk defined here does not apply. Like Herbert and junies this low-key abounded, Charlie �� monger is also known as a low-key, Buffett is also very low profile, just follow the history of put him ahead, making his apparent seems not low profile.(wen/unknownFigure/selected from & lt; The knife knife comic & gt; -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - low-key not cowardice, low-key is the wisest man often seems stupid. Low - key specific people like mushrooms in survival. Mushrooms as a place of secretly nourished, fear of the from me, appeared, the mushrooms may be from dead. Low profile is a free and easy manner, a transcendent State of mind, an open mind, and subtle, elegant, sophisticated, represents. Low profile means that will be given, in particular, each value investors. Ass and head, who decide who in stock market opinion, many people say "ass decides to head," I agree "one man's brain determines his wealth, his wealth and then in turn decided his head," why so ? a 10 000 funds, he may be a 30-year-old following company staff, in addition to a stable life, other property does not sell anything, he entered the stock market is eager to find opportunities in the stock market to prosperity, his focus more on the "opportunities". A 100 million people, can be a middle class, but buying points, bigger house, pay a downpayment No. Department of hundreds of thousands of car to buy, not many assets on a large piece missing. So he enters the stock market is able to make their own assets to buy a big House to buy a good car. At the same time, he would be more careful, there is no greater grasp she will easily quancang. After all, a million years is not easy, maybe is likely the original two rooms to a room, Audi variable trim. 1000Million a lot of people, a banks, securities and other investment channels at her door to the social gains in average guaranteed return on investment is 8%, that is, his annual stable return on investment is 80 million. Under the current circumstances, he has been in the country can access rich lives on. If the stock market, the main purpose is to make your own assets to secure capital preservation and appreciation, is its primary objective, he didn't need to take risks to gambling because he is already the subject of the rich and his gambling price likely caused him to go out and find work. > A 1 billion in assets, and he may each year a stable social return on investment can be reached nearly 10 million, he is truly rich, from General Transportion to measure a person's life, there are a million and 10 million base is not distinct, they further pursuit has more to money, he can handle the assets is the configuration of the different assets, while they focus more on the equity investments. If the listing of shares of the company to become the size of non-, so much the better. Buffett if investment in China's stock market, he could point and 100 million people and assets. He may be the first to see how your law? corporate governance? supervisory authority on stock market monitoring tool and intensity? as is currently the market is low, and the market can go up to the height of the bull market is not, and may not be his first consideration. Visible, for the "opportunities" and "risk" different people's understanding is completely different, the focus is different. Examples of when we discussed a variety of reasons, the so-called "opportunity" and "risk" is possible, just different people's eyes, the proportion of the various factors and focus on different, different people consider focus, these factors in everyone's eyes were selective amplification. Extreme example is. He who: "China 's stock market is a casino, small investors may not easily to participate in it to the point," the ramp, the small investors may have mind "is for casino owners of at.this is a dream I get come true, you should I am not participating 10 million blocks on which any banking devaluation? I" ve ever to back to sorrow?" if you go to convince people like Warren Buffett stock market investment, and you did not know that he is Warren Buffett. You and he discusses China's stock market investments, could you give him the funds from the fundamentals to face the technical demonstration of the market continued to have hit the bottom, how to have changed into a bull market, insurance, investment and how your self-confidence with that. He could raise his head to watch you ask: "your current relevant laws? corporate governance structure is specification?" you might be dumbfounded "this person must have a disease, but also the risk of investing in stock?" and the risks you may dream to consider. But in his eyes, this may be the greatest risk. Only Robin called, then the spring is over half. This sentence is Warren Buffett said, I come to the understanding of this sentence. This sentence correct understanding is: "do you want to know more birds before they can accurately determine the spring to was" if blind read as: "I just early involvement, you can enjoy the spring" this is not the meaning of Warren Buffett. Here to have an awareness of the problem. If your awareness can keep you in the month of December is accurate to figure out the spring coming, that your wealth more than others. If my understanding is that the month of February to figure out, that I have wealth is lower than the former. This is the power and wealth of the peer. If you said: "I do not know what time to spring, anyway, as to that, I got in early," so, you're not Warren Buffett, you are gambling. Some people said that I do not know Robin when called, as Buffett said that spring, I also think it is spring. You do so the probability of making money is great, because you followed the great man. And I can do it, I have to split follow their own judgement, I can move to putting it in the did Robin are there come, it is my personal judgment, I - less than one pays you copy, but in what operations for, I "l l probably match in prior to the did Robin" discovery of the are, And you? If more years buffett died? Your robin in where?(wen/unknownFigure/shall PPC & lt; The knife knife comic & gt; ) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a man's brain determines his wealth, his wealth and then in turn decided his head! You to Robin told before, we can accurately determine spring! tree Association high grass (2) sister in the country have a garden, at the beginning of this year when a sand sugar oranges. Every time I go down to go there. Saplings just kind of when you were small, but very slowly. And next to the grass is growing so fast, that is, the use of a herbicide in addition to the clean, but soon grow taller than tree. First off, I always see a lush grass, trees are less conspicuous. Whenever I see this, I'll be anxious to ask how long the saplings so slowly, look at how fast grass long line, is not a lack of fertilizer, is not too dry, is there any way to make the tree taller faster?, technologyStaff Association patience and I said, tree nature is slowly long, how long the tree will not higher than grass, fertilization and irrigation are moderate, more absorption, or even let tree damage, grows more slowly. Technical staff also stated that, in fact, the key is to plant trees in seedlings small, vulnerable, insect and weed control is very important, as long as you protect the seedlings will not be jeopardized, the successful growth, not to the end of the year, the tree will be far higher than grass. As mentioned, most recently, see the tree grew up, the grass is short. Investment, too, selected unit like planting trees and grasses. Some trees, grass. Tree taller, grass die every year. Kind of a tree, so long as the careful irrigation, tree will grow. Kind of grass, even if no matter how careful nurturing, still not escape the fate of the dead. Like junk unit suddenly fried-high, but may be momentary blown, leaving an infinite melancholy. So year after year of hard work, as if opening up new battlefield, this is the result of grass, trees, like opening up a revolutionary base area, as long as the ongoing consolidation, accounting for the Mountain King, dominating the party, but sooner or later. Planting of trees, harvest is the future, the species is grass harvest is now, the loss of the future. Tree always has a talent for that day, and the grass no students day. In the market planted trees, as the tree grows, naturally deep rooted, but your investment earnings will also increasingly consolidated, even experienced storm at fold some branches and leaves, but you are still in the foundation of the easy self-recovery. But the kind of grass, little wind, you must be the straws. It is easy to beat you and trust you, and destroy you, make you tired, until exit the market. (wen/unknownFigure/selected from the knife knife comic ") -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -So would you like to trees, or are willing to grow grass, ultimately depends on your investment the way of existence. Tree and grass has a mosquito so different fates, doomed from the start. Charcoal and sandalwood (2) there is a bit old rich, very worried about his childhood, pampered son, although he has a huge property, but afraid to son instead of curse. He thought, instead of leaving children, the property might as well teach him to struggle. His son years, son said his family how white hand, after a test has today, his story touched that never go out of town of youth, stimulating the struggle of courage, he has devoted himself: If you don't find the treasures never returned home. Youth to build a solid big ship, friends farewell goes to sea, in his boat through a sinister wind, after countless islands, the last in a tropical rainforest trees found in the trees up to 10 meters, in the midst of the largest rainforest in only one or two lines, and cut down the trees after a year's time to make skins rot bar, leaving dark wooden heart, will distribute an incomparable fragrance, placed in the water is not like other trees float on water will sink to the bottom. Young people thought it was a great treasure! youthput perfume no unparalleled trees transported to market, but no one came to buy his trees, made him very much. Just next door to the young people on the pitch to buy charcoal, the hawkers of charcoal is always sold out quickly. At first, young also unmoved days passed, finally making his confidence shaken, he thought: "now that sells charcoal so well, why I don't put the incense trees turned into charcoal to sell?" on the second day he was to spicy wood burning charcoal, pick-to-market, a day is sold out, young people happy I could change my mind, the proud home to tell him of his, his hearing, but fell to tears. Originally, the youth of spicy wood burning charcoal, is the world's most valuable trees "lingering", as long as the cut off a piece of ground into powder and dust, the value is more than a car of charcoal. This is the Buddhist scriptures, Sakyamuni said a story he told us two wisdom: many hands have lingering, but don't know it, but envious of others in the hands of charcoal, finally did cast their treasures. Second, many people may know Greek Saint xixian is a great wish to sanctify a start there, but the chengxian yourself see do members of the easiest, least cost, finally he betrayed his distinguished volunteer, reduced to become members. (wen/unknown figure/selected from & lt; knife knife comic & gt; -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Life, has the biggest is compare yourself to others, and superior inferiority; and compare that we make our pastors comparison, dirty; and good comparison, make our External comparison is arrogant full. It can free spiritual turmoil sources, the majority of people wonder have lost their own souls, out of literary views reprographic systems without fragrant. Markets' s shortcoming is the amount comparison with your stock is the same reason youd. One against a thousand enemies a thousand times, far and he beat his time! the onlywbr> is one of the best, the United States shortly before the Thoreau Museum on the Internet to engage in such a test, the topic is: do you think of Henry Thoreau's life is very bad? 467432 participated in testing, the result is this: 92.3% of people clicking on the "no"; 5.6% of people clicking on the "Yes"; 2.1% of people clicking on the "don't know". This result is contrary to the organizer's unpredictable. We all know, Thoreau graduated from Harvard University, he did not like his classmates, to business fortune or towards political stardom, but chose the Walden. He began to build a log cabin, land clearing land, writing books, original and simple life. 44 years, he was still alive, no woman love him, not publishers appreciate him, had on many things rarely succeed. His writing, even until a lung disease died in Concord. Is such a person in the world, but there are so many people think that his life is not bad. Do they click on the ' life is not as good as the Thoreau? apparently not, because from the click to select the flag that they mostly come from Western Europe and North America. These people, even the so-called poor, but also far better than at the time of Thoreau's prosperity. So what causes they envy from Thoreau? in order to understand why, Thoreau Museum online first visited a businessman. Dealer for: I've liked the Impressionist masters van Gogh painting, my wish is to become a painter, but to make money, I became an art dealer, now I every day there is a feeling of taking the wrong road. Thoreau, he loved nature, he could walk toward the nature, he should be happy. Then they also visited a writer, the writer said: I was born like writing, now I have done a writer, I'm very satisfied; Henry David Thoreau, I think his life will not be too bad. Youd, is everything all these sucstressed stock market, investing focussing of operational concepts and order, with investors in the point, face of such a variety of strategies, youd doubt: the stock market can afford is the best youd guys methodology? Is there a distinction; - youd hotdog? answer should be Yes, the stock market does exist that can help investors get huge profits of theory and methods, i.e. investors think investment trick. However, the so-called silver bullets do not specifically one of the best investment theory and methods. Personally, for investors who can be counted as stock market investment trick of refers to those able to adapt to current market conditions of the market, meet the investor's own investment style and personality theory and methods of investment. Or rather: the stock market does not have the best investment theory and method, only the most suitable investment theory and method, the stock market investment trick is that the most appropriate investment theory and methods. The best and most appropriate relationships, make a simple analogy, is like a piece of expensive luxury suit, if you put in a suitable man, looked decent design; If you any bad man, which in a bleak Wei score. So, suit for the previous at.this a-one, is the best dressed, for the latter, is the most bad clothing. Similarly a suit, because wearing a different person, a different effect. Securities market in various investment theory and methods, as opposed to some investors or certain market environment, is the most practical method, but relative to other investors or other market conditions, may be the least practical method. In different market environments, theory of living space is different. This is like birds do not live in water, fish cannot survive in the tree, the penguins could not survive the equator. Everything must be in it for the environment can survive and develop, many investors Seiken international investment theory, firmly applied to the domestic market, but the actual investment but ineffective. The reason is that they do not take into account the characteristics of China's stock market is, and foreign stock markets have a lot of difference. Therefore, to investment in securities, investors should pay attention to the study, but more attention to absorb knowledge. In developing specific investment strategies that investors should, according to their different own conditions and market conditions, select the application the most suitable investment approach, to find suitable to their own conditions and environment of investment trick. Therefore, in the stock market, the most suitable investment theory is the best method, the stock market �C in real investment.(figure/MuRong lead the knifeChoose from the knife knife comic ") -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -The horse is not necessarily a prince, he may be tang's monk; Flying is not necessarily an angel, he may be the bird person. A way of life, as long as they fit, as long as your favorite content is the best life.