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" (happy lesson) interested friends understand the course content and structure of roughly, I took our first class of a brief summary of your notes (not all), and the course English PPT presentation in abstracts wrote out the (rough). I'm at the end of this issue to our set of my lecture notes, mainly in the English language, content, so there is no drop. Additionally, courses in the most attractive highlights are in the actual course of learning processes and interaction, notes knowledge just to give you a general picture of the range of knowledge, and dry bars like knowledge listed in the actual sense of the learning process is a world of difference. With regard to the distinction between knowledge and feelings of a metaphor a very appropriate that the map does not equal the actual boundaries, and even give you a scenic and charming Thailand Phuket detailed maps, absolute instead of your own to go there for a holiday feeling. So I hope sincere friend or to yourself gradually followed the course of each to speak, like the Harvard class of elites that carefully go over again, would have a profound sense, maybe you can also become that 23% of students in one, found this curriculum change "your life"tax attorney irs. This course is an interdisciplinary course, which although in name a "positive psychology", but its cover very wide areas, according to Dr. Ben-Shahar, including: philosophy, social psychology, positive psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, psychopathology, neuroscience, biology, education, ethics, organizational behavior, history, etc. PPT summary: (teaching assistant Shawns stresses that speak of humor is not listed here, just taught personally by Dr. Tal content section)Intro you asked questions, you're going to be different. Howcan I be happier? Harvard student's situation is not optimistic. Happiness does not mean that there is no happiness. 2. Five prerequisites: 1.the ivory tower and the mass population; with webmasters, 2. The information is kind. From the examples and sophisticated will decide - people. 3. The company's main internal demand determine your being, 4. To comply with the human're as; my -- 5. Throughout the toll of called goal is the markets. 3. belief in the role of self-honoured ten prophecies cognitive therapy four distorted cognition. you focus on what, what it will become your reality. You take things, events of interpretation determines your heart and actions. Investigation of the long life of the nuns. The news media and the arts of bias led us to the world view of bias. We look at reality, concern and discover more of the active point. 5. change very difficult, how to change habits is the brain's neurons? circuit formation. Two changes: rapid and Eureka. Peak experience, behavior change in attitude. ABC theory. The "write log" as a kind of interventions. 6. set goals and establish coordination with self happiness goals work, work, the difference between the "Grito found you really want to do" three issues flow experience difficult, challenging and stimulating of relations to overcome procrastination simplify life from the material wealth of persistent changes to the pursuit of happiness in Bhutan national happiness index personally, if you want to see in this world you want to change, you become the change. 7. understanding fail, failed to appear the necessity of allowed not to pursue the straight line, perfect, perfect, in fact, is the fear of failure. The pursuit of perfection and the pursuit of excellence. Media delivery of "perfect" false reality. Aware of their pursuit of perfection, overcoming the tendency to comply with human nature perfectly. 8.meditation MIT and "big to Rama (harmonics)," dialogue, Lama empirical meditation Oser and the benefits of Yoga meditation nine ways. love between myth and reality: self-sacrifice and self-interest, fiction and reality, love of recession and growth, looking for love and love, without conflict and beneficial conflicts (5: 1 ratio), love goes beyond reason and reason and emotion, actively feel, acceptance and respect for, believe that true love exists, self-love, courage. 10. self-esteem define dependent and independent and unconditional self-esteem. The importance of maintaining independence. Effect of self-esteem. Self-esteem development stage. How to enhance self-esteem. 11. healthy body and healthy mind. Physical separation of the error. Exercise and depression. Exercise tips. Overcoming the "no exercise". Better sleep, better days. Skin contact. 12. goodbye. Review. This lesson of 11 points. Become a practical idealist. Love, laugh, happy delivered. Take care of others before you take care of yourself. 11 points: any time after, produce and maintain change secret: now set to follow up with action!--------------------------- first phase of a trainee's frame notes summary (not omit a number of Psychology survey and experimental): most useful TOPIC of 35: 1 happy is a process and not just the results, to obtain happiness does not know the answer, but don't stop to ask the right questions. 2 positive psychology and the difference between traditional psychology, success OR failure of cases, non-negative or positive error. 3 change examples of each. (N) the theoretical limit level 4 happiness. 5 completely, then. 6 happiness = happy + significance. 7 mechanism of faith, on the interpretation of this link. 8 self-esteem = "successful" divided by "expectations," error, self-esteem = constant COPING. 9 Harvard students experiment with the results of the process. (Imagine how successful each detail) 10 gratitude journal. 11 concernin the picture, concerned about < Reality is a choice, do business meRit - finder12Quick - good picture done - 13 interpretation awareness material neurons 14ABC guys that can sign between 15 subconscious and negative attributes of 16TIME OUT reality world opt-in 17th hoping the pains world 's 18 calling19 career called goal 8 VS VS setting guys 20FLOW comfort zone of 21 popup guys get catches (22 unconditional to spend, copy is sucstressed pains will catch on to do) 23 perfectionism in a directly to B VS B24 A any way to the media self-judgment. 25 failed just feedback instead of results. 26 and 27 28 meditation related theories in intimate relationships and the importance of the "care" 29 conflicts and solutions together to do something than just 30 stay with good consistency within 31 32 successful impetus is a wide range of achievements 33 trickle effect theory and negative spiral 34 35 note experience own intuition, a introduction courses to know (you can find the relevant data) must first have the overall presentation and interactive content description course completion after you can achieve the effect (advance indoctrination) subtraction VS addition: spiritual growth is subtraction instead of the addition, an in-depth experience of process VS fine results: happiness is constantly in the process, not result, and then began to feel a persistent state of happiness: training VS the answer is not intended to tell you the answer, but happiness tell you to find problems in the secret information awareness VS behaviour change: information can change consciousness, but only 20% or less, "to do" behavior, you can change the reach 120% or more , significance of positive aspects why concern?------------------------0------------------- (not a non-negative or positive) traditional psychology: research and pathological cases, that is why anger, anxiety, frustration? governance principle: concerned about the negative, removing negative concerns: why has failed ?: positive psychology: the main research most prominent cases, namely, why be so happy, happiness, satisfaction? governance principles: focus on the energy front, explore actively to create happiness question: why has successfully person? , premise (weaker) 1 bridge role--(reality and the ideal part) of realism, idealism is consolidated and non-adversarial relationship between the target is not adversarial relations included. Realistic idealists. Through real-world potential, can achieve the ideal of foresight (2) the given information, Edison illustration (important) -- A Minnesota Twins fail B "urban village" dynamics of any of the child business fields TFQX: those are example booklets, psychology fail into scale-up only tells part of the 3 factors affect well-being is what A limit level concepts, measurement methods (subjective and objective), a brain structure B Lottery winners, accident survivors of well-being compared to C internal VS external 4 should comply with nature at all as human nature??? concept 5 life's ultimate goal happiness = significance happy + , belief in the power of 1 belief Greece myth of sculptor Pygmalion Pygmalion 4 minutes/mile limit teacher and student of Stanford Prison Experiment simulation; Mir Glen experiment (power to obey research) 1979 Langer 75 years old experiment experimental 1999 1989 Langer vision see picture Bargh, experimental Written adjectives 2 trove of trove actually -- -- the interpretation (ABC) special emphasis: guys failedInterpreted mode 3 trove idealism VS realism - the mistakes targetexpectations, still greater job act, demand being Bandura "get catches" guys endeavor -- -- to successfully, enhance the "get the top catches" sucstressed operations misconceptions 4 success tips 1994 Harvard freshman results and during the experiment, A refinement in stages, will result into process B expected success of various links possible C useful plan: time period and workload corresponding to the 5 most happy with the characteristics of different interpretations of the Thanksgiving there? , The questions during the role of the is the internal cause about -- the select a on the surface of publishers might attention (attention, the test of pains, and is your reality. We created our Reality) 1 > concerns fact: reality surface (Fault - finder vsmerit finder) -2 when betweeen: reality acuities surface (top concerns operations awareness distort) 3 merit-finder experimental section (just remember long experiment) 4 merit-finder respect for practical work, explore more get real-out media interference, to form their own judgments> 5 Thanksgiving experiment (2002) and four groups, the happiest is gratitude group , change self-help movement in 1930 years ago, to the front of the character of self-help, 1930 years later as "QUICK FIX" -independent changes before 1999, genetic determinism, childhood shaping after 1999, neuronal plasticity, people may have been changes in neural science, found that the physical basis of consciousness, neurons in the neural pathway separation Creek VS streams according to flow in two ways, one is suddenly a lot of water, 2 small steering unit of flow when the steering. Neural pathway changes have mutations and gradient in two ways-the peak experience of mutations (key point: leisure time) Gradient -- (ABC guys: ABC for mechanism for loop are connected to the) are A, B C - coping, jump out of the comfort zone C in A, B - realization of the guys get different mode of prophecy ABC best: log, meditation goal setting TIPS: get started be sure to write down step-by-step set: to prevent delays, reward yourself right away, the target public, the team A, called goal - plan - one outToo list to do - - stress in the depression (scheme, will correspond to the required for the estimated a, then to the amount of statistics) SimplifyDo less, not moreSay no desire less happy revolution think the world would be like, and you will become the world's Someone a Member says: from failed and not satisfied with the search for opportunities, not just feedback. Is anything happening are on their best, but you can learn on our best. Seven, During the setting and themselves called goal success is not necessarily relationship - - - - examples of much consistency of the set objectives: 1. To individuals provided there have 2want do VS Outlook on do3really to do gymnastics amongst benefits: 1 give demand during the 3 being 2 upgrade themselves easier in the sense of making trove freedom VS 4 be 5 Job pressure VS VS callingMeaningful----pleasurable----strength Career Skill level VS time do -Boredonflowanxiety - confortstretchpanic privileges, if not disproved: get objectives for, equally unhappy , self-esteem importance of self-esteem, relationship to: 1 mental health, the quality of the close relationship between the 2, 3 successfully (creative), 4 social impact, self-esteem 5 well-being of comprehension is not an empty slogan, is based on the reality of the self esteem of easy, no cooperation centre of God essence (which self-esteem?) self-esteem of three types of dependence of self-esteem independence self-esteem unconditional self-esteem (when no one sees you, do what you want) enhance self-esteem method (expansion)??? , perfectionism Learn to fail or fail to learn perfectionism: fear of failure (the truth is: successful people usually fail is the most) perfectionism Perfection characterized VS ExcellenceA B directly to VS A any way to B No pain no gain experiment: "The LuckFactor" (imagine success of various links possible luck factor) 80/ perfectionism 20 rules cause results = return = process acceptable = no return = Not that of these PPC not a perfect - requires furnace-rough portraying the perfect example of the solution ' perfectionism: allow yourself completely for , and mental and physical relations related activities of the "four foundations": meditation, exercise, sleep Descartes, touch: body and separation theory 1 meditation one point Key: A, B here and now Lama Oser: left front leaf for comparative right prefrontal cortex activity ratio highest easily through the observation of human facial expression, understanding of its inner social impact TIPS of delivery: breathing spell and the music, dance, muscle focus point of FlowYoga mobile features 2 (ee andmm exercise fail from 16 weeks future works - 10 month recurrence (38%, 31%, 9%) Do it tips: flexibility and strength training combined with gradual 5 times a week, 30 minutes/time aerobic exercise note individual body rhythm quality above quantity against disruptive breakdown TIPS: goals, enabling MUSIC joinedSecondary factors increase social support (invited people together, or find someone to supervise) fixed practice time Just do it the body and consciousness equally important 3 sleep TIPS: 8 hours/day NAP (not more than half an hour is appropriate) combined with exercise and diet note within biological clock 4 touch the monkey experiment hug 4 times/day, 8 times/day, 12 times/day 11, intimate relationships 1 myths and factSelf-sacrifice VS self-interest (win-win) Fiction VS realityLove wanes VS love growsFinding VS cultivatingConflict free VS no conflict (5: 1) 2 enhance intimacy (attention to positive aspects) expressed interest in the performance of an intimate expression of appreciation to love and love Ukraine Make 3 example tell us not only to stay together, working better together, let each other to express themselves better understand concerns positive surface ' exercise 4 other conflicts are handled by the active attitude humor resolve, not about personal feelings of negative, calm down soothe the other friendship trust encourages