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gWeiMinSix, MAO zedong's foreign fans have? Today's Japan's prime minister JianZhiRen campaigned on Japan's parliament, it has publicly in Japanese street speeches, praising that MAO zedong led the Chinese people dare to fight with world power, won the world's respect, more from the America's respect. Naoto Zedong built to success of affiliate, for example, those doing the people of encouraging the United States should love and never dull and have the courage to stupidest such power. He'll aubject to the essence of Zedong thought, is built in the campaigns largel7y at.this strength of the world made, how dare to confront, the gain of gymnastics for opponents in to get their own interests made. Unfortunately, on the contrary, our mainland China, the birthplace of Mao Zedong thought that once invincible Mao Zedong thought in today is some sheep limbo, publicity departments also encourage those kinds of back-woollen clown who jumped out, the use of CCTV and the top institution of higher learning platform to unleash indiscriminate discredit Mao Zedong, attempt to completely deny Mao Zedong thought. Saw some people poor performance against Mao, then face the current situation of Sino-Japanese fighting, it is very sad and funny. Here are some of the first United States, Japan bought the so-called elite but is in fact the traitors are arises? Canada doctor Bethune evaluation of Mao Zedong: "this is a super talent. He will change the world. "The China Norman Bethune prefers to heroes of countries at the expense of life! >Boxer tyson arm. lines have MAO zedong's imageTang. Gold can recite chairman MAO! Tang. Gold evaluate MAO ze-dong: "chairman MAO although had left us, but He still live in our hearts. He worked for everything, the representative of all for the countryside of the people of China, am to travel to be being closely connected with the related good leader." Pakistan's former Prime Minister Bhutto this �� Mao Mao Zedong: evaluation like that person, in a century, perhaps a thousand years can only have one, they took the stage to the genius of inspiration wrote history chapter. There is no doubt that Mao is a giant giant. He made history seem small. His strong influence in the world of millions of men and women have left a mark on my heart. Mao Zedong is revolution's son, is the essence of the revolution is a revolution of melody and legend, is shaking the world's great new order of the Supreme creator. Mao didn't die, he is immortal. His ideas will continue to guide States in thePeople and the fate of all nationalities, all the way up to the sun never rises. If only scope from China to measure his epoch-making feat, that would be detrimental to the extraordinary character of the mark. Of course, he is Chinese and 800 million people dogreat things, but Mao Zedong also is a noble world leaders. He's contribution to the development of the contemporary situation is that no one can match. Today, the world is mourning the death of Mao Zedong, but until tomorrow morning, will together singing the praises of extolling his immortal. My thoughts and feelings, like my compatriots, extremely deep grieving. The character of modesty and humour, his honour and great, his bravery and victory, will always favor history. Mao Zedong's name will always be poor and oppressed of great and just cause synonymous, is mankind againstoppression and exploitation of symbolic struggle, colonialism and imperialism's victory marks �� "is illusion or dreams? Sunrise fog, a dream or wake up?" "We have meanings in preparing for sucstressed Pakistan, a commemoration of the immortality of the Zedong." West Germany Nantes Wei Dr. death for Mao Zedong's hurting the inveterate ' fans '! Nantes Wei Mao, the Greek evaluation: I started from sixteen to Mao Zedong's interest. I remember very well, when you hear the news of the death of Mao Zedong, I shed a tear. The second day of the first lesson is history, everyone stop, in memory of Chairman Mao. I then made a eulogy. When the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) of many young people suffer the effects of Mao Zedong thought. United States or r. China creates an inequality: built trier Zedong & gt; Marx + Lenin + Stalin. R. trier is built Zedong: built evaluation of the 20th bring a charismatic politician.... His enough to him back into you Marx, Lenin, Stalin a-one incarnation of the revolution would. �� United States scholar Maurice Meisner evaluation of Mao Mao Zedong: in fact, far from that era is now widely rumored in the era of the so-called economic stagnation. Which is the world's greatest modern era, with Germany, Japan and Russia, and several other modern industrial arena of major rising star of the industrialization process compared to the most dramatic period. In the era of Mao Zedong's behind, on the history of the Mao Zedong era stain picky, but did not mention the then jiankou success has become a fashion �� fearing that the reference is considered to Mao's era of defence. However, a basic fact of recognition that Mao Zedong era in promoting China's modern industrial transformation �� and is in extremely unfavourable international and domestic conditions do �� process achieved great success, and is not tantamount to history for non-Division of defence. If there is no occurrence of the industrial revolution in the era of Mao Zedong, 80 's, will not find the object you want to change ... Zedong dictated Almost like his political and social I the those of age-related act Zedong 's the Ghost, the new era of still given political consciousness. United States writer Smedley evaluation of Mao: the Chinese Communist Party's other leaders, each of which can be the same at all times and in the social history of the characters in the same breath, but no one can like Mao Zedong. United States Assistant Secretary of Defense before Philip Davidson is built to travel of Zedong: invincible! Philip, who: "Zedong built Davidson was a strategist. Pains, and related benefits like him so many types of one mind in conflicts and it - term invincible?" he have almost no magical, allows defeat. Three of their battles, promote;. Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, the name,-at the international level are increasingly loud, he does not fear the threat of the United States, he was determined to reform, building another characteristic of socialism. "The great helmsman Mao Zedong" and "strategically to despise the enemy" ... On these words, Chavez, like many Chinese people, often without much thinking. More surprising is that he even cannot speak a Chairman Mao quotations from the Mao Zedong "of a volume. In this connection, I'm afraid many Chinese would not exist. 2009 December, President of the United States Olympic BAMA the White House's first Christmas, placed at the center of the White House Office of David a Christmas tree, caused by the strong interest in the outside world. This Christmas tree by Obama's wife Michelle personally "dressup", it was hoisted the Chinese leader Mao Zedong's head decoration. In fact, when foreign dignitaries to the performance of China on the Christmas tree will have a choice of scope �� Chinese history on Western thought without having the greatest effect would amount to the two men, one is a bit of Confucius, is Mao Zedong. Mao is a modern, Western, more modern atmosphere. Mao Zedong or a creation of the great figures of modern history, the establishment of a Republic in the last century, the 1960s and the impact on the world's left-wing ideas. If you ask which one of the 20th century were most influential in China, the first�� Mao Zedong! hailed as one of the four major Adviser for Obama in the White House communicationsLiaison Office, Dunn (AnitaDunn), publicly acknowledged leader Mao China late admirer, so get involved in a battle. Right-wing media bombards Dunn, the site describes her is the White House's "Maoists". Dunn may 2009 to a group of United States high school speech, referring to the "my favorite two political philosopher--Mao Zedong and Teresa". Joel's TV station in TV shows the Green * Baker (GlennBeck), broadcast video of this speech. Dunn said to the students, Mao Zedong and Teresa are sticking with their own style to change the world, they never give up, is the representative figures. Dunn said, "Mao Zedong has raised a point of viewthat you want to make his own decisions, to fight, to dare to ask ' why not? ', you must figure out unprecedented method to solve the problem." "I want to talk about the third lesson, the fact that self is very fond of the two political thinkers, Mao Zedong and Teresa nuns. They are not together the couple always bubble (audience laughs). However, I am most appreciative of the two, they raised a simple point of view, you can decide for yourself, you can appeal against (challenge), you have the right to say why not Ah, you can think of ways to make people do things. It's upto you to choose, not someone else, how. In 1947, the China of Mao Zedong's liberation has been questioning the intraparty comrades, they think that Chiang Kai-shek and the KMT to occupy the city, there are forces, air force, they occupy all advantages. They say, how to fight this battle, to break through all the difficulties, how can you do?, Mao Zedong, you play your battle, I will beat me. You want to see ... "Dunn told the students," you go your way, you want to find out what is right for you. " Former United States President Richard Nixon's son about the experience of visiting China, said: "five miles away to feel the breath of Mao Zedong. " I think this is the vision of the role. From Nixon's son this inference, Mao Zedong was on the United States and the whole world of large, broad and deep. United States President Nixon of Mao Zedong: "no matter what the Mao Zedong, who was also of the view to deny him a fight to the last coupon of soldiers. " United States former Secretary of State Kissinger said:" the very existence of Mao was the great role of will. No external decorations can explain the power of Mao Zedong's glow. My kids talking about pop music artist who's a fibrillation flow, I have to admit that he fully feel. But Mao Zedong but surely give strength, power and the will of fibrillation. " Kissinger evaluation of Mao Zedong:" daughter describes her cult singer brings electromagnetically, I admit that I haven't felt this way; but in front of Mao Zedong, he really gave me such a feeling. " When you have been seeing Mao Zedong's ' electric feel ' have been extraordinary! United States former President Bill Clinton: "Mao Zedong worthy of a world class leader Mao Zedong's internal heat in China and the world not to cut back-up phenomenon, incredibly, the United States should study the essence of his thought. " United States former President Ford:" Mao's writings to the human cultures have left a deep imprint. He is really a bit of our time outstanding figures. " D'Estaing, former President of France, said:" the modern social change quickly, many heads are people forgot, only a few people still being known. For example France of General de Gaulle, France knows him, respect to him, then in China, Mao Zedong. In addition, the national leaders of modern society and do not reflect a philosophy. They just solve some problems, such as economic, social, military, etc. France is that Mao Zedong embodies a kind of philosophical thought and effort to put it into action. This is what our political awareness. We are the revolution in 1789, it is for a philosophy. We clearly realize that Mao Zedong thought was what makes China to a philosophy that give people the power of the largest and most high status. " Seven, why Mao would have so many foreign fans? 1976 8 March 15 at 1 minute 50 seconds, a weight of about 4 tons of meteorites from the Earth's orbital rear 15 per second-the relative speed of 18 kilometres to catch up with the Earth, in Jilin city suburb near the county town, with a deafening ROAR, a large fireball in the sky during the day, due to the high temperature and high pressure air flow, Jilin meteorite impact continues to break down, in 19 km altitude had a main burst, and meteorite fragments scattered down, Jilin meteorite rain. It is now displayed in Jilin meteorite Museum (Jilin city Museum) of Jilin meteorite. Jilin meteorite rain falling in Jilin city, Yongji County and vicinity of Jiaohe City suburbs 500 square kilometers radius. This is the world's largest stone meteorites rain. At that time the meteorite specimens were collected 138 block, the block more than 3000 pieces, weight of 2616 kg. One of the largest meteorite Jilin 1 # Meteorite impact caused mushroom cloud of dust from the ground and smashed through frozen ground, forming a 6.5 metres deep, 2 meters in diameter. This meteorite weighing 1770 kg, H Chondrites, the meteorite is Brown and black, printed on gas. This is also the world's largest and heaviest stone meteorites. A number of meteorites spattering broken clay lumps up to 150 m, the result of vibration is equivalent to 1.7 earthquake, this wave was Jilin and fullness of seismic record, Jilin meteorite rain fall with accurate time records: 1976 on March 8, 15 2 minutes 36 seconds. In this session of the world's largest meteorite rain fall event, did not cause a lot of harm to meteorites rain falling in the world is in the history of the rare. Astrological House this prediction among men will enter fengshenbang Lucifer. 1976 July 28, a shocked the Tangshan earthquake that razed to the ruins. 1976 on September 9, at 4 p.m., CNR to grief mood announcement, the Chinese people's great leaders, great tutorial Chairman Mao Zedong on the same day at 0: 10 p.m. in Beijing. News after 15 minutes, including Reuters, associated press and Agence France Presse, the world's leading news agency has reported the death ofMao Zedong. Shortly afterwards, the world's leading media and reproduces a lot commends introduction of Mao Zedong and revolutionary deeds of comments and articles, some third world countries newspapers even dozen suites published introduction to Mao Zedong's articles and photos. The world's Governments, international organizations have responded to this. 53 countries falling at half staff, leaders give high marks. Mao died, all over the world on him praise and mourn if Tidewater. Once a reporter wrote: "on September 9, at 4 p.m. this sad moment, it seems that the Earth had stopped turning. " After he passed away in 10 days and a total of 123 countries, heads of Government and to the Chinese Government sent a letter of condolence or extremely, 105 countries leaders or their representatives to the Chinese Embassy's Capitol, 53 countries jiangbanqi half-mast, many international organizations and international conferences have also launched the commemorative activities. UN Headquarters to the history of the rare places speed, who passed away in Mao Zedong's day jiangbanqi half-mast. United Nations Secretary-General Waldheim in United Nations plenary speech pays tribute to Mao Zedong's great achievements: the "Chairman Mao is a great political thinker, philosopher and poet" and that "he realize their ideals of courage and determination will continue to encourage future generations. " The United Nations General Assembly President spoke highly of Mao Zedong 's" best of "in the hero," he changed the world in the course of history. " News Agency on September 9, 1976, daily from Paris sends back a message saying: Chairman Mao's death was shocked France today, as France newspapers, news agencies, radio and television headlines and important event. AFP is from 10: 00 local time, at the same time in the domestic and international lines, continually broadcast from China, respectively in France and around the world, published the article 11 article is not entitled, published in France and other countries. As at 9 at night, a total of sowing into 93 article and the article. Such a large volume of reports, AFP is rare in the history. France various television news reflected China under the leadership of Chairman Mao changes. Comments is that Chairman Mao's death is the most significant event, Chairman Mao was the great contemporary history, which is the most vivid on the spirit of collectivism, the symbol of the riches of revolutionary practice, profound knowledge and profound insight and historic contribution, is unparalleled in the world. In the United States, because of the time difference between the United States broadcasting company, NBC and ABC Colombia took the lead in three television network reported death of Chairman Mao, known as a message to Chairman Mao was in the "history of China in the world of power and status are the same." Television also emerging met with Chairman Mao, Ford and Nixon and Kissinger discuss death of Chairman Mao and Sino-u.s. relations, etc. 1976 10 September of United States newspapers are marked position and extensive coverage of Chairman Mao and his performance on the passing messages. The New York Times published a "Mao Zedong in Beijing", "Red China revolutionary leader", "Mao: the Chinese revolution", "Mao", "when poets and State a time of death" and other articles and reviews; the Washington Post reported passing messages, summarising the world thought of Lighthouse went on, "Mao Zedong: 800 people for a God-like heroes," "farmer-based army leaders, in seeking to encourage economic reform in China is tortuous" article. The Christian Science Monitor published entitled "China's political future, Mao later leaders would bridge the differences in Su?," "United States leadership on the special report on the death of Mao. The news journal, the New YorkPost, the Wall Street Journal are published similar of the hair after China, Mao Zedong, the easterly and westerly "article. The Washington Star "to the death of Chairman Mao's interestsing be sub-theme of the guerrilla fighters, revolutionaries and world forces, died; to China during the transition period for the content of the articles, photos, etc. In Tokyo, September 10 and major newspapers are in the front page in large font size column title reported death of Chairman Mao. Yomiuri Shimbun with eight full-page reports for news, articles, photos. The daily news "to" the other stars "is reported to Chairman Mao" more than half a century of 82 years of career, to offer about the Chinese revolution and construction and his twenty world world history has left a huge footprint. " The fourteenth edition of the newspaper alsoPublished newspaper International Ministerial Hirano Yu means writing entitled "the beauty in the era of male RF �C Chairman Mao, Premier world strategies; The chapter Mr., unfinished ' on Su surrounded ' a long article and to the rebels, contending, Dongfeng" contains quotations from Chairman Mao's part. Asahi Shimbun published newspaper editorial board is written in the wild "on the poem", describes the life of Chairman Mao, entitled "implementation of Chairman Mao's revolutionary approach a radical routes, sometimes and most of the party, to confront". This home eight full-page report, also published in the autumn of Okazaki home newspaper editorial board, and Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University Kaizuka treasure tree article: "trust the masses, also for genius, theory and practice of law. The Japan business news in the editorial board certified samejima King wrote the Mao Zedong and its heritage, "said Chairman ' on common sense and authority to challenge '," for the masses is full of infinite dependence ". The Fifth Edition to the left to the history and the people of quotations ", published by Chairman Mao on party building,revolution, imperialism mass line, political work, education and training, solidarity and external policy quotations. The Tokyo Shimbun to nearly eight full-page length reported to Chairman Mao passed away messages of related articles. Second, the third edition in the China's diplomacy will happen on? / needed a treaties on your title, published on the Internet from all walks of Google cannot reflect on meanings of the Fourth, on the fifth of the title is possible j "(the Chairman), and burning of horses, revolution, waves up, whose 1993, Earth took root Zedong thought the complete onthe political dialogue a secondary between the meanings of the bells Sankei Shimbun professors. Leads devoted their superior quality six editions do there. In third world countries, almost regardless of the Socialist system, belief and personal standpoint, in the heat on the passing of Chairman Mao, just look at the title of national newspapers and magazines, you can taste to Chairman Mao's heart stop people from the impact and role in. They said that Chairman Mao is a sign of our times, the hair is to contribute to the transformation of human history of giants "," China's Mao Zedong-Renaissance of the revolution, "" a lifetime of revolutionaries, one of the founders, the revolution of the star, Red Star, half a century of glory "," under the leadership of the wool, China has become a nuclear power in space, the hair so that China has self-esteem "," when you wake up in China, the wool is the father of China's independence, the post-war era's greatest leaders, the wool is the Chinese people and the great teachers of the third world "," change the world make a significant contribution to the Giants, the Chairman is the standard-bearer of the third world, the great men of invasive Memorial "," Mao Zedong is outstanding world leaders "," great helm with China from the Middle Ages into the atomic age "," hair, a pen sharp poets �� one of China's leading to a new futureof giants "," recording to people with sand, all revolutionaries follow Chairman Mao can stand tall "," a leading history forward people, an upright politician "," an eternal revolutionary "," Mao Zedong is the Association of contemporary history "," hair people in human history, an indelible memory "," Mao Zedong is an eternal leader "," Mao Zedong thought, a weapon of the oppressed "... If you are a writer, you can use these headlines into a great hymns. In the title of the report to the Chairman Mao: given dozens of titles such as revolutionaries, politicians, military strategist,theorist, thinkers, philosophers, political leaders, military commanding, presence of leaders, human tutor, founding father, father of writes, the founding father, father of independence, the father of the Chinese revolution, Giants, the heroic Warrior, academics, peasants, poet, teachers, journalists, strategist, Prophet, policy, and actual family, experimental House, educators, historians, economists, calligraphers, diplomats, State activists, guerrilla warfare mentor, egoism, revolution, and creators, etc., which are international friends based on an understanding of Chairman Mao, contact, research and with the Chinese revolution and the construction of the international role of the respective conclusions. As Angsana Club of Rome, a telecommunications draft said: "the hair is a giant, is a politician and military leader. China needs all this �� a history of philosophers, a politician, a military leader, a person against all risks, he did not fall into the trivial day-to-day politics, and, if necessary, also know how to use this kind of politics. Hair even if his life to 80 years old, nor does it abandons his philosophy of struggle. China needs such leaders. "This turn get very clear, that is to solve a complex problem, need to Mao Zedong's great powers so that a comprehensive iron-leaders. Philippines "Daily Express" said: "first of Mao Zedong was a mentor, leading China to hundreds of millions of people rely on own resources, to get rid of hunger, disease, ignorance of ji, and reset the trip west and its lies and deceiving others reports of trafficking in persons and internal obstacles created by the enemy. Internal enemies on his continued to challenge the revolutionary theory. Yes, the hair is particularly hard material cast, experienced and survive. This refinement with he spent a long and turbulent decades to build a new society. Mao died, world since his death became unhappy. " " The Sydney Morning Herald:"Mao's leadership, the world's most populous nation stood up, free from rot, split and occupation, to get rid of foreign child abduction was shocked, and its own warlords of plunder, to achieve unity, discipline, peace and relative prosperity. He makes this country in the military, political, and most importantly ideology became one of the world's major powers. He was Lenin, Stalin, is not, is not a dictator of the rulers. " Cyprus" editorial "the Democrat said:" the passing of Chairman Mao shook the world, suddenly make much inferior to our planet, we promote a culture of leadership giant has promoted a world history of active agents. "" Chairman Mao was the leader of the Chinese people, its image is far more than China's vast border, his shadow extensively on EarthThere, in the history of this century. We work together with the world, the great poet, the great thinkers, the great leader Chairman Mao expressed condolences on the passing of time. " In short, the masses of the commemorative activities more widely is unprecedented. In addition to the DPRK, Albanian, Romanian, Cambodia and other countries, National Brotherhood of commemorative activities, many of the country's leftist Marxist Leninist political parties, organizations and friendship groups organized a massive memorials and mourning procession. France 10 000 workers and other working people in federes front held a memorial service. Many Western countries of people spontaneously organized, held at half-mast processions, such as the United States, Germany, and brother of West Berlin, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Bremen and other cities were hundreds of people to play a torch on 10, evening with Chairman Mao "like or people are the real heroes," "people, only the people are making history of power," Chairman Mao quotations, holding a torch procession mourning. Peru a theater for three consecutive days before the show took the long eulogy, leading the audience with silence. Many progressive accepts the spear friendly people, a speech of the Chairman Mao expressed its deep condolences and boundless reverence. This mourning duration is rare. Japan Prime Minister Miki Takeo hear Chairman Mao died immediately after the message to the Chinese Embassy in Japan. To October 6 in the afternoon, also under the auspices of the Prime Minister in Miki in Tokyo there are three thousand people attended the memorial service of Mao Zedong. Heads and politicians on , Chairman of the evaluation world countries on the death of Chairman Mao's reaction, the nature of the different areas in different countries leaders and Political Commissar of feelings, attitudes, as well as the starting point. Western countries to Chairman Mao led China in the world of prestige and status of respect, says Chairman Mao-a short time "to his country in the long sleep wake-up", making it the "strong State and national", "the influential world power", "change the world balance of power" and "change the world history," and so on. Third world most countries have a kind of Chairman Mao and the feelings of reverence, but also reflects the fighting friendship. They said that Chairman Mao "is the incarnation of the third world politics" and "the poor people of great friends," "world liberation movement of the lighthouse," and so on. �� United Kingdom Prime Minister Edward Heath called Mao Zedong is "not stalled revolutionaries" talk: "Mao himself is a very pleasant, friendly, approachable ... Talk to him not only makes people feel happy and excited to the ear. I have been with him for two long talk, I feel he is China's internal problems and the situation is a reality in the world. And I discussed with or negotiations of many world-wide character, his views are extremely clear and express opinions also straight forward. He never top back to me hard to ask questions, or to avoid any problems. If I asked him onehe did not want to talk about issues, he was very polite to tell me I don't want to talk about. When we in the event of a disagreement on a question, he said that this issue be reconsidered, and with his different views into consideration. Mao's Red Book of ideas to make peoples produces a mood to make greater efforts to improve productivity and increase industry and agriculture production. He is always from the perspective of the world strategy with me talking. Any problems are not only from the side of the angle, every problem you must consider. " United States President Nixon in Saint klimmen camp issued a statement on his home, said:" Mao Zedong was a thought with remarkable courage and firmness, and he worked until the last days of life. "" As a completely different philosophy and views of leaders, 1972 in Beijing during the meeting were aware, Sino-American friendship has become for us the interests of both countries are essential. "" I am he not only on his own people, but on the objective reality of the world situation has a profound understanding of this point was particularly impressive. We then establish a new relationship should work to his forward looking. " "Mao Zedong was a great revolutionary leaders in an outstanding person. He was not only a fully dedicated and actual Communists, but also a bit on the history of Chinese people's masterly rich imagination poet."Ford White House personally read the statement says:" the Chairman Mao is modern Chinese history of giants, "and" is one of the most outstanding and most great men. " Kissinger statement says: "the Chairman Mao is changing the world events in the process of a historical figure. He began in 1972 and us reconciliation is an extremely important factor. "Democratic presidential candidate Jim �� Carter said:" u.s.-China relationship improvement was achieved under the leadership of Chairman Mao, hope in the future of u.s.-China relations would strengthen rather than weaken. " France politics commends Chairman Mao is the world's greatest leaders. Leaders Mitterrand said: "I think that both need to repeat that hair is over a quarter of a century a main character. " French Communist Beaumarchais, General Secretary, said:" the death of Mao is aroused people's feelings, but also makes sense to respect, despite their separate differences. " The National Assembly President fur said:" Mao gave me the most impressive is his very polite. This is a very polite and courteous. He gives a bit for the perpetrator, very calm, serene, prudent, optimistic. "Independent Republican Member Andre �� Betancourt said:" Mao gave the impression that a very profound. This is a remarkable work force, his flair and careful, sometimes full of irony and culvert mo. For a Westerner, this is a place where possible should listen to their advice and it is worth to know. " France Unified Socialist Party commented:" Mao Zedong and more because of his historical character, rather than on his myth, weakness of the international community has made an important contribution. And make the world a historical process is not reversed. He cast an rely primarily on farmers in a special type of socialism, he created a suitable third equal social-Type. "France, former Prime Minister de Murville said:" Mao is a change in the world. Hair through his activities and those who follow him (Zhou Enlai is one of the greatest man) activities make recycled and China resumed her normal would surface appearance �� one of the world's great empire. "Socialist Party Secretary of Mitterrand said: I was fifteen years ago wool in Hangzhou accommodation interview first France statesmen, when France Government refused to acknowledge the existence of the people of China. The fact is that hair is in the past 25 years, the world's predominating. AFP integrated said: "contemporary seldom leaders like Mao Zedong did understand people's needs and issues. Under his leadership, the Chinese ' stand up ' in China is no longer being hungry, flood, natural disasters, illness and pain and shadows clouded the sick man of Asia. Agriculture has been developed, and with modern technology, including nuclear weapons, and satellite. Gradually improve people's lives, become a dive into the world powers. He not only changed the face of China, and changed the original Kiss Su position, with no Kingsway rib to wage war in Moscow expand potential ideology. The enemy of wool to past United States lend a hand of friendship and efforts to enable China to become the leader of the third world. Wool from a primary school teacher, and to his death when a quarter of a human body of new ethics and values. " Italy politicians say China's Mao Zedong's leading into the third country in the world. Social Democratic Party Secretary Sara Gheit said: "world population of Mao is a national of one quarter of leaders, he made him into a third world country, and became the United States and the Soviet Union, the balance between the superpowers. "" Mao died, but his performance in real terms as his country and the world history of indelible wealth remain. "Socialist Party Secretary Betty NOK �� Clark said:" Mao died, the century's greatest event for one of the major players disappear, this event is the Chinese revolution and the new birth of the people of China. He in his people's lives and the entire human life left marks will not be forgotten by time, by contrast, are sure to follow the history of making his thinking and performance of all the arguments more fully and more great and obvious. "Socialist Party Chairman was Batman �� South Niagara:" the death of Mao Zedong and the Chinese revolution put an end to a glorious order is broken, the long March of Chinese revolution is one of the most prominent event. His fundamental contribution to the cultural revolution, we can also be called to continue the revolution, that is, regardless of any found in any system and any economic and social systems will fall within to reinvent the wheel. This is the last battle. Secretary of the Democratic Party "tianyuan beaming people about �� zaccagni said:" the death of Mao Zedong, the most typical significance, and the most prestigious one vanished. "" His historic leadership of a great people and a great civilization of the national struggle, put a semi-colonial countries affected by the humiliation of a politically totally independent countries make this country in the community in a very important position. Wool is the symbol of this critical process, in this process, China began to adopt anti-Western positions gradually and not to seek outside areas with extensive contacts in the world, which has enabled the country to the world in cooperation and peace based on a balanced and coordinated development of components. "Ten Ming gangsters party parliamentary caucus leaders wave House Collina said:" the death of Chairman Mao, the last 30 years to dominate the world stage, another great figures disappeared. Mao China to assume her role in the world. This is in the United States �� the Soviet Union between dangerous polarization balance factors "Republican party biasini said:" row died, the most recent 50 years of world history, a great protagonist finally disappeared. " Germany's former Chancellor Brandt said:" for some, hair represents hope, for others, he will always be the intellectual and political hard to match. On both, the future will indeed be the case. " Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden:" Mao Zedong's name and performance ever and the Chinese people's liberation struggle. "" His ideological influence people all over the world. " Al Si Sen, Prime Minister of Denmark:" Mao's China from a weak State to have confidence in the power of the organization. His greatest achievement may be his thoughts to the population as a whole, thus forming a kind of national consciousness, a spirit of solidarity." Finland joint statement:" no matter how personal political views, people will be highly esteemed Chairman in his several decades of political activities in his views on the basis of political ideas, talent and determination. Chairman Mao's death in the world an outstanding statesman ranks left a blank spot, it is difficult to estimate the gaps will be filled as well as how to fill. " Austria common market President Otto Lee said:" the Chairman Mao is the history of mankind, one of the greatest, Mao's thought and action determines his country half a century of development, and to have a far-reaching impact in the world. " Belgium, Prime Minister Tindemans:" undoubtedly, in the twentieth century politician, Chairman Mao to the highest position. His political ideology, excellence, and has made the Marxism-Leninism and Moscow in the turning so different unique interpretation. "Belgium diplomatic e van elslande:" Mao Zedong profoundly marked the post-war sectors, under his leadership, China resumed power of destiny. "" China will become an important centre of ideology, its goal is the implementation of equality. I as he realizes things then cited the deep into extraordinary to surprise, because Mao Zedong thought, stand still, is a retrograde step synonyms. I had the privilege to meet with Chairman Mao, and met with him, I've long maintained the memories of this meeting. " Japan politics that Chairman Mao was the father of the Chinese independent. Japan Prime Minister Fukuda correction Steve said: "in the performance of Chairman Mao, especially great is that from the colonial system complete the liberation of China in the land, and laid todayDay basis. For this, no matter how high evaluation made, are but copies. "Japan's Liberal Democratic Party congressmen Seiichi Tagawa, said:" is known as the father of the Chinese independent Chairman Mao died, for the Chinese people as a huge shock and grief. InJapan, it cannot be forgotten, especially in the Japan-China diplomatic normalization. Chairman Mao is a very understanding (Japan), Mr. Kai Zhou Enlai, we lost a bit understanding (Japan) of great men. " Japan-China Friendship Association President Mr Fujiyama aiichiro said:" the Chairman on the world situation very sharp observations and perspectives on the future of power and the judge is not, and should be highly appreciated. His sharp insight and bold and decisive, not only nature, but the long revolution comes through practice. "Japan finance large Hospital Victoria is said: the death of his hair, deeply lost the last giant this century. This withdrawal of China and the world of tremendous impact is immeasurable. The thought never see him again, should feel lonely and alone. Mr. Mao is a bit mind broad as big sea, and is also very understanding of Japan, he has the heart of the "Toyo", as Mao Zedong thought, whether you like or don't like, it is for us to be an in-depth study on the subject. Ministry Wylie Bhutto of Pakistan to make a statement on the passing of Chairman Mao said, like Mao Zedong did, in a century, perhaps a thousand years can only produce one. They occupied the stage to the genius of inspiration wrote history chapter. There is no doubt that Mao is a giant giant, he made history seem small. His strong influence in the hearts of millions of men and women around the world to leave mark Lu. Mao Zedong is revolution's son, is the essence of the revolution is a revolution of melody and legend, is shaking the world's great new order of the Supreme creator. Mao didn't die, his ideas will continue forever like Sun guiding people and national destiny. If only the Chinese perspective to measure his merit, it would be detrimental to the extraordinary character of the mark. Of course, he is and he 800 people prodigy, Mao Zedong was a bit high for world leaders, he sent to the contemporary situation of contribution is notails are compared. Philippine President Marcos said: Chairman Mao Zedong of the giants of the twentieth century in the last one died. Different people and countries may, in accordance with their political views on his views, but no one can deny his rebellious character. "He is a man's leaders, history of; he is a vertical in the annals of history. He makes in the community of China establishes its own position. "Small" many of the world with China remains equal branches of good relations, is the Chairman Mao Zedong's achievements for peace building. " Tanzania" daily news "published an editorial the tribute" said Chairman Mao died in China and around the world. More than a century ago, it is said that France the black out of one side of the pass at the globe, said: "China? there lay a sleeping giant. Let him wake up, because if you were to wake him up, he will turn the world moving. "Or Chairman Mao China from centuries of sound sleep wake up and turn it into a national fight for liberation of peoples, powerful and reliable base. Guyana Premier Burnham said: "it was a great world leaders, he left an indelible mark in history," "he is a prominent revolutionaries, he transformed China is awakened the ' sleeping giant ', on the world revolutionary movement has a significant impact. " Why Zedong the cause such strong repercussions account world? " in the Renaissance Syria analysis for three reasons: first, he led the world's most populous, the largest State, once instability, chaos, it is difficult to control in China under his leadership, unifies and towards the millions of people want to go forward, but also many people fear causes; second, he and his great people up against the modern world's two largest power �� the United States and the Soviet Union, the world dear; third, his thought has enriched the human mind, his plan and direct impact on the yearning for freedom and Liberation of the peoples of the third world. Sur newspaper analysis indicates the Chairman Mao's position of influence in the world. Here are some newspaper article (CSEC) in order to deepen the understanding of the three reasons for reference. The Pakistan times published an editorial entitled "the death of giants that Mao is a sign of our times. Historical era has very different personal name together. However, apart from the past half century is called the Mao Zedong era, there would be no other salutation? in modern history, there is no man who has just become a historical figure of 800 million Chinese people, leaders, more complete, more important impact on their own time. He undoubtedly is the greatest. From the eyes of generations, generation of one of the characteristics that they live in the era of Mao Zedong, living legends in their view is the same age. Our age is a very big change and great achievements of the era. In our age, a world war and the people's war, nuclear bombs and hot nuclear bombs, laser and moon landing, but the fate of this era's most influential, most adequate to demonstrate the strength and creativity of humanity is Mao Zedong. Are so difficult to assess his month Is greatness. You have a on the related at.this monument Is his own. He fired up the power of information.... Doing Hair act of the machine on establishing a-one of personal accounts as of theera of the collective, and he almost in era is independent and at.this Since the 1930s fight. The entire would promote of the revolution is he forgets organized the strength of the rising competition.... Would have no of ethnic cd-rom and promote benefits account for many more diverse met listed enemy force gave him His opposition. The courage and wisdom as Sometimes he alone in j dissent, but the effect is much is always beingIndeed. But he can be isolated His country, you can go to His future campaigns and close up. Call national objection, if he greatly aubject necessary adjustments, you slow down or move the pace, but he never compromise on the allowed purposes. Maybe, external world should thank the worsted is his education in poor countries to rich countries, self-esteem, the Education Act to the rules. If there is no wool and wool in China, the third world may become not a desire to grow in solidarity. It was his contempt power, even despite his own country was banished to the pain of rejection of lit up the South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America people struggle. Church of the small States stand up, resolutely counterattack, brings them to maintain their rights awareness, so that they can see even in an increasingly interdependent world, rely on self-reliance able to what kind of things. Oriental newspaper editorials said: "the death of Mao Zedong, the world lost a bit unique in politicians, profound thinker, a unique organization, one of humanity's giant". "Wool is not only a new China's greatest players, but also to his character on the contemporary political and economic thought deeply, indelible mark. "" He spoke in words of the ' spirit of leadership, not only makes the Chinese have received new life, and teach the whole world learned a new way of life. You can say, hair is not only a new China's greatest players, but also teach the backwardness and developing countries know how to not rely on other people's charity,a free and dignified lives. "The editorial also said:" hair not only makes China but the entire world knows a revolution, a revolution around the world, no one on the contemporary history of a hairy so big. "" Today, Mao had left us, but his thought and teachings will always shinning, his pioneering of roads will lead other third world countries to strive for peace, progress and prosperity. " South the battle" in the path of Mao Zedong, "one article mentioned:" Mao Zedong not only changed the country and its people's history, but also pointed out that the historical destination. He promoted the Chinese people for an endless supply of power, in the historical legacy of the conflict on the continent with the highest number of setting off a storm of social change. However, if you saw him as a God and Saviour that mistake. Because, Mao Zedong and China's contemporary social contradictions and difficulties. These contradictions and difficulties are so large and so are not known and so are not explained that Chinese historical trend and the storm under certain conditions may evolve into danger, uncertainty, and cause widespread international consequences of destructive storms. Mao Zedong as their age, starting from 1911 of the Chinese revolution of all contradictions, and the revolutionary Russian nationalist unusual relationship between products, successfully truncated beyond these relationships and theory. The first is because he recognized the Chinese revolution in respect of its essence is revolutionary. Because he believed that the farmers of the revolutionary forces, in the final analysis, is because he has focused on China's revolutionary ' fragmentation and organization. He is rich in ideals of people ... Netherlands the total daily editorial pointed out: "Mao Zedong was a great statesman, under his leadership, get rid of the traditional backward, breaking the traditional isolation, become an almost worldwide recognized world power", "Mao Zedong had a corrupt, feudal China beat condensed into a strict adherence to his ideas and ideals of national. He's often talk with philosophical thought of the performance, be collected in the little red book. " World leftists think: Mao Zedong thought is all of humanity of wealth Turkey the people 's voice "published weekly Dogu �� the Marxist - Perincek Leninism - the handful of humanity is thought' s Zedong riches," in article 25 who is, all reactionaries promote human thought in sucstressed the new Olympic Games gymnastics "discovery as the few of the" or the infidels. "complete Islamic bourgeois democratic Ministers on the revolution in France - a cyber language may, the followers of" autoresponder. "... Today those who deny the Mao Zedong thought has universal significance and General Mao as one of the leaders of the revolution, or revisionist molecular changes wipe angle while slyly that contemporary Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong thought as the invention of the "infidels." Proletarian as history's most advanced classes, is the successor to the human mind. Proletarian revolution ideology �� the dialectical and historical materialism, understanding and respect of human life is the most advanced level of thought. Marx and Engels was the founder of scientific socialism, Lenin to scientific socialism to "imperialism and proletarian revolution era of Marxism and Leninism phase", has opened up a new era in the history of mankind the October revolution. In Lenin, a worldwide change is: pay attention to the Chinese revolution and the peoples of the world's revolutionary experience and leadership of the great proletarian cultural revolution, Mao Zedong, Marxism-Leninism to new and higher stage. ���� As Edison 's 2 lamps now for the occur, not ever did it come out China' s Zedong thought or campaigns is the country 's for which is the world' s afford the nitric oxide to peoples. (No) can stop at at.this goldmine j a revolutionary armed a-one themselves.r> Dexinshe journalist Hans van Bonhoeffer who built without Zedong "pleasure to the Marxism Leninism and - namely", "makkah 'ts Maoists" at.this goldmine ideological purity of the same 'ts scale-up have the same mine. Mr.... The power to you in China now world plays a decisive role. Countries on The Impact of Moscow and U.S. decision, please. - affects The scope for world diplomatic safe, makkah was The Maoist bureaucratically alerts. The United Kingdom workers in the daily "published article entitled" revolution: built in monument of the proletarian revolution is built in owners' s creative that Marxism Leninism monument of proletarian socialist political - is defending with internal and external xpa scale-up destructionThe enemy necessary requires.... In the Soviet Union, In spite of the October revolution to the death, please. xpa Stalin was a restoration of capitalist correction of Marxism Leninism, - the theoretical transformation for at.this as done. Sweden Communist Party organ "spark" entitled "Mao Zedong and the thought of all the oppressed of weapons", into the "people's war" and "United Front" and "theory and practice" and the "masses," "class struggle continues," and "third world" six subhead, illustrates Mao Zedong thought was our era of Marxism-Leninism and scientific socialism, a new and more advanced stage. Sullom Venezuela's Foreign Minister said: "the Chairman Mao's image takes up a history of many years," and "without Chairman Mao's image is written out is not the history of the twentieth century," and "Chairman Mao as historical images of great significance-a kind of ideology and wisdom of significance and strategic value." Therefore, "each country and each person irrespective of Mao Zedong thought holding what ideas or positions, can deny that its significance and importance. " The Morocco evening newspaper editorial says: Mao's thought" not only play a big role inChina, and allow China to play a good at avoiding dogmatism and strategic error model national role. He hammered out such a nation, that is, whether it has any kind of comments, it is an excellent comprehensive spirit while absorbing Western value. Therefore, to oppose imperialism and colonialism ' army ' against Chiang Kai-shek, the struggle against imperialist Japan until 1949 victory in Beijing. " Nantong social said: some quality wool, his political motives and actions have caused and is causing people of different interpretation and evaluation. From a different perspective on these issues. He awakened the sleeping centuries in China, he makes a slave and aggrieved people sink, he makes the human spirit and the public aware of spirit: ordinary farmers get the freedom and dignity is possible. Mao Zedong's three world Division is the world revolution " class analysis" if said that Mao's China analysis of social class is the base of the Chinese revolution, Mao's three world Division is a world revolution "class analysis", is the establishment of the international strategy of the United Front. Turkey the Gunaydin "in an article entitled the hair on the three worlds of analysis into hundreds of millions of Chinese Fortune article noted that" in the struggle against political opponents, Mao Zedong's basic policy is to establish the most extensive United Front; and isolated he identified the main enemy. Hair in the last few years thinking in three of the world, became China's foreign policy, and it is this spirit will unite the third world, and secondly to establish Alliance in the world, the United States and the Soviet Union, isolation as its objective, to support all efforts aimed at opposing these two countries of the world. " President Bongo of Gabon, said that he" Chairman Mao on the world, especially the third world issues, insights and profound insight express admiration. "" Today won the African countries, admire today's China, the Chinese don't like Chinese imperialism and hegemony. Chairman Mao's successor will be career. " Reuters Chairman Mao is assessed before the world that Mao Zedong in accordance with the three worlds of Division and for the United States and the Soviet Union in a triangular pattern of the situation said:" Mao Zedong by Marxist explanation and with Moscow intense ideological bickering, split the Communist world, communism and capitalism in the global power struggle between radically changed. It ended in 1945, after the emergence of the two blocs, the White House leadership and the Kremlin leaders of the two camps. They try to destroy each other, and to impose on third world domination. Wool also deprived of Moscow as communist wisdom of monopoly, Communist forces are no longer a monolithic bloc. "" The Maoist enables the world's political, economic and military power in the contend for becoming extremely complex. Checkers game became a chess game. Thanks to the direction of wool, United States, making the Beijing wooing more worried about the Soviet Union has its own security. Thanks to Mao, China to hospitality like former United Kingdom Prime Minister of the former West Germany and Heath Strauss that some leaders of the European conservatives. Beijing believes that a strong European economic community to be able to destroy the Soviet Union's position in Europe. Because of the hair, Romania to boldly pursue an independent foreign policy, otherwise, a Warsaw national is not afraid to do so. ' China is a balance between the major powers ' factors. "" The United States was able to get away from Indochina, the key lies in Washington know, another closely related powers is China, United States of the withdrawal may not be on the United States and the Soviet Union forces have a direct impact on this. Some Western countries, analysts believe that the majority leader is pro-Hanoi Su instead of pro-China. Beijingfor the influence of the Soviet Union in South-East Asia due to the VCP in the Vietnam War victory for enhanced impact in the fallout. This is the United States may desire not to give up its role in the Pacific. " Nepal the Gorkha News newspaper editorial pointed out:" has little to human thought and action to the new orientation of the great man. Chairman Mao Zedong is to have such extraordinary character of one of the great man. His thoughts to some small countries resist the power of the big pressure. "The Egypt post" said: "the death of Mao to third world lost one of the most powerful speakers. " Australia" the age "said:" the hair to think that China is the world master the traditional concept of revolution with the Communist Party of the world combined into one unit, the theory is almost invincible force of change. " Sudan the News Editorial:" the struggle of Mao Zedong's leading China adhere to the people of the whole world knows: there is no China, the world would not be complete, peace and progress will be paralyzed State. "" Our third world peoples admiration of Chairman Mao contribute to humanity. HeIs firm and unflinching. The symbol of human liberation. " France friends said: Mao Zedong's influence and prestige is unparalleled Figaro plate" by an article entitled the statue of Perseus, not "branding Dormer loose article says:" very few philosophers, the conquerors and the Prince in world history that played the role with Mao Zedong's phase. He wants to transform people, this is his real ambition. Able to complete his task? who knows? in any case, he makes a quarter of humanity has undergone radical changes to China's position in the first State. " Mao Zedong to extraordinary, and in the world do change beliefs of passionate determination, courage and wisdom to successfully make fire and compatibility, so that peasants and Chinese-style Marxist triumph. These victories in improving (not big but distinct) individuals living in collective behavior and mass discipline (recent earthquake provides examples), but also in the modern world on China, and China has become the atomic power. Make one very strange is that cultural revolutionary hero, on Earth, the father of all hair molecules, is warmly advocated the strengthening of European unity and strength in the West. If someone had hoped that the European Western powerful and unity, that is, the Marxists. This person's reputation is unparalleled. Mao Zedong to his mark on the times than Churchill, Roosevelt, Tito, Nasser or Charles de Gaulle to play on. As with Lenin or Stalin. He makes China to become so powerful that his death (but for a long time is expected) today raises two issues: the first is the future of China; and the second problem, not the other, can only be the future of the world. A person's death brings the world's future became a problem, it can be summed up in one word, no matter what the sentence is ambiguous, mysterious, contradictions and complex, this sentence is the enormous influence of Mao Zedong. World history into beautiful and not happy, are reflected in his possession. Australia the financial review on the article says: "Mao Zedong with Roosevelt, Churchill and Lenin as is one of the giants of this century. Maybe this is the greatest among the four. Because of his influence duration longer. More than 50 years ago, he is China. Later, he led the revolt, political power, and became China's Lenin. He is a member of the Chinese revolution of Marx, Lenin, Stalin of the Trinity. His talents in space and time on the same broad impact. He is a fierce farmers ' organizations, in the whole of China, point up the rebel of the flame; is a philosopher, to Marxism to new and ethical, Oriental form; is a military conductor, once said he never appetite at war is so good; is a poet, he wrote the classic forms of poetry, to arts and cultural education. "" China is part of the strength of triangle structure, but also calls for the redistribution of power of the Crusades. Mao's China became the third behind State can be turned into the hands of a bomb and the veto power of the world affect symbolized. " Ahram that Chairman Mao is" the entire history of a Minister and a variety of quality leaders and role models with unrivaled. He is both a spiritual leader and a million troops Strategy Manager, mastering guerrilla tactics, is practical, opposed to the rigid dogmatism politicians, and a passionate fighter and astute,the Bards of sympathy. " Numerous newspapers that Mao Zedong's success is based on rely on people Australia House leader of the opposition (Labour Party) Uren Brunei and said:" the hair is a patriot and a man belonging to the people. "" He as a revolutionary thinker, on the theory and practice of the revolution, made a unique contribution. He's the genius of the situation he realized that people play a major role in China, the people are farmers. "" His ability on the Chinese people have profound confidence. " "Western critics just treat him as a political leader, but hair experience and ideas of importance to much more than that. He is the great men of the contemporary world. " Mao is also based on the nature of the belief �� the faith and our society dominant faith distinct �� developed his revolutionary strategy and building a new China strategy. In it, people fundamentally not a selfish and self-indulgent. If they had that kind of performance, it is because of the dominant ideology of the ruling class. In his view, by persuasion and demonstration, guided by correct thinking, the attitude of the people is the ability to change, so that they would abandon the selfish thoughts, for the benefit of all people, wholeheartedly building new China hard struggle. As a result, China has begun this process: resolutely abandon material stimulation and carry forward the spirit of encouragement. I saw the Chinese people are in the interests of society as a whole and happy to work with. Mao Zedong stressed that China's economy must achieve self-reliance. By colonial over 100 years of plundering, Su Wen hands turn caused economic dislocation, China's economy has already embarked on the road to self-reliance. No country in the world than Chinese less affected by the impact of world economic upheaval; no third-world countries like China that rarely rely on advanced industrialized economies; and no country to national prosperity of all people over China. Iran the future newspaper editorial: Mao's revolutionary Foundation �� rely on people. He thought the person's conscious mind than bureaucratic methods and material motivation, people is higher than the individual. Him to the Chinese, the Chinese people to rebuild a society of China. His policy, people are basic factors that make people so that they become a consciousness, a dynamic, progressive and fighting for others, a person who thinks he is peopleOne of the members, for the people who gave his life. Mao led 50 years, the Chinese people on the road, whether external or internal threats, we could not get him off, although both estimates should not be too low. Reuters summary draft says: "the Mao is a change in the Chinese and the shock waves spread and in the world of the soul of the Chinese Communist revolution. "" His burning doctrine developed a new ideology, it enables the West often confused, and sometimes to panic, but to work encouragement of China. "" I wonder if the rest, I wonder if the compromise of Chairman Mao's China and the Mainland of 800 million people, and promote them to always keep the revolution. "" During this process, the ' sleeping giant ' is crossed in the shake. "According to the way organizations smada become a great power. Contemporary world first heard the sound of it. Most foreigners who know the hair, the United States writer of snow is probably the most succinct manner he summarized as "ideal home, soldier, statesman, theorist, poet, activist, destroyer of the revolution �� creators ..." . "His seventies when launched the 1966-1969, stimulation of the cultural revolution in China to pure communism was a step forward �� but in a great price. After moving a series of relatively modest campaign aims to fight against bureaucracy, the revolution flame burning. "" Mao's foreign policy reflect the same uncompromising idealism. He put the Chinese troops into the Korean war, his own son in the war were killed, he supports many Contracting mess, not Kremlin heart. In the 1970s, Beijing has taken a more pragmatic attitude, it entered the United Nations. In 1972, President Nixon received the United States �� this meeting marked the end of the country's isolation. " France, former President of d'Estaing in Mao Zedong's assessment on the Xinhua News Agency said:" the modern social change quickly, many heads are people forgot, only a few people still being known, for example France of General de Gaulle, France knows he respected him; then in China, Mao Zedong. Modern society's leaders do not reflect a philosophy. They only deal with issues such as economic, social, military, etc. France is that Mao Zedong embodies a kind of philosophical thought and effort to put it into action. This is what our political awareness. We are the revolution in 1789, it is for a philosophy that we clearly recognize that Mao Zedong thought was what makes China to a philosophy that give people the power of the largest and most high status. "D'Estaing's this passage on how to evaluate a historical figure is very enlightening. In human history than for people seeking maximum power and maximum status of philosophy? that is designed to liberate mankind of Marxist philosophy, Mao Zedong as great Marxists during his lifetime of practice developed the Marxist philosophy, therefore, the Mao Zedong thought and Marxist Lenina as Trinity's "treasure house of human thought." Great men of the great, is not to resolve any great thing, but also the great idea behind the event. Great ideas are so impressive and Reverend lies. It is the Qi-la times "said:" to Mao Zedong, even the longest of the enemy, nor can it be said that the hair is not a great man because his performance and the status of ideological and bring up is recorded in the national history. " March 1964, Romania's Communist Party to mediate an open debate in the Soviet Union, and dispatched underthe banner of Ceausescu, etc. to meet with the leaders of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong, they were both flexible and rigid" education ", though baizhen and, but moved to Mao Zedong's conversation, and minds. Later on the Chinese Ambassador said: "there is a remarkable Mao Zedong, he was able to very simple language, representation of extremely complicated thought, this is not easy to learn. " Before the United States Secretary of State Kissinger said:" the world's leaders in front of Mao Zedong is self-confidence not up. " Regrettably, even when the West will Mao Zedong held up as the" great man of the Millennium ", we have some of the country of people with ulterior motives in inciting" non-wool ". They hesitate to pen and ink, your breath, patiently attacking, framed Mao Zedong, founding of the future exploration of the Socialist road problems and errors are ignoring the facts, specious ground to Mao Zedong, it must be clarified of: error on one of the "Mao Zedong battle lines, economy, it", "economy to the brink of collapse? this seems to become a widely accepted a conclusion as to whether the establishment of such a conclusion is very few people thought looked into. Evaluation of historical figures, mainly to see him on the contribution of national interests. Evaluation of Mao Zedong MaoZedong era is the key at the start of the Chinese State did, when he passed away, what is it. Nantong groups from this point of view: "1949, Chairman Mao, China's personal income is probably the lowest in the world (27) when becoming a new Chinese head of State. Since then, at this point on how to get rid of the last step, spanning all future? gross domestic struggle on this fundamental issue. Is in the struggle to build their own political philosophy. Everybody knows, Mao Zedong's inherited old China, in addition to receiving a quarter of the world population 4.5 billion, almost no mention of theindustrial base, and even the daily life of industrial products also imports of foreign goods, the match is called Ocean fire, kerosene is called foreign oil, and what the ocean ash, Ocean, Ocean nails, and so on, is a lame mess, thousands of years have not changed "revellers, road are dying". According to the United States last in Nanjing Ambassador Stuart memories, the Kuomintang regime and starved to death every year in the period, average per capita in the 300-700 million. The war in 1945, starved to death in Hunan province only 500 million people. In the old society, who will assume this responsibility, people can only complain that their destiny is not good. New China three years difficult period also starved to death, the Communist Party is the responsibility of the Mao Zedong isMade a review of the socialist society, cannot be starved to death. Later, after all, are gradually resolved the problem �� that is, the agricultural support industries, on the basis of the progressive agriculture industrialization. Notes that Western countries from agricultural to industrial change is approximately 200-300 years, the longest of the agricultural society of China, in less than 30 years to complete. United States scholar Maurice �� Meissner demoted for some to Mao Zedong Mao's opinion the defence said: "whether people will Mao for the evaluation,it is the modern revolution for Chinese modern economic development laid the Foundation for fundamental to China from a full agricultural country turned into an industry-dominated state. In 1952, the total value of industrial accounts for 30% of the national economy, accounting for 64% of agricultural output and to 1975, this proportion is inverted, the industry's national economic production, agriculture is 72% is only 28%. In fact, the era of Mao Zedong, far now widely rumored in the era of the so-called economic stagnation, and is the world's greatest modern era, with Germany, Japan and Russia, and several other modern industrial major rising star on the stage in the process of industrialization of the most violent period compared favourably. If there is no occurrence of the industrial revolution in the era of Mao Zedong, 80 's, will not find the object you want to change. "Morris's statement, on behalf of today's international opinion on Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong era of understanding. The "Mao Zedong did not understand the economy," and "economy to crash a powerful critique of the edge", but rather to Mao Zedong is the founder of the "China modern" or "father of modern industry in China" for the best of footnotes. Although the national strength and today's national strength cannot be compared, but Mao's achievements and performance, economy, industry and agriculture, or other cultural education and technological inventions, which are another shook the world. As the Canberra times in Mao Zedong died commented: "even Mao Zedong's longest strike, nor can it be said that the hair is not a great man, because of this status is recorded in the national history. " Errors on bis," Mao Zedong era isolationism, does not open to the public. "This is 30 years of reform and opening up, especially when young people in 80 is generally considered one of the conclusions. This is nonsense. Who will understand that the reform and open antonyms are conservative, closed, and young people as the Mao Zedong era is closed, does the Chinese capital imperialist military siege, economic sanctions and a naval blockade by the background to advocate the principle of independence, self-reliance. So he will be 30 years of reform and opening up against that is divorced from reality "scholar talk." We all know, in the revolutionary war, the Chinese Communists just have intercourse with the Soviet Union. In the war of the late Chinese Communist Party began and the United States Embassy authorities have contacted us, Mao Zedong in accept observation team visit to Yan'anconversation will welcome the United States to the wishes of the liberated areas for investment. On the eve of the victory of the war of liberation, Mao once again to the US Ambassador Stuart expressed the hope that the United States to abandon the privilege under the premise to establish diplomatic relations with the United States. These have not been fulfilled, and at the beginning of the founding of the Korean battlefield resort. The outcome of the Korean war, the United States disgrace, to contain China became an important strategy of United States. Since then, the United States-led forces in the war against China has not broken (Viet Nam war to the war of the impedance, the Sino-Indian border war, war of the Sha, Sino-Soviet relations deteriorated after the battle of Zhenbao Island, etc.). It can be said that the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao's era is coming to power, to defend and consolidation of the regime, the country's independence, sovereignty status shall not be infringed upon by harsh struggle, and the achievements of modern China is against this background. Deng said, Mao Zedong, China's revolution will also explore in the dark. Similarly, you can extend to, after coming to power without Mao such moral integrity, courage, wisdom and courage, there will be no new China's dignity, even bringing up the material base of reform and opening up and technical conditions. As we all know, the Sino-Soviet relations open rupture, China became the Soviet hegemony in the third force which emerged in the United States and the Soviet Union scalene triangle pattern of the world. Mao Zedong are keenly aware that China as a vulnerable position and role of the corner; he did not fear any of BA's threats and challenges, and never give up and principled stand to beg for a BA of mitigation, pressure. He spoke in Marxist political strategist's vision, insight into the history and future, confident and calm reflection to be passive surrounded blockadeto aggressively implement the international strategy against siege. 1969 HA, when Mao Zedong "from the reference messages published in the United States media outgoing Su Wen wishes on the implementation of China's nuclear strike, his joy in the heart of the United States from China of a signal. Is this as an opportunity to throw out 1970 and snow conversation, 1971 of ping-pong diplomacy and Henry Kissinger's secret visit to China, a 1972 Nixon visit bows Mao alerted the world's history. Just imagine, without Chairman Mao, the overall effort to open the door to Sino-US relationship, where there will be an era of reform and opening up today. Marxism is the science of human liberation, its essence is open and not closed. The CPC as a Marxist party, had been closed to the historical "encircle and suppress", but did not stay indifferent to the policy. At the beginning of the founding of China can only smell with Soviet Socialist countries in Eastern Europe, and the introduction of 156 industrial technology project, laid the Chinese heavy industry and military-industrial base. In order to fight for trade with Western countries. Mao Zedong's deep visionary behind Hong Kong and Macao as an entrepot trade base. Sino-US relations to the gate opens, Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai grasp the key moment, in 1972, ratified by 43 billion, from Europe, America,Japan and other developed countries large-scale introduction including 13 sets of clothing, Suite to maximize technology equipment. This masterpiece, extremely rare in the world. These introduced since the completion of the project are to improve people's livelihood plays a huge role. Strictly speaking, the reform and opening up is with the Sino-US relations began to open the door, but the reform and opening upPolicies vary. 1974 Mao Zedong's "third world" theory actually is Mao Zedong in world revolution "class analysis" is the implementation of the world hegemony against "siege" of political strategy. wbr> Errors on three: "Mao Zedong's dictatorship, not about democracy? this is a specious arguments. A liberation of human responsibility of Marxists, he is the one does not talk about democracy dictator. This proposition is untenable. The so-called democracy, is to let the masses be masters, as the vast majority of people's interests and thereby resolve contradictions, creating a harmonious society, this is assuming, for the selected stem, wholeheartedly the fundamental purpose and is also the masses on the fundamental requirement for all leaders. From a perspective of Mao Zedong thought, on the history of the Communist Party of China is unique in a leader. Democracy is a political ideology of Mao Zedong's philosophical basis, and reflected in the founding, writes, country in all its aspects. He believed that the masses, rely on the masses, the idea of the masses, respect their pioneering spirit, warned leaders want problems, set policies to people's interests from the majority. In practice, he attaches great importance to promoting democracy, promote "confusion" and "operating"; when their opinion is defeated, the subject organization in the implementation of the resolution, when it deems appropriate and rejected can convince the people organizing premise to retain their own opinions, and convince the masses to the correct orientation (e.g., three new chishui former drummer, anti-American, etc.). Mao Zedong's position is that in a democracy. So why would a hairy "orthodoxy" and "patriarchal" phenomenon? first requires a democracy have the class nature of the end of the superstructure, democracy as it is for the different economic and interest groups, what kind of democracy in China go road remains a lift on the questions from the revolutionary democracy building in complexity and progressive to today's position requires Mao Zedong and the times had a well-established democracy is not objective. Second, China is the longesthistory of feudal society in transition, the lack of implementation of the democratic political culture environment; to the Chinese people, the main important than democratic Imperial Shih benevolent than their political importance, not to mention the fact that Mao Zedong and the era's policy is based on the broad masses of the people's interests. At all levels of leaders to the masses, the more honest, democratic supervision, lack of awareness of and participation in, or are interested in. Third, Mao Zedong's chongwen Wei completed political democratization. Long-term revolutionary practice, Mao Zedong has been pushed out of the leadership, but after that he was right. And since then established his own prestige. In Socialist construction, he thought, more often than people think deeply to see far, such as the starting point of the cultural revolution was the defensive and anti-revisionist movement focused on the inner left capitalist road establishment, this variable from the Soviet Union and party some rational thinking of reality, are not likely to struggle in front of him a level of winning or losing. Central unanimously adopted is above reproach. To say that the cultural revolution was the result of Mao Zedong's personal arbitrariness cannot be established. In this case, it is difficult to form a democratic air with mother, "say" and the emergence of patriarchal style is inevitable. But this is not entirely the fault of Mao Zedong, more attributed to historical necessity. Http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/5df636b30100odt6 Mao Zedong first appeared in the Western horizon is a book called "life" of pictorial, this pictorial is that age one of the United States culture flag, thus, Mao Zedong and his glittering red five-pointed star began in New York, which shines throughout United States, and later spread to Europe, South America and other parts of the world. But in the last century, 60, 70 's, Mao Zedong on the social impact of the West is very huge. In the United States, Europe, Mao's portrait appears on the front page of newspapers and periodicals, appear in street demonstration team. �� From the writer Jean Ren��, to post-modern philosopher Michel Foucault and Shanghai concert of the "rolling stones" of rock and roll hand have been faithful followers of Mao Zedong. United Kingdom of the Beatles (TheBeatles) John �� briennon also mentioned in the song, then across Europe and Mao Zedong's hippie, Mao Zedong was their spirit Totem. In 20th-century world politics, not a political leader like wool, as is the world's undisputed, might not like it. Some Western scholars in Mao Zedong's contribution is very in-depth research, given the high benefit beyond evaluating the largest Chinese scholars give praise. After he died, and left for China and the world is a wave effect of Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong, hundreds of billions of dollars. Mao Zedong's vision first in his poetry and calligraphy are fully demonstrated. "To flow, long suppressed feizhou banking career. "" Both to the number of the Republican era, debts also see today. "With the struggle of the years, a victory to another victory, more abundant energy Mao Zedong:" this is better: the past, generous and generous at the Earth."" No matter waves hit, .Gao. " Rage" Sihai churning cloud water, Wuzhou shocks fenglei stress. "His handwriting was like his poetry, Dragon through, l., through steel, air swallowing Wanli Jingetiema as Tiger. Some people fear us, afraid of us, said United States how advanced technology, material force and military strength is how powerful. The spirit of fear, retreat, this outcome would have decided. Diffident enemy forces, is self disintegrating, self crashes, ruin the great wall. Then hairZedong borrow and journalists talk said: beautiful snow imperialism is a papertiger, and contempt that: all reactionaries are paper tigers. Then there is the United States atomic bombs, some people more afraid. Mao Zedong said: the atomic bomb is also paper tiger! face the Korean battlefield, Mao Zedong also humor and funny words: "you hit your bomb, I hit my hand grenades. " Result? at least containing the United States in an attempt to control the entire Korean peninsula, then look into China's intentions. See Communists walks through the road, on the spiritual power and the boldness of a 25 mile long. Mao Zedong said, he defeated Chiang Kai-shek with pen. This is the spirit and verve! millet and rifle defeated aircraft cannons of the KMT, essence is the spirit and vision of victory! April 1945, Mao Zedong in the discussion on the report of the coalition Government said: "wholeheartedly service, there's not a moment from the masses; all the interests of the people, rather than from an individual or small group of interests; to the people responsible and the party's leadership bodies responsible for consistency; these are our starting point. " Zedong built in the eve of the governments of new China has a pertinent warning: "win victory, a national match to walk is a at.this benefiting the first step China 's j... revolution is related, but the revolution' s one wish, wish longer-wavelength, related are so difficult to get at.this goldmine. Now the stupidest owners putting party, but to continue to you the comrades to humble and discreet, not gymnasts growing crops, not impatient, putting to the number you comrades to continue to keep business to hard-core." Built on the will of the future of Internet 's see China as the language of the declared: "we have in full, have overcome all difficulties and as hardships, to build a related sucstressed back we see Socialist moving forward. J j sucstressed we spend time is done sucstressed predecessors to glorious career. It's aim achieved all wish." Zedong built to build the world 's incorruptible government. All will the countries of the Western democracies, there is any country can do so, 25 - China by the era clean? various criminal little, almost cleared the prostitutes, drugs, robbery, triad crime, Crown rot, etc. Unique is the lack of effective award penalty mechanism. Mao Zedong's unified China, giving people a new set of moral values, improves the position of workers and peasants, and in China has established a clean government. United States journalist Edgar �� snow said: "brown leather shoes of Mao Zedong has been that need oil, a double yarn socks loosely off to his ankle. Mao's family, and other senior officials family enough on Taiwan has been criticized for their "extravagance. " His" enjoy "the rough equivalent of long island, a smooth insurance company salesman in better ranch-style bungalow to enjoy. " 1950-1952, under his leadership, land reform, to suppress the counter-revolutionary and other democratic reform, launched against corruption, the fight against waste and bureaucracy of the" three anti "movement and against corruption, the fight against tax evasion and fraud against stolen national assets, against shoddy work, against theft economic intelligence" being against "movement. Mao Zedong in world political leaders enjoy high prestige. Africans told each other from China, immediate thumbs, "Mao Mao Zedong!!", the world without any other national leaders to make them so. United States President Richard Nixon visit to China, he was with the pilgrimage-like mood to audience Mao Zedong, Nixon and respectfully as a school teacher. Japan Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei in private comments to daughter, the leaders of the Soviet Summit Brezhnev and very scornful and Kosygin praised Mao Zedong as saints. Establishment of the private Richard Nixon Library construction have more respect for the Nixon had dealings with the world leaders of thestatue, the only statue of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai's most prominent and distinguished, elegant seated, the other person is standing. United Kingdom Prime Minister Heath reporter who is his most respected the world politicians, first is China's Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong, China's history and the world's most knowledgeable leaders. Wild free handwriting style; and the passion of poetry is unprecedented, none of the latter; the on protracted war on military works universally acknowledged. Chairman Mao's works not only is China's heritage, but also for the world's heritage. Mao's writings to the human cultures have left a deep imprint. Zedong is built would promote as well as the world 's will politicians, outstanding strategists, and strategist. "Fight, tuhao sub fields" wins national support from the Internet, leading the bayonet shotgun team on the too old of the revolution, 25 in the army 's're shift, big crunch, "four chishui", led by the North Central red huishi Qian, take, take loushan Guan tongzi, rupture of Zunyi city, South River, direct push Guiyang, specially to JinShaJiang, jumped out of the encirclement of the KMT armed guards. "Xi'an incident" handling the situation, unexpected, combined to defeat Japan imperialism. "The countryside surrounding the city," finally seize power. "Resist" the West now secondary. Mao Zedong was a boundless deep and great thinkers, liberal strategists. He's very sincere and frank, talks are very powerful. No matter what the Mao Zedong, who was also of the view to deny him a fight to the last coupon of soldiers. InState history all revolutionary ', are considering to rob the captured, enables people to make Sunward broken alarm. Mao Zedong's Army does not kill people, they are the people support the Chinese ever, ever in the world. Every time there was a decrease in the population to thirds. Mao Zedong's three-year win jiangshan, PLA and the KMT army killed a total of 5 million people, accounting for only 1% of the total population at that time. Such a revolution, the Chinese ever, ever in the world. In the number of Mao Zedong, before yingxionghaojie are conquering the world for ourselves, as the Emperor and conquer the world, only his follow for the poor. Breaking up. His family had basically no, but his son on the front. Mao, Chinese women have the right to vote, you can free love, a step in the achievement of equality between men and women. This concept was the most progressive countries in the world. Mao Zedong poems, King, momentum, Li Bai and Du Fu cannot, unprecedented, no arrivals after. Mao's calligraphy, Shansi, momentum as Hiroshi, unprecedented, no. Mao Zedong's style, the pure language masses, in plain English, but profound philosophy, a top ten thousand words. Only he can say such a thing. Mao's China 2000 to the most merciful "ruler", the most frugal "ruler", most people welcome "rulers". From the Ming dynasty, China began to decline, from Mao Zedong, China to strengthen. He let Chinese people stood up. Mao Zedong's life is in the interests of the poor, he launched the cultural revolution, or afraid of rich people in power, exploitation of the poor.He is the leader of the poor. Mao Zedong founded a new country, he let China towards independence, he had brought great emancipation movement. In many countries, these changes have to go through hundreds of years, to go through many wars, many people died, his sentence was changed. Mao Zedong's army in Korea defeated the world's most powerful military. He took the lead in Le tighten belt developed the atomic bomb, let stand head to Chinese people around the world. Mao Zedong to the world's most powerful United States, the initiative at her door to flirting. He was very vivid atmosphere of Stalin's machine before say no. His people love him, his opponents respect him. Compared to Marx, Mao Zedong not only dare to think, and dare to do, do. Mao Zedong is on the world's most influential people in China. His ideas have influenced the revolution in Latin America, the former African Street is full of Chairman Mao's portrait. Loves his people, the mind of the world, and saw a future, As Zedong built, consider is personal, and saw in the Love him, he will. The felt 300,000 did; Don't scold him, over him is Christ Jesus beriberi. Clear account, Zedong 's not call built by the Olympic Games to suffer in've/worth've, in front of willing to do a uniform compression campaigns sheep; training Amitabha, built and can do it Zedong 's call on people, not for aubject alerts and seek refuge in the aggressives mountains by bagpipe. Zedong built alms to the people' s in the world, there is own account, transform the questions with their branch wisdom with humor! "Mao think Buddhism to social contribution, is called" all creatures are equal ", in the eyes of the Buddha, the smallness of the Regal, impoverished beggars, from the emperors to the people that they are equal. Scripture says, "all sentient beings, is the Buddha nature, the Buddha nature, all have to become a Buddha. ' Buddha, as a Prince, but do not give up the Prince, and civilians, as a people leader. So the purpose of introducing Buddhism teach, make everyone equal with Buddha. This is the greatest contribution to the Buddha, is the essence of Buddhism. Since the gu world, three of the five emperors to today, which said "all creatures are equal"? ! "For the world of religion, 30 million people in 's the capital in God. For him, w.t. a-one billion people afraid aubject would sucstressed longer-wavelength don' t of ghosts, the fate of the flowers given personal gods. He is not God 's spokesman, He is built' s Internet human. Again, as the related God more than j Zedong built! as long as you are an atheist, fear of the people and not fear God, believe in fate, by his own domination equality, you are subject to the influence of Mao Zedong and his followers. Mao Zedong billion international believers. Does not require the temples Church believers will be endless. He created a civilian official in the country, he saw the Chinese people do not have the spirit of God is only one of the world. From his start, no longer be courageous in foreigners, we no longer have endless civil war. Only, not regression. His exploits, maybe a hundred years later, people can really understand it. Future work, future generations will�� comments! Chinese history that successful leaders simply Qin Shi Huang Ying Zheng's own, Emperor Guangwu about Liu, Liu Xiu, Tang Taizong-min, Taizu Zhao Kuangyin, Genghis Khan, Emperor, Mao Zedong Tiemuzhen. The other will not be counted. But more like an emperor, King, Guangwu, Tang, song, Cho is rising in the Chinese national power is in the stage of achievement; Emperor of the predecessors to the results of further achievements made, and the Chinese national power and status be increased. Genghis Khan is great, but the killings is too heavy, and directly so that China's advanced technology gone downhill road. But Mao Zedong in Chinais hanging in China on the rise, not only in military terms, but also in science and technology and economy, people are educated. But he also lay behind the China abundant Development Foundation. Harvard Asia Center, the major leads China or sivge under Tony, please get Zedong built 2010 for conversation. In his view is everything in the competition sucstressed three of the defamation of Zedong built. Br / > Tony, who sivge under the first by pleasure, is the Western politicians benefit in a "peaceful development" and "peaceful development" first of all, is to deny the country 's will effect the influential people in over of the meanings, they add to accept their ideas in Eastern Europe, will in the Soviet Union is in the negative to own their. Tony sivge under the owners, who get a move by extents at first. Afraid "of" unacceptable sucstressed warmer Ze Dong thought - to built interests, it is unacceptable greatly threatened to maintain the pretty quo and, or an autoresponder They create an enabling to for their political made it all, deny the Zedong built. Tony sivge under the owners, who is a Chairman by makkah will built 's "enemy" of the future generations - the KMT era of remaining landlords and bureaucracy yishao me, their ancestors in the era of the "lost" built a lot of interest, the grudge, the vilification w.t. Zedong' s is built feature works. Tony �� sivge Professor: whether we acknowledge it or not, in our Western free world, any one without the "colored glasses" in particular, the respect of everyone you China's Mao Zedong, he was a worthy of a great man for all competitors respected, he and his family were all to the working of this nation. Past, present or future, his spirit and thought not only worthy of our Western world research, study and respect, it should be worth you Chinese understand, respect and learning, because he is your man stands in the forefront of the world national wealth and Foundation. I regret in our Western world will Mr. Mao's thought of spirit and rose to a strategic approach to research and learning in your country there is a much overlooked, slander or even scandalous Mr. Mao. In our world it is incredible ...