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Now, turning to the popularity of Apple products in the world, people will always remember who special identities: a bite out of Apple. Apple in ancient Greece mythology is the forbidden fruit, but it symbolizes wisdom, Adam and Eve Chachi is stole apples before beginning to think of. While the bite off a piece of Apple, also means that Apple's enterprise culture and design concept: bigotry, refurbishment, wisdom, energy and vitality. 9 January 2007 at the Macworld Conference, iPhone, Steve jobs in his speech to invoke a United States ice hockey star Wayne? brother dolinska (WayneGretsky) of a famous saying "I slipped to hockey going, instead it in place", he said that this is Apple we always endeavour to bias. Prior to this he also said it: "sometimes I can't tell the ' going to ' and ' how, ' distinction might be, nor clearly should one step or gradual. Balance between ideal and reality is what I should pay attention to the Central. " Is getting a" balanced fantasy and reality, "corporate leaders, most of the majority of people not optimistic about the environment, bent on developing iMac series. Even Dell has been demanding Mike?, said: "If you allow me to control the Apple company would sell it immediately, while the capital to shareholders. "But the iMac and later" I "series of achievements is Mike? Dell hadn't, he is helpless to imagine that the past 10 years confirmed the outstanding creative and Steve Jobs guide power, Apple's stock has at least 10 times, the Dell far left behind. First Steve jobs is not a retreat, he gave Stanford pawn industry students do speech very Enron and candidly said: "when I return to the company, the situation is far better than I imagined bad. Apple's personnel was thought to be a bunch of losers, they simply discard all efforts. "To keep down his iMac soon after, as Apple company won good reputation. When many companies are copying, the "original" design effectiveness of others, Steve Jobs has insisted on their own research and development, he even does not allow for self-plagiarism. When the second-generation iMac's design drawings was sent to Steve Jobs's hands, he first generation iMac "shrunk version" is not the heart, and immediately found Ivy, two in Steve Jobs ' thoughts on his tracks, in the garden. Steve Jobs has gradually clear up my thoughts on Ivy said: "every piece of equipment must have come from it. Sometimes you may need to look from behind it, why will need to have a flat screen monitor? why performance is required in a host you on? "in the garden, he suddenly moments are:" it should be like sunflowers. "Two years later, Ivy leading design team at this duo is the ideal" Sunflower "blossoming with reality, in 2002, Apple with battle iMacG4 again stood on the market of high ground. Jincuodao on Apple and Steve Jobs's design was praise: "design is ' cool ' and a sign of Apple, the Apple design is originated from Steve Jobs common aesthetic theory ' of ' technology. " Whether David? Forster said" the regularization of the line ", or Mike? Dell says" I "style, in fact, as early as 1997 Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and even in 1976, he and his accomplices to create Apple, he recognized that the major design and value. Steve Jobs said that he is dropping out from Reed College to go sit in a door without charge calligraphy lesson: "over there I learned all kinds of serif and sans-serif fonts, how to change the differences between the word font combination, as well as how to make the space between the beautiful layout. "10 years after the birth of the first Macintosh, Steve Jobs himself had to listen to all of learning into the" shocking "computer. Still later, even Bill Gates has big hair ... sigh and denied: "I was only the second jobs. Before me, Apple's rapid development for Ethernet deep impression. " " At Apple, all innovative and creative star product shame " since the first world war santissima Pius was founded in Germany Weimar Bauhaus school, design and modern industrial firmly tied up together. Encyclopedia of the United States will be the starting point of modern industrial design sure to Bauhaus Foundation of noble House. But for the IT industry, in June 1998, the birth of Apple company iMacG3, is an important industrial design. Prior to this, no one can perhaps imagine a computer could be so so image: shape "cool", tone iridescence, the fuselage like QQ sugar-like texture, mellow, and let people feel the infection to spirituality, infinite thinking. IMac is presented not only on the computer of the traditional design concept, it has also assisted the overthrow of the Apple company broke up to 3 years of continuous suffer adversity. The Steve jobs more pleased, and he is from the new dominion and casual developers out of iPod and iPhone series also won fans of hot bouquets. In China, Apple's loyal fans have a "offstage Apple people", while the iMac's fanatics also known as the "wheat reapers". It is in hot pursuit of honest consumers, IDC latest statistics show that Apple's market share in global possessed by 3 years ago 1.8% rise to today's 3.2%, operating profit exceeds 18%, and Dell's operating profits of only 6%. Apple after business record, called promotion, and iMac, iPod, iPhone three "I" series products of excellence of design and dense flora composition. The fast brand author of jincuodao assessment said: "Apple's product is absolutely the nightmare of all, the marketing people at Apple, all the innovation, creativity, Star products are all saddenedA faded. " Worked in Munich, Siemens design headquarters was awarded" 2006 China top ten outstanding young designers "name of Shanghai Yang Ming-coupling design agency director Yang Ming to inform journalists, when the design has been converted into melting in commodities in different human labor which value," it up first must win the Terminal market, consumer awareness, which is recognised, in the end can reach consumers like level, is truly realized value transformation ". The "I" series of products is dependent on Apple 30 years due to the unique design of the mind, who from Bo outlaw fee "angle" preference to vote-off consumer demand, emphasizes brand "I" (I), has laid a product manifest of private, nature of the label. Apple company in charge of the industrial design of Senior Vice President Jonathan? Ivy (JonathanIve) in memory of "I" series product development, he said: "the design of one extraordinary trial debate machine is not difficult, difficult is how to make users feel caring. "And" close-to-use "happens to be Steve jobs on Ivy design team led by request. When you develop iMacG3, in order for the enclosure is colourful and not seem cheap, Ivy bold use of plastic, and personally led the design team into the candy factory, learning how to make beautiful soft sweets. From then on iMac leads the tide, the whole world began to focus on IT products in plastic casing design. Subsequently born iPod, iPhone, similarly adhering to the iMac's style, at a glance, you can know that Apple's products. Yang Ming to the mysterious about this: "the Apple in the brand recognition is do best!" Apple not only did the design personalization is done on the unity of style. Yang Ming at three with a sigh, "very" to induce integrated Apple's design style: "very pure! very quiet simplicity! relative! pay completely linear, somewhat soft, but it's heavily curve is extremely logical. "He further stated:" the Apple from the iMac to a single product, and then the iPod, iPhone, ' I ' series products do, when the product system sufficient to hold holding a big brand, Apple's competitiveness has satisfactorily demonstrated. " Similarly, iPod and iPhone design development equally eye-catching. In fact, in the iPod and iPhone, portable audio and video prior to market facilities and mobile tech wind market have become "Red Sea", round and round the shuffle, Apple's competitors had a very high degree, a famous profile of the loyal consumer group. Yet, incredibly, 29 June 2007 iPhone sales, widespread consumer in Manhattan Apple flagship store in the doorway "camp ligation fortress", this includes charges Mayor John? history Cui (JohnF.Street), they ranked tenth on the number of hours of team, only to have a new pattern of the phone. IPhone is one of the world-wide as the cell phone of the earthquake. United States BusinessWeek said: "the iPhone is not only a mobile phone, just as the worldwide first real sense of usefulness and growth of Asia-notebook, adopted at the end of the specially optimized around a MacOSX operation system. " User experience , detail-oriented design, Apple on the one hand to cater to the contemporary aesthetics after Existentialism, personality, self, creativity, diversity, aspirations, on the other hand, it is even more appreciative of the" customer is God ". Steve Jobs has proudly on media said: "in the Apple, we encountered no work City: it is the user is not very lunch it is for the user is not a great private small I each have talked in great ' customer first ', I think the others are not as we do realize this. " In order to do this, Steve jobs to pay the high human designers, Apple designers of annual salary of up to 20 million dollars, more than the industrial design field uniform salary than across more than 50%. But Ivy as Vice President of corporate-grade is a superior forces, or even to keep pace with Steve jobs. It is precisely because so, Ivy, under the leadership of the design team is not like the rest of the company's design team that is just a collection of invention of coterie, and engineers, marketing staff and even as far back as the Asian perimeter productions are maintaining intimacy war. They just outside designers, or the use of new information and the reform of the labor process leader. There is a small example can fully argued that problems, Apple's design team tried in iPod White or black color kernel over a layer of transparent plastic to increase the sense of the depth of the material, the glut of Visual sensory consumers. Perhaps Steve jobs too strong Norwegian user experience, detail-oriented, years ago Apple opened the first store in Manhattan, the perfectionist requirements will store using Italy marble sent to Apple headquarters, he who searches checked marble texture. He called on the surface a iMac don't see, very poor screw, a designer of mold in exposing a screws, Steve Jobs dismissed him immediately. On this, efficiency in Apple's designers as saying: "Apple perhaps is the world's most skilled in design of the company, this is because Steve? Steve jobs. " Yang Ming in analysis of Apple's victory on the Web site says:" Apple early product is comparable to that of messy. 1997 Steve jobs back to the company, he will be 15 product is reduced to 4, then all of the spirit are placed in the 4 types of products. From product development, design, story, store decoration to choose split pattern of spreadSelected, trafficking in persons of markedness smile, to after-sales service, Apple has completed the same height. From the details view, Apple's brand recognition system is very clear that encompasses the iPod, iPhone is also very clear. The trade magazine "recently enacted 2008 top ten best kept their families of electronic products, Apple will announce the day with this year's second-generation iPhone iPhoneRedux topping the list. Analysis of the sources, the iPod and iPhone "halo effect", Apple's business is expected to go higher. The common dissemination of audio that Steve jobs and want to play in the car category and easy to build with mass car "I," the new members of the family of iCar, this car in the design of large will give consumers how Visual impact and peak experience?, only rumors not perverse resistance to bother looking forward to that Steve jobs will give producers a riddle. In early January, severe winter seasons in the northern hemisphere is still, is located in the beautiful sea of Nevada, Las Vegas desert zone but is rolled out to hold annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Kevin? Costner (KevinCostner), Ono (Yoko Ono), Mary? Blige (MaryJ.Blige), a renowned cultural territories to compliment too intricate. However, Apple CEO Steve Jobs (SteveJobs)?, but unlike his only love his Macworld Conference. He is the iPhone in 2007 of 300 million sales and satisfied, while wondering, expected to Apple's growth prospects. At the same time, he also congeal listen from CES from various sounds. Microsoft PC Product Marketing Department Directorate General Li and David Forster (DaveFester)?, was: "market advance computer manufacturers go fashion. "Dell CEO Michael Dell (MichaelS.Dell) buildings are pointed out:" Let's stay in fashion industry, we sell products increasingly marked out the ' I ' style. �����Ƴɹ棬��������