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In GenerMortgage Loans Bad Credit al, obesity is diet. For example, diet has the following causes: eat too many of the "oil". Saturated fat is taboo, lose weight and prevent weight gain, low intake of fat content in food. Vegetable oils and animal fats are fats, vegetMoflorida accident attorneyrtgage Loans Bad Credit able oil is pure fat, the fat is fbeverly hills plastic surgeryat, fat also exist in thflorida acciflorida accident attorneydent attorneye lean meat, offal, egg, milk, soy products, some vegetables are a certain amount of fat. Eat less sugar processing. 1 g or 1 g of carbohydrates processing protein only produce 4 kcal calorie, 1 g of fat can produce 9 kcal calorie, eat more fat is equal to eat lots of beverly hills plastic surgerycarbohydrates or protein. Vegetable oil than an equivalent weight of fat contained in meat, because in addition to fat-fat contains water, protein, fibrous tissue. In fact people have misunderstood carbohydrate, fat and effective is constructed of carbohydrates. Excess protein. Protein isbeverly hills plastic surgerybeverly hills plastic surgery also a matter of producing energy, if you eat too much, the intake of energy exceeds the body's requirements, the store or fat. Contains the protein food for meat, eggs, milk, soya beans, grains, vegetables and fruits also has a small amount of protein. Cause obesity cause 1, Constitution of obesity. Cause: congenital. In vivo metabolism slow the speed of the material synthesis is greater than the rate of decomposition. Phenomena: the large number of fat cells, all over the body. 2, acquired obesity. Cause: caused by eating too much. Food in sweets, greasy food, fat distribution in the body. Phenomenon: the fat cells, but not increased. 3, Cushing's syndrome. Cause: Adrenocortical Hyperfunction, cortisol secretion. Phenomenon: the face, neck and body fat, but not many limbs you fat. 4. pancreas-derived. Cause: too much insulin secretion, metabolic rate, so that the fat decomposition and synthesis. Phenomenon: body fat. 5, sexual dysfunction. Cause: the brain of obesity, accompanied by loss of function, or libido. Phenomenon: the breast, near the lower abdominal obesity, genital. 6, the pituitary gland. Cause: the pituitary gland lesions cause anterior pituitary secretion of too much growth hormone. Phenomenon: the whole body bone, soft tissue, tissue proliferation and hypertrophy of the internal organs. 7, hypothyroidism. Cause: hypothyroidism. Phenomenon: fat and mucus-edema. 8, drug-induced. Reason: drug side eMortgage Loans Bad Credit ffects, such as caused by the adrenal cortical hormone drugs. Phenomenon: taking it for a period of time appear in obesity, such as some suffering from allergic diseases, rheumatism, asthma class. Psychological causes of obesity in patients with schizophrenia and psychological problems occurring in patients with obesity is more sexual, eating habits and food intake too much is an important reason, introvert, hi low static and motion as well as mental health or a more severe cases, people have the possibility of obesity. It was found that when the mood swings from time to time, 74% of obese patients appetite increased, while the non-obese persons in mental disorder is to eat less. In addition, an important psychological changes is obese people as the weight increases, activities that have decreased, resulting in a vicious circle. Edit the section of clinical signs of male body fat distribution to the neck and torso, abdomen, lower limbs; women to abdomen, buttocks, abdomen and chest following limbs. Neonatal weight exceeding 3.5 kg, especially the mother suffers from diabetes, overweight infants should be considered as precursors of obesity. Excessive growing nutrition of children, childhood obesity can occur. Reproductive period, women after 2-3 times after pregnancy and lactation, and may have different levels of obesity. After the age of 40 men, women, menopause, weight gain, with varying degrees of obesity. Edit this paragraph Pickwick syndrome is a severe obesity clinical syndrome. Because abdominal and chest fat too much impact on pulmonary ventilation, respiratory movement, breathing, resulting in restricted hypochloraemia, blood carbon dioxide binding rate exceeds the normal range, a respiratory acidosis; blood carbon dioxide partial pressure rise, arterial oxygen saturation decreased oxygen partial pressure drop, cyanosis, Polycythemia, simultaneous venous stasis, venous pressure, jugular nuzhang, hepatomegaly, pulmonary hypertension, cardiac workload; due to the large increase in the fat tissue, blood circulation volume increases, cardiac output and increased stroke volume, increase the left heart high load, the stroke volume heart failure, constitute Pickwick syndrome. Patients appear to breathing difficulty, cannot prostrate, intermittent or tidal breathing, rapid pulse, cyanosis, edema, disoriented, sleepiness , sleepinflorida accident attorneyg, etc edit this section of the classification of obesity and obesity-obesity-simple secondary to nutrition, exercise, mental acts, 95% of secondary �� derived from certain diseases, diseases of the endocrine system 5% abdominal obesity and hips obesity in fat distribution category: abdominal obesity and hips obesity dangerous abdominal obesity > hip obesity abdominal obesity �� men more hip-obesity-obesity in women more cell and cell obesity based on anatomic features of adipose tissue: many large cell anaplastic obesity and obesity-cell obesity �� which occurred in childhood, the increase in the number 2 to 4 times, about 4 200 000-1.06 billion large cell obesity �� cell volume increases, and normal size difference is 40% more than in adults. Edit this section of the performance of the General performance of weight than standard 10% to 20%, no complaints. But due to edema induced weight gain, increased by 10% the eyelid swelling of hands, fists, Department of difficulties, such as the two lower extremity chenzhonggan complaints. Weight more than the standard 30% party showed a series of clinical symptoms. Moderate and severe obesity feel shortness of breath on the floor, manual easy fatigue, fear of hot Hyperhidrosis, shortness of breath, the level of lower extremity edema. Some patients daily life such as bent to make shoes socks are difficult, especially after the meal, abdominal swelling and cannot be bent to bend forward. Weight-bearing joints prone degeneration, have sore. Spinal long-term overloading, proliferative vertebral arthritis, performance for low back pain and leg pain. The skin may have purple sheath, located in the hip, thigh, lateral and lower abdomen, Cushing's Purple stripes smallThe light red. As Hyperhidrosis, erosion, skin wrinkle skin Dermatitis, and psoriasis. As obesity aggravation, action, moving the shortness of breath, fatigue. Long period from Fowler does not move, somnolence sound sleep, and even more to the development of obesity. Metabolic disorder fasting and postprandial hyperinsulinemia, the base value of up to 30 MW units/liter, meal up to 300 MW units/l, compared to normal people about double. As the mast cells to insulin insensitivity, patients often reduced glucose tolerance. Total fat, cholesterol, triglycerides and free fatty acids often increase, hyperlipemia and hyperlipoproteinemia, this is induced diabetic atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cholelithiasis, etc. Plasma amino acids and glucose are increasing tendency to form a stimulating the vicious circle of pancreatic �� cell so that obesity aggravation. Normal thyroid function, such as eating too much time T3 can be high, the T2 is low, the low basal metabolic rate. Blood cortisol and 24-hour urinary 17-hydroxy can increase, but the normal circadian rhythm and dexamethasone suppression test normal. Starvation or growth hormone secretion in hypoglycemia, promoting the role of fat decomposition. Female patients may have amenorrhea, sterile and mannish. Men may have erectile dysfunction. Digestion performance appetite continues strong, good food, more hunger more to constipation, abdominal distension, snacks, sweets, cakes and sweets; some patients do not have time to eat palpitations, sweating and hands. With cholelithiasis, may have chronic indigestion, Biliary colic. Fatty degeneration of the liver and the hepatic enlargement. Edit this paragraph complications increase mortality mortality rates of obesity than normal weight is significantly increased with the increase in body weight, mortality rates have also increased. Research has shown that obese people died as a result of diabetes are significantly higher than normal body weight group increased 38.3% (male) and 37.2% (women); and second, cirrhosis, appendicitis, cholelithiasis mortality rates, obesity has twice about cardiovascular, renal disease and accidents of mortality is higher in patients suffering from high blood pressure hypertension! cancer than non-obese individuals. Obesity often accompanied by sincere output and blood volume increase in obese and normal blood pressure, peripheral vascular resistance is reduced, but have hypertension obesity peripheral vascular resistance to normal or elevated. Hypertension is a high mortality rate of obesity. Occurrence of coronary heart disease in patients with coronary heart disease than non-obese individuals. Its causes are: �� weight exceeds standards, causing heart burden and hypertension; �� obesity more like greasy food, excessive intake of saturated fatty acids, promote atherosclerosis; �� of hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipoproteinemia, allowing increased blood viscosity, increased blood coagulative prone to atherosclerosis, coronary thrombosis and Microcirculatory disorders; �� physical activity decreased, the coronary collateral circulation undermine or inadequate. At the same time increase the burden of obesity, when weight is also generated for coronary heart disease and heart failure. Diabetes obesity in patients with type II diabetes incidence of 4 times the non-obese adults. Obesity often diabetes early appearances, middle-aged and onset of diabetes by about 40% ~ 60% at the time of onset and early has more food and obesity. The incidence of diabetes and obesity. Obesity in diabetes onset before feeding, stimulate and �� cells excessive decompensation while diabetes. Cholecystitis and cholelithiasis and fatty liver due to obesity, digestive function and liver disorders, high-calorie diet, rich food and lipid metabolism, cholesterol up to saturation, which happened to gallstones, mainly cholesterol gallstones. Its incidence is higher than normal body weight 1 times. Cholelithiasis occurs Biliary colic, secondary infection occurs in acute or chronic cholecystitis. 68% to 94% of obese patients, liver fatty degeneration, the majority of liver cells have fat infiltration by 25% to 35%. Fatty liver fatty acid and triglyceride concentrations than normal. Infection in obesity's resistance to infection, prone to respiratory tract infection. The high incidence of pneumonia. Skin wrinkle Office wear causing Dermatitis, skin boils, urinary tract and gastrointestinal infection is high. There were reports of appendicitis prevalence of normal 2 times. In acute infection, trauma, surgery and anesthesia, obesity, stress responses often insidious disease, tolerance to surgery and anesthesia incompetence, postoperative recovery slow, complications and increased mortality. In addition, obesity physical reaction becomes slow, vulnerable to a variety of injuries, accidents and other accidents, and prone to fracture and serious physical injuries. Edit this section of the overview of BMI is weight loss index Body Mass Index of abbreviations, BMI is the "body mass index" means that your height and weight. BMI is world recognized an evaluation method of grading obesity, World Health Organization (WHO) also to BMI to obesity orMortgage Loans Bad Credit overweight. Specific BMI is calculated by the number of kilograms of body weight divided by the square of the height (in metres). Its formula is: body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg)/height of the square (m) for example: a person's height 1.75 m, weight 68 kg, his BMI = 68/(1.75 ^ 2) = 22.2 (kg/m) when the BMI index 18.5 ~ 24.9 is normal. BMI is the total amount of body fat is closely related to the indicators of indicators, taking into account the weight and height two factors. Simple, practical, BMI may reflect systemic overweight and obesity. In the measurement of the body due to overweight and face the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, weight than just to to identify, more accuracy. But note that not everyone apply BMI, such as: 1. the age of 18 years; 2. Athletes; 3. Are doing weight training; 4. Pregnant or nursing; 5. frail or long sitting motionless in the elderly. If you think the BMI calculation results does not properly reflect the weight problem, with the results and discussion, and asked the doctors doing body fat tested formula of body mass index BMI = weight/height of the square (international units of kg/m) of the ideal body weight (Kg) = (18.5 ~ 23.9) �� square of the height (in m) in accordance with the standards set by the World Health Organization, Asian BMI (body mass index BodyMassIndex) if they are overweight than 22.9. Asian and European beauty belong to different people, WHO's standard is not very suitable for Chinese, the Chinese reference standard has been developed: BMI classification standard Asian standard Chinese WHO reference standard related disease risk too thin 18.5 < < < 18.5 18.5 low (but increased risk of other diseases normal 18.5 ~ 24.9 18.5 ~ 22.9 18.5 ~ 23.9 average overweight �� 25 �� 23 �� 24 partial fat 25.0 ~ 29.9 23 ~ 24 ~ 26.9 increase 24.9 obese 30.0 ~ 34.9 25 ~ 29.9 27 ~ 29.9 moderate increase in severe obesity 35.0 ~ 39.9 �� 30 �� 30 serious increase in extremely severe obesity �� 40.0 very severe increase towards the beautiful promise of propolis slimming products-ranking first lose weight + beauty dual power-active price 139