[Reprint] play winter eating Tiger _ and gas is a blessing

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People in outdoor activities time greatly reduced, the life and work of the focus shifted to the room. This requires that the people in their daily care in a timely and adapt to climate change. Make the necessary adjustments. First, the strength lies in the florida accident attorney"closed hidden" winter is a high incidence of various diseases, the elderly due to the Constitution of the season are relatively weak, pay particular attention to maintenance. TCM classics Huangdi has the details: "this winter as closed in March. Water ice land or North, bumpless is Yang, lying up late, will be solar, Chi to Volt if hidden, private, and if so, to have it cold, warm, making the skin without venting gas urgent, this should be of winter gas, raised road also. "This passage illustrates the winter live and spirit diaoshe principle. Second, daily stressed vigor lurk, everything closed pools in winter, to sit inside the Yang. Specific method is "early to bed and get up late" to ensure that adequate sleep, and note the body warmth, so as to avoid the leakage of Yang. Therefore, remind the usual habits early out of old friends, sports in the winter season, you should wait until the Sun appears and puppies protection then go out to avoid indoor and outdoor temperature differential is too large to them, or have high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease outbreaks, and other accidents. Third, spirit diaoshe to maintain the spirit of peace, avoid annoyance to the unknown, the body of Yang to lurk. Keeping everyone in the Tang dynasty Sun simiao clearly pointed out: "God is tired of heart and easy to use, gas phase of weak penetration of disease. "The spirit of the winter, except for the assured recuperation has sufficient sleep time, positively desirable sports such as walking, jogging, exercises, boxing, or planting flowers and grasses, company picnics, hiking holidays, will make prolongs their physical and mental health. 4. winter tonics Miharu Tiger winter tonics is China's long history of one of the folk customs. Chinese medicine: "everything was born in spring, summer, longer than between autumn, hidden in the winter, people should also. "The ancients believed that the winter March is" vitality lurk, Yang Qi inside "of the season, should pay attention to" raise raised road ". In other words, the winter is all year round in the maintenance, the best time savings. In winter it is a voracious appetite, and stomach yunhua go Mong, eating better play the role of the tonic. As it turns out, not only in the winter tonics to tone the body, but also to improve their health. (A) seize the eating time winter tonics at what time the best candidates? there are three arguments: the first was during winter to spring; the second is the before and after the winter solstice; three are three days old. The experts believe that eating before and after the winter solstice is the best winter solstice day is a day minimum, night maximum length of a day. The book of changes "in the" winter solstice yangsheng ". In particular, the throttle to run to the winter solstice on that day, the cathode yangsheng, body hair, Yang flourish easily absorb nutrients and play its tonic effect. Of course, the choice of winter tonics time varies from person to person. Suffering from chronic diseases and people belonging to Yang's Constitution requires long fortification from the start until the beginning of winter; Constitution generally without large complement of people, three nine days set for fortification. Therefore, the community would be "most hot summer make-up, dongbu sanjiu". (Ii) the principle tonics grasp necessary to remind that, "before you discern physique" cold "properties, and then select the appropriate medicines. "Cold" physique to fit "heat up", such as ginseng, Astragalus, Chinese angelica, moreover, Cordyceps sinensis, etc.; "the virtual hot" suitable "physique replenishing", such as Adenophora, maidong, Dendrobium, Lily, white fungus, etc. And hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, gout and other patients should not supplement, this kind of patient's Constitution are hot, harsh climate in adverse conditions; gastrointestinal function is not good, he also regulate the bowel function, otherwise good then derive not only increase the absorption, but the stomach. (3) select eating food 1, winter fortification of food should have three function: a to have insulation function, i.e. eat can increase energy supply, rich in fat, protein and carbohydrates in food, including meat, eggs, fish and soy products, etc. Second, it is necessary to have warm function, medical research shows that people fear cold and lack of minerals for the body. Therefore, you should be aware of the added minerals. Chinese people in General to "bowlTzeng, five fruit for the helped, five animals for profit, five dishes for filling", as long as no favoritism, ensures that the human body on potassium, iron, sodium and other minerals. Special scared of cold may many supplementary number by the skin of vegetables. This type of vegetable growing in the soil, the roots and bark shell contains a large number of minerals and nutrients. Third, it is necessary to have a anti-dry, dry climate in winter, people often have bigan, tongue dry and chapped skin symptoms, vitamin B2 and vitamin C is necessary (multi vitamin B_2 in animal liver, eggs, milk, vitamin C is mainly present in fresh vegetables and fruits); good for promoting food to eat more. 2. common fortification of food: Lotus: Lotus can heat and thirst, Shengjin,, cooked to the spleen and wheting the appetite of Lotus, Yixue, there is a "hot yishi health Lotus, Lotus, fall yishi cooked fresh, cooked food raw Yi Yi Zhuang old". Eel: fall/winter food eel on blood glucose has some effect. Roasted eel, stewed eels, fried eel slices, eel porridge. Chestnut: raising a stomach, spleen and bone bushen strong, chestnut and King of the "fill the stomach." Peanuts: peanuts kernel with fresh yanmo-soup, or boiled for consumption. Fried peanut unfit to eat, not good for the digestion and absorption. Date: fall/winter food red jujube is nourishing Yang-moistening, Yi pulmonary air of tonic foods, and white fungus, Lily, Chinese Yam, stewed together better therapeutic effect. 3. common keeping porridge mountains diet: Yam (skinless) 50 g, 50 g of rice, honey, edible oils are appropriate. The Yam and cut into small pieces with oil speculation too joined the honey, the rice into porridge, joined with the boil again, and Yam. Chinese Yam as nourishing kidney, spleen share of chestnut porridge: chestnut (skinless) 50 g, 50 g of rice, a little salt. Raw chestnuts used pressure cooker (less water) cooked, peeled and mashed, put in the washing rice, boiled gruel with water, then add salt seasoning. Chestnut can kidney, kidney insufficiency due to lumbar pain debility or have dietary role. Sesame porridge: Sesame 10 g, 50 g of rice, honey or just the right amount of salt. The Sesame fried out aroma, wash the rice boiled gruel join Sesame, import of honey or salt. Sesame can be divided into White Sesame and black sesame, White Sesame beneficial intestinal function of nourishing lung gas; black sesame may-kidney, strong bones and muscles. Transfer from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_501a5b1f0100ml2s.html