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Original address: life isflorida accident attorney personal unique wealth---Qi force professors (the well-known healthbeverly hills plastMortgage Loans Bad Credit ic surgery physicians), without my review author: bashusong leaders, friends: good evening! I came back from the United States last year, had previously staybeverly hills plastic surgeryed at Stanford for six years. I want to introduce a lot of new things. A recent census of finished in Beijing, Beijing's two champions, a hypertension champion; one is high blood fat champion, unfortunately. Municipal party Committee attaches, file release, request the unit to listen to the latest health care knowledge, I just ran into this. Now, the highest death rate is 30 to 50 years of age. Abeverly hillsflorida accident attorney plastic surgeryge is not a high-fat, is dangMortgage Loans Bad Credit erous. We all know that there is a standard internaMortgage Loans Bad CredMortgage Loans Bad Credit it tional, is equal to the mature stage of the life of five to seven times as long. So, the person's life should be 100 to 175-year-old. Why have not reached mosflorida accident attorneyt main? "is not a reason to care and do not listen to health care. This problem is very serious in the country, especially the leaders. National health Monbeverly hills plastic surgeryday then stressed that everyone is paying attention to their health. Now mostly fatality, a few old dead. Should mostly old dead and is sick to death of minorities. This extremely anomalous phenomena require us to correct as soon as possible. The recent United Nations recognition of our neighbours to Japan. Why is recognition of Japan, because his life is the world champion. Their average life expectancy for women is 87.6 years, our country is 35 years old 50 's, 60 's, is 57 years, now is the distance from Japan 67.88 years a whole difference 20-year-old, this is no excuse. Japan's advanced experience is a community-based, each month about a health care course, if you do not have to listen to it must be extra lessons. Didn't this system in our country, who love to listen to just listen, not to hear back. I returned to ask a lot of people, should work? I have been told about the age of 50, which explains our criteria are too low. Most people do not know what health care, make alive, the problem is most serious. I work in the hospital for 40 years, the vast majority of people who died are very painful. I come to a clear, I was commissioned by science, in the Ministry of health, I want everyone to pay attention to health care. The United Nations a slogan: "don't die from ignorance." Many people died in ignorance, this is wrong. The average age of our intellectuals, this 58.5 year figures, but I don't think it is pre-school, primary and secondary school for 6 years, 6 years, master of medical 8 years, 3 years, 3 years of postdoctoral, end point, and after that doesn't do anything. Many scientists didn't exceed this age. I am in the United States Stanford met Xueliang, in New York attended his 100-year-old birthday. I am educated, the door we were astounded to see him, his eyes, ears, deafness, many people asked him: "the rise and how do you live so long", his answer is clear: "I live too long, but they live is too short". This means that you live a short, also I live long. This scenario I now remember very clearly. While many of us are very foolish, ignorant of the health care, so we do not work well because we daily in unhealthy, sub-health. I met many people, Judy and I have seen in long island, they all live very long, is 100 years old. They can live, why can't we live. I'm surprised that many of us make do live, this thought great harm. We all know how health? international meeting in Victoria on a declaration, the Declaration has three milestones, first a balanced diet, the second is called aerobic exercise, and the third is called psychological state. The three milestones internationally aware, but many of us are not clear. The three milestones of title will not change, but the content may change from time to time. The Earth's average life expectancy 70 years old, we're 67.88 years average life expectancy has not been reached. While many people have already created the records, as far as I know, the United Kingdom has a Hohmann Carmen has 209 years old this year, had 12 dynasty, like it or not, I can tell you a phone number, there is a 104-year-old this year Romania woman, even stranger is 92 years old when she gave birth to a baby fat. People can live, we just live, so you can improvise? I will first, balanced diet. Maybe someone would think that what's good health, but also not early to bed and early good health. I tell you, when it can be said of the Tang dynasty, and now so is extreme ignorance, many things are changing. The so-called balanced diet, drinking, eating two broad categories. First, the first diet, "drink". When I asked the students at Peking University, drink best? ' one voice answered: "Coca-Cola"; Coca-Cola United States are not recognized, nor recognized, he can quench your thirst, there is no health effects. What is health care products, we have to know that it is able to cure diseases. Until now we Chinese majority does not know what health care products. International meeting to fix a 6 kind of health care products: first green tea; the second red wine; and, third, fourth and soy yogurt; (they do not mention the milk, your attention!) the fifth head soup; sixth mushroom soup. Why mention mushroom soup knowest will improve immune function of mushroom. An Office was old cold, some old, why not? are immune function. Drink mushroom soup can enhance immunity, it is health care. So why mention bone soup? head soup-Wan's glue, glue is to prolong life of Wan, so now the world has a bone soup Street, and China. We investigated, recent Suzhou, Nanjing city, Beijing or not. So don't underestimate the bone soup, it can prolong life, because Wan glue. Why mention yogurt yogurt is maintained because the balance of bacteria. The so-called maintenance of bacterial balance refers to the beneficial bacteria growth, harmful bacteria eradication, so eat yogurt you can rarely get sick. In Europe the yoghurt, many girls like to eat yogurt, but they do not understand why. We wonder, yogurt and sales are very low, but milk sales considerably. The milk itself, we do not deny it, but with yoghurt than far. There are milk, followed. Why do I say below to drink green tea. Now many people drink tea, however, people do not drink. Many people drink black tea. Black tea and bread in Europe too, but now I don't drink. As you know, black tea and bread withoutHealth care function. Why has the health effects of green tea? original green tea which contains tea Tuo tea phenol, anti-cancer Tuo phenol is. Some people drink tea, I asked him why and Jasmine tea? the answer is simple: "it's very sweet". I say if you were to incense, I suggest you drink the sesame oil. We are not for flavor, but is afraid of cancer. Japan census was particularly good. They finished the survey said 40 years no one no cancer cells in the body. Why do some people have cancer, it was not, is there to drink green tea. If you drink 4 cup of green tea, cancer cells do not split, but even if the classification should also be postponed for more than 9 years. So in Japan to school pupils ' day is a cup of green tea, let's not. I give the teacher, the teacher does not know, our next generation problem. The lump of green tea in the tea containing phenol, anti-cancer, in all the drinks, green tea is the first. Today I came late, many people have drank almost Jasmine tea. Hurry, jasmine tea without health care function, simply delicious. The second note that green tea contains fluoride. What is the role of the fluoride? ancient well know, Cao Xueqin write dream destiny of people when they say that after dinner take tea gargles to strong teeth. He did not know what is the role of fluoride, Japan is now out, not only to strong teeth, tooth decay can be eliminated, the eradication of plaque. After 3 minutes, the teeth plaque will appear. Now we have many teeth is not good, will not get tea gargles, even the white water is gurgling, where I do not know the problem. Now some people began to fall at the age of 30, 50-year-old tooth it away. The busiest hospital dental, dental, dental room most busy. We look to Europe, all the teeth are very good. You want to, if the teeth well, you certainly longevity. Many of us overlooked, in fact you don't bother, you put the tea gargles plaque eliminated, and strong teeth. To old age, your teeth tooth decay, no. This very small thing, you should adhere to. The third day, green tea, tea, Ningxia itself with tea, Ning, is to improve the toughness of the blood vessels, making blood vessels is not easily broken. Many come to Beijing for the treatment of cerebrovascular accidents, the hospital each die 4 personal one is cerebral hemorrhage, this is dangerous. Cerebral hemorrhage with no rule of law, angry, angry at a first gaze, cerebral vascular collapse. I see too much, they joke that the day of Mei Lanfang was even the son, and I said he didn't drink green tea to drink green tea, if he would not die. I've now changed, long drink green tea. Why, I'm afraid my son and me. Ladies, do you drink early in this age, the time you take off the table at a few eye are not afraid. Green tea first anti-cancer, secondly to fortified teeth, not the third cerebrovascular break down, why not drink. If you don't know how to drink tea, please immediately corrected, because international trends is to drink green tea. It was also me the last word; drink tea not sleep? who let you drink tea before going to bed. Drink in the second is red wine. Why mention red wine, many Chinese people do not know, Europe knew that they were men, women and children every day drink red wine, what causes the original red wines?; skin has a thing called a "reversal of alcohol". This reversal of alcohol do you not know that the whole is the anti-aging, about anti-aging people love to drink. It is also the antioxidants, drinking red wine person with heart disease. Second it can help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, we call a perfect stop. As you know, when the heart can arrest the first original heart disease, high blood pressure in the second and the third has a relationship with food. What food? too large, excellent, viscous, hot food can cause cardiac arrest, high blood fats can cause cardiac arrest. The other day I went to the normal consultation, 35-year-old a post-doctorate, morning also alive and kicking, at noon. Why cholesterol is too high. Now I put the Beijing Municipal census results tell you that cadres there every two personal one half high blood lipids,. The risk of high blood fat? sudden cardiac arrest. There is a 20-year-old young man, his blood is extracted mud-like, very dangerous. We asked him, he said that eating too. Not you eat very well, but eating too unreasonable. We have a case, a person in the street bought ten pudding, and hard, hot and sticky, and ran home to the door and let the old lady in a hurry to eat, don't wait for it to cool down, the old lady just ate a few bites it breathed. He carried the old woman to the hospital, to the hospital we asked him why, he said just to eat of the old lady's cake. This is not what is ignorance! no rescue. The old lady staying in good, nothing to eat rice cake, ate the cake was cardiac arrest and Bo. Now International has repeatedly emphasized that is too large, excellent, too sticky, overheating will make cardiac arrest. Red wines have a role in reducing blood pressure, blood lipids. Red wines have more great role, so abroad sells very well. I'm not here to sell red wine, I was to convey the spirit of the International Conference. Many people, not to drink alcohol? who say that "smoking cessation limited wine", did not say not to drink wine, and liquor limits also said: the daily wine not exceeding 50-100 ml of the wine every day no more than 5-10 ml of beer per day not exceeding 300 ml. If you exceed this quantity is wrong, do not exceed this quantity is good. Some lesbian put: I do not drink? you don't drink alcohol, do not eat grape? eat grapes do not spit grape skin? "the grapes do not spit grape skin" is a remark in the comic, but I tell you, white grape alcohol is not reversed, so you're not attending would not have bought the grapes. White grape alcohol is not reversed, you are free. Now the European red grape pastry has already occurred. I tried to clean eating red grape, a throat skin quite comfortable, okay. So rich drink red wine, no money to eat grapes do not spit grape skin like health care. It was also the last word with me: I have no money to do? I tell everyone that the International Conference on the survey at the end of the world's longevity region is infinite, the first is the El Khan of Pakistan, the second is the Soviet Azerbaijan, Ecuador's Kara Khan, these are free money. You say strange not to have money every day in the feast, poultry meat, usually rough, originally General belly. I investigated, which were very few activities over the age of 65. On the morning exercises, many people in China would notClear. I returned from abroad, see lots of old man and woman in the morning of 5 and 6 points carried swords came out. In the evening, the old man and woman are not bad, it's watching TV at home. Why the differences between the two countries, this is so large that they cannot understand, cannot blame man, no one spoke with them. Morning exercise is dangerous, morning, one of the biological clock of the body temperature is high, high blood pressure, and high-adrenaline than evening out of 4 times, if you heated campaign, it is easy to crash, prone to cardiac arrest. 98 years long-distance movement, Beijing documented already running dead 4 an old man, if you then run it. There's an old woman to climb the party organization, and fragrant hills early to see the ghost, said: "who climb faster who live long". This I do not know who's idea, I now have to make do not understand. I tell you, if this rate make mistakes, because from the beginning without an understanding of leadership in health care. Be sure not to block this kind of activity, this is a medical taboo. We have no objection to the morning and do gymnastics, boxing, practicing qigong. This is beyond reproach. However, if the violent movement in the morning, climbing high distance run, Xiangshan, harm no good, and the mortality rate is very high. You don't often run likely won't die, not climb likely won't die, that's called died in ignorance, the result is their harm themselves. Human need weak alkali, what is a weak base? vegetables and fruits. All developed countries, where health States are vegetables, fruit consumption Max. You don't care, they would order, it didn't work. It was a joke, these corruption committed no shoot, eat it eat dead, I do not exaggerate. It was also me yet I haven't enough to eat? not enough to eat, you're famished relationship with what we all know that money!, and right are important, someone mentioned to me that the "right". We know that most are entitled to a Chinese emperor, far not said, the Qing dynasty emperor, 13, 19-year-old died in 1874, 23-year-old Emperor Xianfeng Emperor Guangxu, 31, 38, but there's a live 89-year-old emperor, his particular care to the Emperor, he is a champion. We checked his file, first, he particularly good movement, the second he eat bread pudding, weight evaporation, the third man good tourism, the most famous of the three following Jiangnan, so he lived 89-year-old. We investigated 818 a monk, 30 per cent of the monks has over 90 years old, a minimum of 65-year-old. What right? monk eating worthy of our attention! so, money, authority is not a major, mainly health care. If you do not have the right to health, the rich are not guaranteed, the United Nations said, never died in ignorance. Besides eating of the second issue, the issue of "food". We all know that the best Asian pyramid. What is a pyramid?, cereals, legumes, vegetables. This Valley, bean, food very good, in the San Francisco meeting many foreign doctors to come, saying, no, the Chinese people have not eat Valley, beans, vegetables, and have to eat up our hamburgers. I went back to me hard at McDonald's vomit, you said a lot, this is very rare in other countries. We're young birthday banquet is McDonald 's. I admire the McDonald 's, they took us a year in over 20 million people are doing business. As far as I know, why people call him junk food, because it is an extreme up and down the food, the consequences are usually rough, like with baggage volume. People do not eat, because had to go to lose weight. We do not know every McDonald 's, especially the second generation was no McDonald's is not saved. We should know what he is extreme foods that do not meet our eating habits. "The Valley", in international meetings never mention rice, wheat flour, nor extraction at McDonald 's. Cereal in first mention laoyumi, master "Golden crops." The history of the United States Laoyumi Medical Association had a survey and found that the original United States persons, Indians did not have a high blood pressure, a hardening of the arteries. The original is eating laoyumi eating, later discovered old corn contains a lot of lecithin, linoleic acid, grain alcohol, ve, so do not occur in hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Since then, the United States is changed, the Americas, Africa, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, China Guangzhou, eat corn soup in the morning. Now many people eat lecithin? hope no hardening of the arteries. But he did not know laoyumi RI-most, don't spend more money. I'm in the United States survey, a laoyumi 2.5 u.s. dollars, and in China a laoyumi dollar, a difference of 16 times. But many of us do not know, nor to eat. This survey, I'll fix that in the United States I insist on for six years, drink corn porridge. I am 70 years old, fitter, energetic, full of background voice loud, but no wrinkles on her face. Why drink corn porridge to drink, believe it or not. You drink your milk, I drink my corn porridge, let's see who live long. The "Valley" and the second is buckwheat. Why mention anyone now buckwheat? "three high" that is, hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol. Buckwheat is "dropped", lowering blood pressure, blood fat, blood glucose. I asked what is PKU students, that buckwheat? don't know, just know that hamburger. Buckwheat contain 18% of cellulose, eat buckwheat shall colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, colon cancer are prohibited. We sat in the Office, get 20% of colorectal cancer, colon cancer. The "Valley" and the third is the potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, Yam, potatoes. This kind of thing at international conferences. Why was it "absorption": absorption of moisture, fat/sugar absorption, absorption of toxins. Intestinal absorption of water, the lubricating shall colorectal cancer/road. Absorption of fat/sugar, does not have diabetes. Absorb toxins, gastrointestinal inflammation does not occur. I was in the United States also survey, United States eat potato is to turn it into a variety of cakes, also a lot of food. Hope that we can eat potatoes and yams, staple food in the mix. "Valley," there are oats, foreign knew that many people do not know. If high blood pressure, be sure to eat the oats and oat porridge/oatmeal. It can reduce blood fat/blood pressure. Can reduce triglyceride, keep your blood cholesterol down. The "Valley" and the last one is millet! we are millet and rifle rescuers! I return home I asked: "why we don't eat millet?" a lot of people like what I say: "the thing is not often eat?" you say that bad is not bad. Materia is actuallySaid that the stomach, millet desiccant, keys, spleen and calm. Sleep, so good you don't eat it! now many sitting in the Office can't sleep, depression, neurosis, and stability of the 2-piece, 4 tablets, 6 pieces, some people eat 8 tablets also sleep. I advise everyone not to eat. There are two famous Professor had stable, mind whirl hit the heating on the package. So the Beijing daily front-page baddies "stability" is not necessarily stable, don't eat. I do care they let me open the medicine, I advised them not to eat the stability, I say you eat millet gruel. As a result, he drank a bowl of millet gruel you come and see me, say how you couldn't sleep! who let you only have a bowl, and morphine are not so soon. I live in rural areas, those old census of old ladies do not know what insomnia, lying on the bed to sleep, you say! you have to understand that diet is more important than medication, Li Shizhen, all written by Li Shizhen Materia all food. Why don't we get food to solve the problem, but I had to take the medicine! 10 drug toxicity 9, did take medicine can care, Emperor Qin Shihuang's didn't do it, didn't do it, you can't. But I want to declare: I'm not opposed to take medicines against medication is Li Hongzhi. I am opposed to eat, I advocate the medication "short, flat, fast". Short time to eat, eat safe medicine, rapid withdrawal. The following stresses "Gu, beans, vegetables," "beans". US Census results out of the entire Chinese population lack of high-quality protein. So our small ball and old, big ball will be. Why play golf on a hit on a cropper. We are now applying ten times higher than in the United States, but our bodies than others. China's high-quality protein is insufficient? now the Ministry of health has made to the "action plan" soybean, content is "a vegetable and a handful of beans, a little meat and eggs." I tell you that after PKU students into "the second 2 egg cups, add some vegetables meat add some beans". He said that what you said no, I add some content to you. Who let you add content! an egg 300 mg g cholesterol just right, why eat 2 cups, series out second two meat? without this. A couple of soybean protein is equal to the second two lean, mean three equals four two eggs, two rice, you said that you should eat what? now internationally known. United States each year on 15 August as the national "tofu Festival", we do not have the tofu Festival. They do not lack of high-quality protein, they believe that the flower of the soybean is nutrition, beans in flower. At least 5 in soybean anti-cancer substances, in particular the outsiders, flavonoids, prevention, treatment of breast cancer, but only in soybean. Our Beijing and Tianjin separated so close to Beijing's breast cancer special, and very little in Tianjin. Do you know why? Tianjin's breakfast is soy milk, bean curd. Beijing's many problems earlier, now Beijing to study early. Beijing hypertension, high blood fat so many, varied, very early, not scientific. Milk or soymilk? United Nations international meeting said, milk is lactose-containing, and two thirds of the world does not absorb lactose in Asian yellow 70% do not absorb lactose, we are yellow. Someone has drinking milk, but did not absorb. On milk absorbed most of the white race. The resulflorida accident attorneyts of the survey in Beijing is 40% of people do not absorb lactose. National census results, absorption is best. What are the benefits of soya-bean milk, containing? is the oligosaccharides, it 100% absorption. And soy milk, also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, calcium, such as a milk content of more. No anti-cancer substances in milk, and soy milk, there are 5 kinds of anti-cancer substances. One especially jelly flavonoids dedicated to prevention, treatment of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, colon cancer. So for our yellow is the most suitable is soya milk. I do not object, we drink milk, but in order to prevent cancer must drink soymilk. Some people listen to milk to drink milk, this method is not necessarily good. Milk can then add some milk to drink, as appropriate. The following "Valley, beans, vegetables," "food". International Conference on the first mention of the dishes is the carrot. Why mention carrot? written in Chinese Materia is seductive vegetables. Cannot see things at night, particularly night blindness, ate. It protects the mucous membrane, long-term eating carrots is not easy to have a cold. United States people think carrots is a beauty dish, keep the skin, hair, Yang Yang mucosa. Eat carrots were really in to beauty. This beauty concept should be internal and external harmony, we fooled many girls, she put on a good point, cosmetics also a makeup than the original also ugly. The United States is, they eat carrots. In Urumqi, they asked me to eat dumplings, carrot filling, making them the name Russia, I feel after eating. First, it keeps Mucosa, not easy cold; second, his body; third, it is a bit of anticancer effects, and especially good on the eyes. Europe already has a carrot cake. Carrot is also not afraid of the high temperature, high temperature nutrition are not affected by losses. "Food" is the pumpkin. Why mention the pumpkin. Why mention pumpkin? it stimulates vitamin cells to produce insulin. So eat pumpkin people not of diabetes. "Vegetable" should mention there are bitter. It is not easy, but insulin secretion, eat bitter person or diabetes. Pumpkin, bitter gourd, our age have to eat. International Conference, also referred to the tomato, tomatoes. In the United States, almost every family kind of tomatoes, tomatoes, the aim is not cancer. This is just 5 or 6 years ago before we know it. Eat tomatoes not cancer, you know? not uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer. These tomatoes are yourselves, I ask you, how to eat tomatoes? someone said, that wasn't simple, wash is eaten chant. It was also a slice on white sugar, then drink some beer. If you are eating, I tell you, not against cancer free!. Tomatoes with something called a tomato-vegetarian, he and protein binding together with cellulose packages, it is difficult to come out. Therefore, must be heated to a certain extent before heating. I tell you that most tomato scrambled eggs are a dime a dozen. There are also tomato soup or tomato egg soup is good. Raw tomatoes not anti-cancer, please note. There is also the garlic. Garlic is the King of the cancer. I just say how eating garlic, some people say: the gadgets have heating. You sounds nothing like warming? I tell everyone, garlic heating equals zero! Shantung, Northeast people love to eat, a flap flap to eat, and that eating garlic not cancer, but a few daysHe served the cancer. What causes it? now world know how eating garlic, only we do not know. Tell everyone that turned out to be you must cut it into pieces, the pieces of foil on the air for 15 minutes, it combines with oxygen to produce allicin later. Garlic itself not anti-cancer, allicin is anti-cancer and King of the cancer. I see people eat that day, he took the garlic in a bowl of noodles, and then quickly garlic peeling out, a flap flap to eat, less than 5 seconds to eat in. Even for 5 seconds, this is going to use? is. If you do not follow my method, it is free. There is taste of garlic, do not be afraid to eat peanuts Hawthorn, chewing point, and then eat good tea no flavor. Of foreign each week to eat, why don't we eat! the following speakers black fungus. What is the role of Jew? now to the new one after a myocardial infarction, age, already 30 years old. Why spend more? when two reasons, one is a thick blood hypercoagulation physique is fat. Remember, the person called thick blood hypercoagulation Constitution. Hypercoagulable State Constitution of people plus hypercoagulable food, so the new myocardial infarction in a particularly large number of people, irrespective of age. Myocardial infarction although you cannot cure, but completely preventable. A doctor told you to eat the aspirin, why can make blood not sticky, myocardial infarction. But what are the consequences, consequences of eating aspirin is eye hemorrhage, now many people eye fundus bleeding, I advise you not to eat the aspirin. Now Europe has not eat aspirin, eat? eat fungus. Auricularia has two roles, one of which is the blood not sticky. The role of the United States Auricularia Auricula cardiologists discovered, he won the Nobel Prize. He found, all European citizens, rich and status of eating fungus, without eating aspirin. What kind of person is hypercoagulable physique? answer is short, thick, fat people, especially the female compatriots of menopause. And blood type ab people more susceptible to high blood coagulation thick. There are also shorter neck easily fused high blood coagulation. The first new don't eat Hu Hesse; second drink more tea, phlegm; 30 million not angry, angry blood thick. Drinking alcohol also prone to blood, to drink red wine, not exceeding 100 ml. If you eat peanuts, never eat, eat, eat the Peel. You see my Chinese peanuts, spiced fried peanuts, peanut, fried peanuts all skin. You go to Europe, all peanuts without skin, others know not to eat the Peel. Some people say: "This leather is not a nutritious?," who said that, let me tell you, there is no nutrition peanut bark, he can cure blood coagulation, increase platelet, bleeding. We don't eat in the elderly. There are TV, note that good television is at the moment, no good TV watch. Why sit there for a long time, blood coagulation will rise. I am particularly worried about what? he had during fat, no neck, also in younger and ab blood type, Hu have sea slug, and a mad and drink liquor, finished eating peanuts not peeling, he focused in myocardial infarction my doctor was improper. Following on the pollen. Reagan had been shot, also had a malignant tumour, he is so big, it's still alive, just got Alzheimer 's. Is pollen in him up. Now Europe, the Americas are pop up pollen. I returned home after a search history, we have very early on. Wu Zetian eat pollen, the pollen Dowager too. As we all know, the pollen is a plant of sperm, it is pregnant with the most abundant life, nutrition, plant in the best of things. Ancient have, but we ignore it. Please do not buy pollen in the street, the street sale of pollen crusty, not broken. Wall to have high-tech treatment. Second, the pollen is wild, easy pollution, to disinfect. Third, it is a protein, desensitization. Pollen must have these three can be used: treatment, disinfection and desensitization. Pollen in Japan with the most powerful, no matter how old the people to use it. France's model not one without it. Once, I have one month to three times every night to urinate, I saw it, they eat pollen, a month before they returned to normal. Written records, pollen recovery rates of 97%. If pollen treatment, medicine is not solved, renal failure, urine-blood and kidney cancer. So you want to get a certain cure but don't wait for renal failure. There is also a gastrointestinal disorder, female compatriots flocs, habitual constipation. Many people eat laxatives and easily have colorectal cancer, colon cancer. Pollen had a name called intestinal police, eat pollen, the police can maintain intestinal disorder. Thirdly it, maintain the shape. Three major functions of pollen is ignored. Plant problem on so much. The following talk about animal issues. Radio stations that have four legged legs than to eat, but eat two legs than eat more legs. This concept is not the same as in Europe, if you attend the banquet, to be aware that if a beef and pork, should eat pork. Beef issue too much, first with BSE, foot and mouth disease in the second and the third is bad cholesterol. Now the United States has more than 30 000 women had lymphoid tumors, eat hamburgers to eat out. So they disputed, has killed tens of thousands of cattle, we should be careful to eat. If you have a pork and lamb, mutton, lamb and chicken, chicken, chicken, fish, fish, fish and shrimp, shrimp. This is not a kind of animal protein, the smaller the better. Simple public nutrition depends on the size of the animals, to molecular formula one to read. I haven't said a mouse? International meeting the best jump Sao protein. Jump show don't look at it so small, it can skip 1 m tall, you believe it or not. If you take it to the human body is so big that it can jump to the moon. So there are several United States doctor wondering what to eat and dance show. Now the United Nations who suggested we eat more chicken and fish, why not mention shrimp? is not mentioned, but shrimp is too expensive, it is not easy. If you have a shrimp, or eat shrimp. I now have such a principle: if shrimp came I eat two shrimp, two more than you a stomach of beef protein. Fish easily spread, fish protein 1 hour can absorb, the absorption rate is 100% beef protein 3 hours to absorb. Fish on the elderly in particular weak are particularly appropriate. Certainly better than fish and shrimp. International survey, the world's most famous longevity region in Japan, Japan's macrobiotic area by the sea and sea lifeThe longest is the place to eat fish. Special to eat small fish, shrimps, special to eat whole fish (with head and tail), because there are active substances and active substances in small fishes, shrimps in the head and the abdomen. You will not be buying fish, to buy to buy fish, shrimps and eat whole fish-prawn, University asked, not buy fish better. There is a principle of eating, eat to master volume, not better. International regulations, to eat 7% full, lifetime should not eat 8% of stomach, fill up, to eat 10% full, and that 2% is not used, is a waste. So internationally recommended everyone 0.618 golden section: Supplement 6 Staples 4; 6 xiliang roughage; plant 4 4 6 animals. Now man eating too many animals, and the weight of the grain does not balance. One of my patients eat six large dumplings, 20-year-old had gastric distention, diagnostic results first, and so died, the second is a gastrectomy. Results for the half a stomach. Older people in particular to only 7%. There is a law of the Charles balance, I briefly. Birth to 5 months baby, breastfeeding is best for more than 5 months of breast milk is out, and need more than 42. Old is even harder. Thanks to France a doctor told Kerry Kment, his travel to Africa to see Africa Osawa Lake and one health and longevity. They eat? eat seaweed, dried up package then drink eating dumplings, seaweed soup. Doctors to Paris a experiment, seaweed, and spiral, called the spirulina. The spiral algae was discovered in 1962, this discovery sensation all over the world. Why it 1 g equals 1000 grams of vegetables. At that time only the King Queen, Olympic champion, others have not. For many years, I found this particularly good, nutrition special rich, the most comprehensive, most nutrient distribution, and is the basic balance of foods. Let me tell you why, Japan is the world champion of longevity, their consumption of 500 tonnes a year of spirulina, they went to the Chinese tourism everyone with it. We ask them, why take Spirulina, they say, 8 grams of spirulina can sustain life for 40 days. Now the space food, not pie with dumplings, all are Spirulina. Spirulina is very famous in the world, so if you are not good nutrition, don't forget the things that he can balance diet. He has several disease are of particular importance, first, cerebrovascular diseases, he can lower blood pressure, blood lipids; the second is a diabetic, this disease is lack of protein, vitamins, it is difficult to heal, spirulina can vitamin and Spirulina is the biggest advantage of the complications of diabetic person shall, with a normal diet. Diabetes lack of energy, nor eat sugar, sugar Spirulina is dry, following intaking dry sugar is energy. Diabete instability, spirulina can gradually after withdrawal, then gradually stop the spiral algae, finally get diet control. Europe has been completely defeat diabetes, we can, but must be combined with treatment. Third, gastritis, gastric ulcer, spirulina is chlorophyll, on gastric mucosa has the recovery effect. Fourth, hepatitis, International does not have hepatitis, why people at dinner. Shanghai Yi college did a survey with a high human serum transaminase, others transaminase. We poke a chopstick Bowl. Therefore calls for each family to note that the best score. Note that many people seem to be healthy, you see that he is one of the carriers. Spirulina can make no virus replication, and a large number of amino acid can make liver cell recovery. Its choline, can make liver function recovery, improve immune function. Spirulina and radiation protection. Soviet nuclear explosion, Japan expert to rescue, is Spirulina, it is highly resistant to radiation effect. Now many women do it work at a computer work of pregnant women and some 4 months after abortion, some born babies like frogs, Beijing city maternity hospital reports also brought its tail. Radiation to bring people's influence is very big. Recent newspaper publishing, Harbin discovered last year 1500 cases of leukemia, 10 month also found 36 cases. Preliminary judgment because housing decoration and formaldehyde. Housing renovation risk are large, internationally, decorated houses must be half a year before. Harbin reports are 4-5-year-old children. Housing for the elderly, pregnant women, children, the greatest harm. Let us not underestimate radiation. The spiral algae purification, very little is known of pure algae rehabilitation, he can resist radiation. It passes through medical University, military identification, approval of the Faculty of medicine, Ministry of health has now been exported. So in front of a computer, you can drop a little algae rehabilitation wipe, you can also eat algae and rehabilitation. Its resistance to radiation, antitumor, anti virus, anti-oxidizing, and enhance immune function. I'll summarize the effects of radiation on we are great, but there are several ways you can prevent: first drink green tea, eat your vegetables, eat radish, third, fourth Spirulina eat algae and rehabilitation. Algae rehabilitation is the best. According to their own economic condition select a really can't eat radish. Radiation is everyone is exposed to. Internationally, introduced warning: don't put the appliance in the bedroom. Especially the microwave oven on our greatest harm, 7 meters in all of us have radiation. And various electrical not at the same time open. There are TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking next to you in, got cancer very wrong here. 2. aerobic exercise there is a principle of experience, do morning exercises. Recommends that all evening exercise. International provisions, after 45 minutes before exercise. And old people's movement for a walk, 20 minutes. If you want to lose weight without this method before half an hour to an hour to eat 2 capsules to 4 capsules Spirulina and appetite is impaired, and nutrition are not lacking. European people lose weight all the spiral algae, domestic eat Dora is not a solution. The second is the time in the morning, international regulations 6 points for your reference. Open the window time international provisions 9 am to 11 pm, 2 pm to 4 points. Why? because after 9 point air pollution has subsided, the pollution is reduced, no reverse flow phenomena. Members note that morning to open the window, not to where big breath, because carcinogens, reflux substances are run to your lungs, and easy to get lung cancer. International warned, 6 am to 9 points is the most dangerous time for carcinogens. Early to bed and early to good health. Your night at home sucks a belly nitrogen dioxide, breathing truth there is more than 100 of the toxin, and run to the Woods, the Woods and all the carbon dioxide in the morning. Morning exercises, basicHigh blood pressure, high adrenaline endocrinal than evening high 4 times, people with heart disease can easily out of the question. The woods are carbon dioxide, easy poisoning, cancer easier. Emperor says "no sun does not exercise". I suggest that you go to bed early in the summer, winter, don't go out exercises in the morning, instead of evening exercise. It is not to say what kind of people go to bed early body good, older people do not cool. Some are free of it, all of a myocardial infarction. International says so, man over 70 years, slowly move your arm since, first, and then move your leg massage massage heart, sit one or two minutes. This is no one to have a heart attack. Therefore, different ages and different seasons are different. The following NAP problems. International requirements, NAP did not NAP without controversy. Past Japan people does not advocate a NAP, but we advocate to the first night I didn't sleep very well should a NAP. NAP time is half an hour after lunch, and the best sleeping an hour sleep too long is not good for your health. Do not cover large quilts. What time to sleep at night? we never advocate to bed early. Early to bed and early to rise's concept to be aware that if you sleep 7 points, 12 points up blind toss, no use. We stand for 10 to 10: 30 bed, for international conferences, an hour to one and a half hours enter deep sleep is best science, that is 12 points to 3 points, this 3-hour sleep well, second day with a refreshing. If you go to bed 4 points later, it was on sleep. Will sleep and does not go to sleep. We advocate the 12 points to 3 a.m. the iron rule, but before a hot bath water temperature 40-50 degrees, which makes the high quality of sleep. You play cards I have no objection, but against the 12 points to 3 a.m. play cards. Shenzhen night killed four young men playing cards, the newspaper has reported. Third, the mental state of health of the third milestone is a mental state. If the mental state is not good, then you bilk white exercise, this is very important. Temperament and blood, if you're a angry blood too slowly to have cancer is not known what causes. Angry easier tumor, the whole world knows. Stanford University had a very famous experiment, nasal tube in his nose make you gasp, then take the nasal tube placed in the snow for ten minutes. If snow and ice do not change color, you calm; if snow white, you are guilty; if snow and ice to purple, you very angry. The purple snow take 1-2 ml to little mouse hit, 1-2 minutes after the mice died. And the constituents are purple snow on it. So angry easier tumor, this is a very serious problem. "Who do not speak in front of people, who have no human stresses" behind. I beseech you, who makes you angry, you don't get angry. If you can't, you gotta tell you, you look at the table, not more than 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes to bad blood to purple. This experiment has won the Nobel Prize. Family Psychology will propose five avoid angry method: one is to escape; instead, they call you, you go to play chess, angling, didn't hear; three are free, but be aware that if someone called you, and you'll call people not to call release, is looking for close friends, released, or else in mind to get ill; fourth, sublimation, the more people that you, the more you work hard; fifth, the control, this is the most important one is how do you curse me afraid. This is important, we do our best comrade Xiaoping, three from three down and never require rehabilitation. African President asked what good comrade Xiaoping experience, he said one word: "patience". I am calm, taking a breather. Patience is not a goal, it is the policy. But most people can not do it, just say jumped. Little bear to the big mess to me. Europe has a learned classics: hard to be reason to stop, the difficulties of people should be thick, difficulty of slow, difficult to% var Yi Zhi. Fourth sentence of the first sentence of the point is, it is difficult to speak of the truth do not. Here is very deep, very useful. The romance of the three gas in Zhuge Liang zhou Yu, even for a minute the Zhou Yu. You said Lai Zhou Yu or Lai Lai Zhuge Liang? concluded his ventilation, Zhou Yu was too small. Angry does great harm to people. Now International has a new, all animals are not smiling, only humans have this function. But humans also does not make good use of it. Some say the monkeys, elephants will laugh, you will laugh seen? but really see cry when cattle are slaughtered cow flow tears. Ancient saying: "smile, ten young. Not mean age refers to the State of mind. Smilingly, health often. The role of the smile is very large, we all have this instinct, why not smile? we orient national very serious, and there is a relationship with level, Chief of section, the Registrar will smile, a Director would not have laughed, dealing with foreign guests tightened a face. Now the central leadership have changed, do you think the President laughed. United States set up a smile Club, smile has become a sign of health. Haha a smile wrinkles. Laugh so many diseases may be. First not migraine, the second shall not back pain, because smiling microcirculation. General Clauses not pain, not General pain. Got a migraine and don't worry, a smile, do not believe you can experiment. And sexual function is not weakened, diminished reproductive dysfunction. You see people aged 92 Romania Lady also sang fat baby, people smile every day. We are 30 years old do not have children, every day of the spring with a face of course not. Also, often laughing on the respiratory tract, digestive tract are particularly good. You can do the experiment, you touch a belly laugh laughing, three times a day, and sour stomach, not three times, not the gastrointestinal tract of constipation. You exercise, exercise of the upper limbs, lower limbs when exercises stomach? no chance, only laugh to exercise our stomach. Laugh at the international level has become a health standards, I investigated many times, the smile of a second Nobel Prize has been released. Laugh, have prompted the lobe of the brain in embryo, which is a natural anesthetic. If you have arthritis, don't worry, at joint haha smile soon not ill. Laugh with so many benefits, why don't we laugh? recent census of finished in Beijing, people's life you know is the old man long or the old lady long? I tell you, Lady than old man long, on average, more than the old man live 6 and a half years. Occasionally run into an old man, I asked, how did you get a person exercises? he said out of my League, woman are doing, they are a bunch a bunch of exercises in the streets. Many of the old lady's biggest advantage is that when you are young, HiLaugh, smile to the old also. I have every lecture note, laughs are female compatriots, male compatriots or not to laugh. Almost six and a half years, when are you going to laugh? so now everyone is quick to laugh. Today, you laugh a few can live for several years. Some people say not to laugh. The higher the level, the less I laughed, I have what? do not laugh, there is a logic: "men are not easily shed tears." Normal human tears are salty, tears of a diabetic is a sweet, sad tears are bitter, inside a peptide, hormones. Long time no "play" will have tumors, cancer. Is not tumor will have ulcer, chronic colitis. So, if sadness, tears must "bombs", with no benefits. International meeting has given us a warning, let us drink green tea and eat soybean, sleep well, regular exercise, don't forget to often laugh. Hope everyone to pay attention to a balanced diet, aerobic exercise and attention to your mental state, the cry cry, laugh, laugh. I believe we will be able to cross the 73-year-old, through 84, 90, 100-year-old will be alive. Read after the harvest, you should be thanking me, waste your time, you can stop me, but I wish you health and longevity, meaningful life, life interesting.