Learn danding _ month James [reprint]

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danding, inner mentality is rendered to a certain degree of cultivation traducteur anglais Chinois To the kind of calm and elegant feel. danding, is an ideological level, is a State of mind, is a State of life. We all need this kind of mentality, in life business, not moved by official honour or disgrace rasoir �� lectrique scooter_home am �� lioration Heidi, not getting too excited and get carried away, nor too much grief stricken. danding self-possessed: is that a person who is not hurriedly, Compte d' �� pargne Orange border is open exclusion, behaves in a leisurely swim self-possessed. cool: something very cool and very stable. danding mijian: I hope that more slim, the pursuit of beliefs firmly danding and what is the difference between mediocre people danding people have the ability to fight for everything they want, but he was underweight. Just stuck their so-called happiness does not like to live, the simple pleasures. mediocre people without much ability to live very ordinary.

To learn how to bid danding danding mean sober realism. World, community, and others, have no expectations too high. Know that justice can often be late, justice is always relative, can never be perfect reality, there is only keepingon by no means the world, and is subject to fission moldy fragile humanity sth����With this cool attitude, experiencing injustice, encounter misunderstandings, have wronged, there will be no sorrow, no complaining, no pity, but the bite the bullet, au Noir's strength, ?breaking the wall ten years?, wait and look for opportunities to win. Danding calmly, means struggle is indisputable, doing some things but not others.����Will contribute to social, to personal long-term construction, just trying to do, eliminating interference and is detrimental to the community, is not conducive to long-term construction, we try not to do, and do less. Danding calmly, means ?three challenging principle?, ?not challenging, not challenging with other people, not with the challenging?.����Not challenging, does not mean that, treating the evil villain's aggressive wide berthat parties, social corruption, the workplace, but to choose the most strategic way, to achieve maximum results. Danding calmly, meaning that most of the time should remain good mood, ?a modest, guard against arrogance and rashness?.����Means that they also have a broader, more ambitious as, in addition to career, good things have better taste, see, a good natural scenery, watching a DVD of a high artistic level, you can adjust bid good danding character and mood. There is a story seems to laugh at the fools, I think you can innovate: "raining, everyone runs forward, only one person, no hurry is not slow, walking in the rain. Someone asks, ' why don't run? ' answer was: ' hell, before rain!' "whenever people are restless, quick firing ', when SIP of this kind of" easy danding "good medicine idea du nourish and buqi soothing good way--just like walking in the rain" fools ", at the time of everybody running like a smart Chick, cool Terra said," hell, before rain! "he didn't tell you was later:" I was about to take a look at rainscape!. "

Danding is also a kind of happy talk about happiness, I am afraid that everyone has their own original ideas. Among the most popular way to happiness on the ?money?. The rich really happiness? not exactly so.����Money can buy the book, but not intellectual; can be bought, but not respect; can buy drugs, but not health; can buy watches; but not time; can I buy a Villa, but not warm family sth Happiness is in fact a mood, is a self feel good mood. In this busy world, anxiety and pressure of work, family life concerns are often let

Pain and irritability. Desire endless, gully fill in, just make profit of the people is a rare happy. Why danding danding, settle down, treasure now has, perhaps will be yet another sense of happiness and health. Danding, is an ideological level, is a State of life. Intrinsic mentality to a certain degree of cultivation was presented by the kind of quiet, elegant feel.

Danding would enthusiastically work they cherish their stations, love your work, not because of pressure of work and complaining, it will not be frustrated for all one ' s talent because of the positions of high and low, nor because of treatment and those Grouches. They work hard to learn, to work hard. Do not deceive one ' s superiors and subordinates, look under the leadership of doing things, not speculative solicit, racked, by hook or by crook to go fishing for fame and fortune. They love their jobs, finding happiness through work, obtain happiness during labor.

Danding treat emotions people will honestly they won't forget because the first wife of aging, it will not get carried away because of social temptations, much less do whatever they want because the job promotions. Their feelings-minded, family strong sense of responsibility. Their beloved ones hold the hand of gjanice. They love to sing the theme song of the most romantic thing: ?I can think of the most romantic thing, is to grow old with you, collecting starting every night of laughter, and leave to sit and talk slowly rocking chair later sth ?

Danding people with an open heart towards life they can clearly understand the gap between ideal and reality. Do not clean and the fish, not blindly where rivalries, is vain. Identified their feet on the ground to pursue their own happiness, watch live, the simple and fun. Not getting too excited and get carried away, nor too much grief stricken. He is business, not moved by official honour or disgrace.����Danding who don't care about too many worldly possessions, but to commit to their own at the foot of the road. Danding not banal, mediocre persons there is not much, just very ordinary life. Danding is a high-culture attitude towards life. Danding people have the ability to fight for everything they want, but they don't fully value all that. Therefore, with a calm as water heart, having danding attitude towards life, represents another kind of happy life.