Futures [reprint] "hidden rules": the futures of my autobiography, _ ou de days

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Just as we do not support analyst in the daily market analysis report, heavy use of exclamation points, as we consider future rasoir �� lectrique scooter_home am �� liorer traducteur anglais Chinois Ment Heidi market more need to be rational. Perhaps the story is, however, still sentimental emotional, rational and we only transactions. This is a detail of the editing process of this article. System requirements prior to the signing of the contracts of futures brokers, futures company must produce to the customers of the futures trading risk manual and fully reveal risks of futures trading. Particularly in futures coming soon, a large number of investors eager comes as, we hope that with this story, inform the market risk of unpredictable, please careful choices. Also in the market who, thinking, discussion on these issues. First into ?? the way I was born in a rural family, grew up living in poverty, the biggest wish is to eat white bread, there are new clothes to wear. But the parents are honest farmer, their hard work all day long, and can only be forced to maintain our basic living. So the pursuit of wealth as my greatest dreams. Since I was young, outstanding, and after graduation was assigned to a body of work. First years, work better, and I began to be placed in an important post. But because of their so-called thou proud, promoted turn to me several times. Gradually, my own lost confidence in the future, and start thinking about how while working for another road ?finance?. in 2001 I was exposed to stock and fancies themselves fried into millionaires.����At that time, weekend time, I soaked in the stock book, study on the wave theory, theory of k-line, Brin channel, and so on. Learn some theoretical knowledge and increased my confidence and encouraged his wife only 50,000 homes all the money into the stock market. But after a series of ?live ammunition? after baptism, when I was in October 2001, escaped from the stock market, was originally put into little more than 50,000 pieces of more than 20,000 left. My stocks Fortune dream shattered. In December, the trading Department Manager Lee told me that he has discovered a new trading channels, called futures, day trading, major transactions such as soybeans and wheat grain varieties, like short-term action is ideal for me, it is recommended that I try. I had the concept of futures have nothing, but also Compte d' �� pargne Orange with curiosity went to the Ministry of trade is a trip, an idea of some futures knowledge, by the way opened a futures trading account. I will never forget this day-December 12, 2001, because from this day, my nightmare started out sth The second step into hell I open the simulation of a 100,000 trading accounts, warehouse and bought a few days after the adhesive is not to manage it, and after a few days it struck me that this thing to open accountFor a moment, finding should have earned hundreds of thousands of them. I was suddenly moving, like if you are a firm offer or do you not make a big? the next day I was only on the stock market more than 20,000 pieces have all the money into a futures account. My first deal was done 10 hands in soybean, earn 2000 dollars in less than half an hour, then open to sell, make 10%. I am happy to be dead, after all, this is on my futures promptly ?? first pot of gold! but the next day to open dozens of little soybean, open fast cent daily, I regret the day before to sell too early, so hurry to grab before the cent daily warehouse kills to enter. However, it was probably less than one hour, a sudden change in the situation, feiliu down soybean prices, rising from dozens of points fast and soon limit. I was terrified, all open positions and quickly turn an empty list. Gives me more surprising is that in 15 minutes before closing, soybeans from drawing up limit down, which was nearly 40 points. The next day, held 40�� little soybean, I was forced unwinding, account funds of more than 6,000 left over. Less than two days, my money has been lost 70%! this transaction fail, let me initially aware of the risks of futures. After transactions have been to no avail, in April 2002, my account only has more than 3,000 yuan. At this point are catching up with my daughter was born, I put the rest of the money has been taken out. Full moon daughter gifts of money dropped nearly 20,000 cater left, I started the commotion over and over again. Coincidentally, my wife asked me to put this sum of money in the Bank, gave me a great opportunity to spend the money. In order not to let my wife found out that I spend 20,000 dollars, I thought about a 10 percent deposit--deposit passbooks, then use the money to get it out. When I submit the book to my wife in the hands of time, which actually has no money! May 8 early this morning, I led a false, hurried to the Department of trade, with the fastest speed to handle well the transfer procedures, ran to the front of a screen begins a new transaction. This time, I'm full of warehouse to buy soybeans and positions for the night. The next day, soybean Gap opening, and all the way down!, I began to shake, and hands off cartridge. The third day, soybeans continues to decline, I am completely desperate. My baby BMW all flat out, and the establishment of an empty form. But the price is deliberately and against me, and I bet it will, soybeans stopped down, after a day of wandering low began rapidly elevating. Empty form after the loss of 100�� I was forced to cut down bunker! I repent it! inventory account, there are more than 8,000 yuan, I am desperate, 2,450 positions open. In order not to be interference oscillation in a disc, I might as well turn off the computer away from the trading Department. I held out for three days to look at. The fourth day the morning, I received a call Li Jingli Tel, said my soybeans due to insufficient margin to forcibly open positions! Three days after I bought, soybean declined about 80 points. I was wrong! after a cartridge, there are more than 4,000 more than $ in my account. That evening, I was drunk sth One day I hung out on the street alone, found a sell watermelons for the elderly and people who buy bargains. I had no choice but to laugh about it, think about themselves sometimes to money and sell vegetables in a few minutes to go, in futures markets ?spend money like water?! I'm suddenly reminded of their parents, this period of time indulging in the futures market, didn't go back to see the parents for a long time.
I took in account traducteur anglais Chinois 1000 bucks and bought some things just go back on the bus. My home town, I live in the County there are about 40 minutes away. Entering the House, I was almost out of tears to see their parents. I have found that many parents and older, they are not willing to eat are not willing to wear, save enough money I lost in the stock and futures market of the ocean! eat when, about my aunt heard me back, look me up. My aunt is in business, condition good, I suddenly had to borrow money from her idea of sth When I'm on my way back to the town's bus, I carried my aunt gave me the 100,000 dollar book! by August 5, since the days of plastic continue to rise, the price has been away from averages, I would like to short the glue should be wrong. August 6, after opening day gum continues to impact on, maximum impact to 11,695, chonggao after sluggish, began to decline. Near 11,650 points I have 15 hand day plastic in September, in account for nearly $ 20,000 worth of imprest. Rubber began to decline as expected, closing 11,475 points. I thought for a moment, float full of more than 10,000 yuan. I'm so excited, just by hundreds of points, and I've lost it all back! The next day, I go straight to the trading Department. Quickly after opening day gum drop, lowest 11,420 near! In order not to be changes in the distraction, I turn off the computer, go down the three chess. When I come back and open the trading interface, be stunned, drive straight on the turn, is fast approaching cent daily! OMA I head, brain blank! When the glue to 11,925 cent daily closing every day! The third day, the opening day gum will continue to be washed. My heart, and then hold out for another day! August 11, glue and a Gap high open! I almost despair! after a half an hour, and Li found me, so I'll open my desperation level 5 hand positions. I encourage myself, it is important to have patience, and then finally stick may turn! early on August 12, I received a unit leaders to call, telling me to the countryside. Before leaving I made a call to trading Department, Li Jingli please help me look at the plate. 9:02, Li told me on the phone, opening day gum 12,650, are rising! I am completely desperate, told him to help me open at once. Due to rising quickly, he didn't help me in the vicinity of 12,720 all out! Account has left more than 30,000 dollars only! Third story when you first see the dawning of consecutive failed me cruel and ruthless real-world experience to the futures market! At this point, I am in the futures market in totalLost more than 140,000 yuan. For people earning less than $ 1500 a month, psychological pressure! Since then, I've been unwinding before closing the day regardless of profit and loss, but frequent trading operations taboo! to the end of September, my funding is less than $ 10,000! national day arrived, borrowed from my aunt 100,000 dollars is about to expire, do? home a few days ago, I drink with my father-in-law and I told him I wanted to do construction materials business partnership with friends, lack of 100,000 yuan. I usually never does not lie in their hearts is an honest good boy, I say what they believe. The next day, his father-in-law gave me a book, and told I must proceed with caution, and be sure to discuss it with my wife. I took the money the tears fell almost, gratitude, and guilt feelings, I knew I was deceiving them! and they were all around me to believe that one who loves me and I! back home I put the money back to my aunt. Anyway, immediate crisis finally over. Twinkling of 11 holidays have passed, has opened up. Remaining in my account 8,000 yuan a full warehouse to buy wheat 401. Wheat after triumphant advance, less than three days, my money into the 15,000 piece, I rekindled the hope! Then, I have 6 hands at 2,900 point near soybean 401. Luckily I caught three cent daily, realized my money over 40,000 mark! then I locked the aluminum, aluminum every day is a few days to a late charge is low, high driving low the next day. So I full bunker at the closing time to buy a day, next day opening throw. After three weeks, my funding is already close to 90,000. These days, I've always been excited about spending. Futures have given me great pain, also brought me hard to imagine the thrill of it! at this point I feel like a trading guru, like confidence greatly inflated. A friend saw me told me: after the big win will be a big loss, you have to be careful a bit! I do sneer, second William D. Gann is also threatened to do! 10 days for the next empty glue also became my "Pan", near the third limit down my warehouse, account for more than 200,000. 200,000 funding January wages of less than 1500 bucks I gradually lost out of his mind. At this time, disasters are also quietly came up to me! I developed a habit of chasing killed fell full warehouse transactions. In one case, copper plate in the fall of a very aggressive near limit down 300 points I did air in. Closed in the morning, stopping will probably have 50 points, a few friends around me to congratulate me, I have revolved the deal will also allow the account funding over 300,000 mark! Copper limit this afternoon shortly after the opening. Time to 2:40 stop plate is turned on, prices rebounded, until closing time has stopped pulling back to 400 points, I lost 100 floating point. But I don't have any open positions. That night, his speech, Federal Reserve Chairman, gelao, United States economy as a whole to be good, massive intervention of the Fund being long metal outside. The next day, Shanghai copper opening cent daily. Full warehouse transactions made me less money overnight by nearly 70,000! That evening, I have been wandering in the streets alone. I passed a stall with goods spread out on the ground for sale, is to sell books. I looked at selling books boss, exceedingly jealous, although they earn less, but will not be subjected to me one night around 70,000 nightmare! I got home late, wife and kids have been asleep. Look at two of their mother sleeps sweet looks, I finally let it out, and tears to fall! I quickly went back to his room, head over the quilt, and burst into tears. I went in the mist of dreams, the dreams I dream of my old mother sth Fourth article approaching death, this deal makes my confidence was hit, and unit leaders to me almost a year to job dissatisfaction, my mind began to fret. Rapid reprint, I frequently days short to warehouse operations, and almost every day to stay overnight positions. Results it is conceivable that in less than a month's time, and I funds shrink to less than 80,000. �����һ���һ�����ײ�������������ʶ�˼������ѣ����Ǿ��������ײ����ơ� ��һ�Σ�������������߿��������ף�������Сʱ��ʱ�䣬��׬�˼�ǧ�飬��������Ǻ��Ǵ̼��� Ϊ�˸��ط����ʽ����ְ�Ʒ���������Ϻ�ͭ�ϡ� �Ϻ�ͭ���մ�����Ҳ�� ��׷��ɱ����ֲ�����������һ�Σ�����ֿ�ͭ���������ͭ���Ƕ����Ҽ������֣�����ʽ�ʣ�²���2��顣 �ҵ����ı����׻����ˣ����ڲ����ظ���ʱ�˳����г��� How do I explain to the wife? how do I explain to parents? how do I explain to relatives? at this time, I had thoughts of suicide! one night I drank too much wine walk in the streets, passing by when a dumpster, I see in my trash looking for something to a beggar, that mind, I'm so jealous, although they broke, but it's not like I do with wings debt. Loss of close to 200,000, to me 20 years to clearly is! I walked slowly to the edge of a River Bridge, sitting on the railing, and want to jump from the top. After the jump, worry no more!, a motorcycle coming the car sat a couple (maybe), and his wife holding a child. Suddenly, I was surprised, thinking of his daughter, she is waiting for me to go home, I went home to tell her story! if I die, their mother to do? don't let the child loses his father so soon? I tried desperately to go home, when through a meadow, my feet a mix, fell to the ground, my head down on the grass cry loudly sth Fifth generation financial management after the national day, my friends call me to go, said something would like to discuss with me. I came to the Ministry of trade, four people, including my friend is waiting for me. In fact, I know, is the trader I will look at some of the above mentioned persons. My friend told me that three people they charged me for them all! I then asked them to have an idea, their meaning is clear, they provide funds, but do not take risks, profit I took 60%. I asked how much money they ready, they said that two accounts, each account at 60,000, one of the accounts is the partnership of two people,Is a person of another account. When she comes home I think twice, which although risky, but I can raise funds to 120,000. Thank you also gave me the chance to reprint! Later I knew, I was famous in our futures are large, even if I Flash cartridge, there are a lot of people believe in my abilities. Now think about it very funny! And my financial management operations of the two accounts are named a, b account. Collaborators of the account is in Credit Union, I guess she is taking advantage of his position and come up with funding to futures; b account partner is both of doing business, they had business to do quite well, but is not good to do business, at home doing nothing, they allocated $ 30,000 per person. Account only has experienced only once profitable ever since to the loss of no return. B accounts operate relatively smoothly, in less than three days ' time, account has reached 81,000. Then b accounts continue to profit, after a few before and after I received dividends 35,000. But after the final dividend, a failed transaction in bronze, making it the fate and accounts, have embarked on a do not return! come to ?51?, I decided to accompany my wife to the Shanghai tourism trip. Before leaving, I have built two accounts in plastic form. But after I went the next day, rubber began to fall, my friends call me my margin! I told him one day, if again the next day fall off list! the next day, days of plastic continue to fall almost 200 points, my desperation, futures companies flat out of the list. Destruction of this open to me a lot, a and b funds add up to two accounts of less than 30,000 dollars! I dividends received 30,000 were I moved into my account, and my account and the account is a sync operation, so it does not have to escape the storm bunker fates! After some time, I got drunk almost every day! the night before 12 o little house, I often confess to God in the night! a complete happiness home to pieces by I! I feel ashamed in front of my wife, she hadn't realized that hides behind the happy family are about to break out of the crisis! me that time she was particularly good, sell relatively generous, may want to make up for it myself sth When my daughter is 2 years old, has been able to read my face, and seeing my daughter in the living room to run around, I can't help but fall tears! daughter ran over to ask me: dad, why are you crying? I hold her in my arms, and said to her, my dad was happy to see you cry! I often sit idle on the balcony, to reflect on their own. Do yourself stupid? me from elementary school to University has been ranked! it is I'm technical enough? book technical analysis, trading ideas, I have seen no less than hundred! is not enough I experienced training do? two years endured by combat or do less! futures trading can succeed? futures wants to succeed must have elements of what? I'm struggling to think of these questions sth Twinkling of an eye, by September 2005, ' father to my home one day, small talk about what I call the ?business? what do do now? I bite the still smooth! ?11? he told me to spend money in the future, if it is convenient first extract part of his first use. After a few days later, accounts of the two men also call b, said that the contract is coming up, they're going to put money into other aspects, so I'm going to fund it! I panic, where do I go to get the money to them?, appeared again ?? opportunity. Due to his wife did the unit charge, daily funds deposit to the card in the same day, has more than 10,000 block at a time. But that period of time, I do not know why, she doesn't want to go to the Bank to deposit, allow me to save her, gave me an opportunity to misappropriation of the results. Every morning I put money into my account, close 15 minutes before the open out, then save to his wife Kari! perhaps because the misappropriation of public funds more cautious because of the wife, which does the success rate is very high. Monday I start doing so, time to Friday, and I funds have been made more than 7,000 to more than 50,000 blocks, profits of more than 7 times a week! but then my wife and himself to bank deposits, this mode of operation is over. For some time I have been living under the tremendous pressure, I must, within a short period of time to win enough money to pay off those pressing debt! otherwise, all the lies are exposed! I'm only trying to gamble on!, October 17, I left empty single copper overnight positions. At night, I've been to 2 o'clock in the morning, the outer metal surge, I know that I completely finished! that night, I have not slept all night sth I don't have the courage to continue to fight on, two words are flashed in my mind--escape! The next morning, I wrote a long letter to his wife and told her all the facts, and beg her forgiveness. I can't imagine what she saw the letter would be like? can't imagine your family know what happens after all this? I'm afraid to think sth At 9 o'clock in the morning opened, as expected, Shanghai copper surged. After a cartridge, my account is only $ 23,000. I went back home, put the letter on the bed and 5,000 dollars are left to his wife. I scarcely look through every corner of the House, it reminds the family happy together, feel as if a knife were being twisted in one ' s heart! I took some pieces of his wife, daughter and our family of three photos together, painfully left the House, on the train to Beijing. To Beijing, my unaccompanied, ground floor, you find a hotel. I would like to have for a long time, or do you want to tell this to my parents. I dialed the parent phone, hear the voice of MOM, my tears will flow out, I told MOM thing after all. My parents are estimated to tears, but my mother was very calm, telephone she said to me: as long as you properly, we have nothing, you don't want to open it. You are still young, only 30 years old, you have the technology, you can start all over again. Remember, you will always be our pride! I hear here, it is unable to control, crying out of the sound, my mother heard me crying, crying over there. Three days later, I found Internet cafes in the vicinity of the residence, Office a month card, with the exception ofFutures and there's nothing I can choose, I still have nearly 20,000 dollars, this is all I hope sth A few days later, my friend told me on the Internet, a few trips to my house, my wife looked very worn. Hear these I'm worried about, thinking for a long time was his wife on the phone. After receiving my phone my wife cried so much that she begged me not to leave her, let me go home, and let me keep in touch with her. I told her I was in Beijing, and promised to keep in touch with her, but I told her I would not go home, when mixing well I'll go home. Days later, I've been doing in the Internet future. Built at a meal, second Sky rose, I lost more than 40 more points at once, with losses before, and I funds only 14,000 or so. This meal deal failed to knock down my mental line of Defense! Because I have not lost, had not afford to lose, and further transmission and I will not be able to survive! I used units are engaged in engineering and technology, is the backbone of the Organization's business. So, I think can find a job in Beijing. I started to publish your resume online, and pay attention to the various job information in the newspaper. But I am very disappointed, and most of my contacts are insurance companies or recruitment marketing. Half a month later, things still didn't any results. Finally one day, I just let it out, came to the Internet Cafe and sat next to the computer. In order to limit its own transaction, has funded a futures account before I go out, so I had the funds back to the future account. But the accident occurred, I at the time of transfer of funds to enter a password, prompted my password is wrong. Entered several times in a row after the wrong password, the system froze my bank card. I quickly asked on the phone there is no other way to collect money to get answered so I was very disappointed. More scares me is that I had less than 100 pieces of cash. The money does not come out, my next step in life is a problem, I thoroughly be stunned! My three days out of the room and not eat anything, will not feel hungry, just lying on the bed. Third night I arrived alone in the garden, looking at the stars in the sky, I can't help but shed a tear. God made me have to go home, and I'm on the outside these two months in addition to the loss of thousands of dollars, didn't do anything! sixth traders sitting all day, at about 10 o'clock at night, I feel both familiar and strange city again, went back to where I live, this familiar couldn't be familiar with the community. Down from the cab, go into the corridor, saw preceded by two figures, is his wife and daughter. They also didn't sleep so late, have been waiting for me. Acid in my heart. My wife took my luggage, I picked up my daughters, trying to kiss on her face. Daughter saw me crying, ask me where to go, and she wants me, asked me if I don't want her sth Entering the House, my wife put my luggage, hold, I burst into tears, I can feel the spirit of the time she and how big is the psychological pressure, I praised her face, feeling that she has worn many, I do not know what to tell her! after a few days, the futures company Manager call me, saying that an institution through his futures trader, he first thought of me, ask me if interested. When an institutional trader has always been my dream. Because the futures company in downtown, so I started off in the night, arrived early in the morning! Manager brought me to is located in the Golden area of a villa-style courtyard, his feelings, Villa in this position should have a strong strength! we come when you, the boss just to. I can't believe it, the boss was a beautiful young woman. after the Exchange, the boss said to me was very satisfactory! promised me as a trader. Because this agency is to do preparatory work, so I have to wait at home, but I'm very excited, feeling yet another opportunity is here! in late March of 2006, I finally received a phone call, so I went to the company registration (future of the company refers to the my trader that organization). I was excited, ready to start off with a slightly. The company, boss first attracted with us three trader held a Council pay and company rules and regulations, as well as we have said, modes of operation: only intra-day trading is not allowed to stay overnight positions, risk controlling within 10%, losses of more than 10% cooperation contract termination at any time in the future, trial period monthly basic salary 800 blocks, and how much profit or fees in accordance with the Commission! action capital of 100,000 per person. When I heard that only 100,000 working capital, and for it to cool down a large, and that the treatment was too low. However, taking into account the profit commissions, I did not say what! the three of us together and the company signed a cooperation agreement. April 1, the three of us traders begin trader. Because the amount of funds than smaller, and intra-day trading couldn't stay for the night warehouse, so it is awkward to operate, require fees on the one hand, on the other hand there are 10% risk control. If only 30% warehouse, daily fee is very low if cartridge deals, is difficult to control the risk of 10%. In early April of 2006, and glue at around 20,000 points, my short go long days in the selected tray adhesive for policy, zhongtian plastic oscillating so much that sometimes rose a sudden dive, I generally opt for open positions at around 6 hands, but a regular change of 100 to 200 points, will be able to make my money losses of close to 10,000 pieces. After several days of operation, I've lost nearly 7,000 pieces, my great psychological pressure! two other traders with me and I almost, operations are also not very good, and funds shrink rapidly. More than half a month has passed quickly, my account is always in the 90,000-95,000 lingered. I was very unhappy about this mode of operation, so my hand is also increasing. One day my account below 90,000. I am very disappointed, because I've reached the bottom line of risk control. After the closing, I found my boss has offered to resign. My trader working so quickly to an end. Seventh article come back from this trader fails completely destroyed my confidence in the future. I analyzed my entire trader, as well as the process of stock-trading rulesThe failure is normal, not failure but does not function properly because its own rules of the game have been contrary to the laws of the market, contrary to the futures of hidden rules! I remember to enter the futures markets since the entire operation experience, full of warehouses of frequent trading, chasing killed fell, bet heavy operations such as taboo I have, how could not fail? I used has been committed to the study forecasts market analysis, and later evolved into tracking, then focus on attitude research, and policy research, but it's failed! I have no choice but to accept this fact, I've been out of futures markets, last chance also have slipped away from me. In order to survive, I told a friend in a project investment consulting company seeking a job, and salary of 5,000 dollars a month. Later, with the help of friends and relatives and classmates, I basically on the debt. Slowly, my mind away from the future, I often think about a past experience, is what led me on a future failures? futures end is what? I have always thought that their futures to understand very well, but now can't read. Futures is a pretty amazing thing, it can expose your weaknesses of human nature in the face of it a glance! can make people blind confidence, ego, excessive publicity and superficiality. After more than six months, and I are becoming more calm slowly restored to a normal state of mind. Now jump to go back and look, there are still many futures in the repeat my previous old. But they may not be as lucky as I am, I had one of the best wives in the world has been silently support me behind me, silently loves me, even in the most difficult when I did not leave me alone. They may not be my lucky, because in my most difficult times, selfless help me with all my relatives, friends, and helped me through difficult times. They may not be my luck, I am presently engaged in a job in the eyes of others looked very good job, income of around 70,000 a year. They may not be my luck, I climbed out of the graves already mining, dead! Futures is a life, it has its reasons, it has its ?hidden rules?. When you're away from the futures and Futures you be seen more clearly. In the last year to this year's one-year period, I have only done two deals, which deal, has brought me closer to the profit of 130%, what I was doing concept has undergone fundamental changes. Now, maybe a friend asked, futures ?hidden rules? what is it? this question, the fact that I already answered, it was during my entire experience!