Elevator _ Cai Jia

Catdallas wavefront lasikegories: trapped magic 1, finally got divorced, his wife so long as the House and her son, bought second-hand House is ten years ago, there's no what I missed, I carried a small drop down box, I take only these, I feel all relaxed. Big step toward me like a newborn elevators, I even can not wait, because there is a pretty young lover is waiting for me in the luxurious villa. Here are the 15 floor, I was impatient urged to lift up as soon as possible, I was afraid son suddenly rushed out to hold my leg, do not let me go. Elevator just managed to come to 15 layers, I could hear the door was opened in the House, I rush to press the elevator button, at the moment of elevator doors opened, I saw my wife to come out, I hurried into the elevator, desperately close button, his wife ran up to the moment before the elevator, elevator doors closed, I called long long breath, thank God, thanks to our ancestors, let me escape "robbery". My wife isn't a fierce woman, when she was young she was pretty, tender and good, considerate, but people to high places, water to lower flows, distance is a terrible demon, it will allow you to see each other as seen as possible is thin, to up to unbearable, of course, understanding of bud, Bud is to accelerate this dislike the greatest cause of. I can't not bud, Bud, that slippery soft and tender aroma of skin out, it makes me dizzy. Each time you touch her body, I feel younger, more vibrant. Bud, Bud, I get a second life, I'm drunk. Lifts seem to be much florida accident attorneyslower than usual, I stared at the show floor of the figures, just skip to ?10? Word elevator stop stops immediately rising to, keep changing between numbers from 11 to 14, I feel strange, press a couple of words keys, but does not alter this strange phenomenon, I began a one-step. ?1? sudden, intense ground motions for a moment the elevator, small boxes to hit the elevator door, I was close to the elevator wall, afraid to move. I slowly lifted his eyes, saw the display stops on the ?15?, I estimate that the elevator was returned 15 floor. I gingerly reach for the door keys, elevator door opens with a ?goes?, I really went back to a familiar 15 floors. , Flurried, I picked up a small box, get out of the elevator. My presence, rush to see his wife walked out. She obviously younger lot, I gave it to her bright green sweater. She was vexed that smiled and said to me: "why are you so slow it? I packed up the House. "I'm a little surprising, signed his divorce settlement left, my wife how nothing happens-like, waiting for me then? I carried a small drop down boxes stay upright, and wanted to figure out how it happened, I don't want to give your wife a chance to go back, my half of the property. But Word check, divorce agreement in my little box, she can go back on? "you silly merrily flicker why? to be MOM and dad was coming. "" What? MOM and dad are coming? "I'm afraid his wife played the family card, parents told me not to divorce, but the words are checked, also advise go back?" MOM and dad said to come to celebrate our new home and occupied, bring money by the way, did you forget? "and" new home occupation? "says I got confused, yingshengsheng was pulled into the House by his wife. The House is both familiar and unfamiliar, the floor was new, furniture is new and they are mine to go with his wife pick decoration and furniture markets. This was ten years ago home! it was a day of our new home occupation. I hope this is just a dream, I picked up my little tank, turned to leave, never thought that had stood a man at the door. "Couple hands quite smart, I would like to come and help. "Messenger is one of my ex-colleague, no, ten years ago we were working together. ?Gordon Chen? please come in!? wife enthusiastically to gather. Gordon Chen have ulterior motives to smiled at me, I can't help but a cold war. He was made to collect the money, is to buy a house the mantissa left was his father-in-law mother-in-law sent to 100,000 pieces. I will soon wake up, I don't care what his wife behind him yelling, heading for the elevator to go to. I even forgot that weird scene in an elevator, elevator door open, hurried inside. 2, the elevator doors close I'll regret it, because I see floor numbers in a fast-changing, though feel abnormal shaking in the elevator, but running sound whizz whizz down to kill the kill ring, was listening to the hair stand on end. I tried to hold the ?1? button, immediately making the display ?8? and the elevators shake shake, shaky and fibrillation rising, small box-just pull the children of the ice hole, continuously shaking. I am afraid have to close my eyes, silent prayer is safe, well go back to reality. Elevator ?crash?, stopped, I didn't hold for the moment, being left to the corner, and hit the elevator walls. I hit was confusing, look at the screen, Ghost, typing is not a ?1?, but ?15?. Elevator door opened, I rush to climb out of the elevator, looked up and saw the wall postings on several sheets of family planning poster, printed 2003 year. This is poster 8 years ago! I'm a little dazed, never thought that this time his wife carrying garbage bags came out. We see each other were very surprising. How can I back?! wife quickly get rid of junk, ask: ?husband, how do you return early? travel not tired tired??, I looked at the little drop down box in the hands of, Yes, I'm carrying on a business trip in the past the little drop down box. I unconsciously felt bag, I knew what was inside, I am impressed by what's happened on this day I remember 8 years ago. I had just quit by company, bought some drug I was on my way home, ready to advise his wife destroyed the belly of the child. His wife saw me look bad, drew me to sit down on the sofa, and give me a hand to slippers and water, then asked with concern: "honey, what do you have?" and "I was fired by the company. ?My wife and I imagine the panic, she said with a faint smile:? at the company's profitability has been bad, I want your job hopping for a long time. ?I don't want to work anymore, I want to own an air-conditioning company. ? "This is my very words of the year. Thought for a while his wife said, "do their own boss, you do itThere are more than 10 years, the technology is not a problem, if funding is not enough, we can call the House to the Bank. ?My wife and I would like to discuss with you. ? ?What?? "I have a mouth and swallowed. 8 years ago, I went on to say that I am now an uncertain future, better knock kids, life has stabilized and then consider having children in the future. Wife responded very intense at that time, how do you say also refused to eat the medicine. Think about it, if we do not have children, divorce can definitely be more easier and simpler, maybe don't have to wait until ten years later. I cross my heart, and said, "I'm back from Hainan coconut milk powder, I go and give you a taste, often drinking good for the fetus. "I remember that I had indeed bought the coconut milk powder comes back. I had a big Cup of coconut milk, and secretly put a drug in, I end up sitting room, his wife missing, waiting for a long time, not holding her clothes from the balcony came in. I was about to tell her coconut milk has washed well, looked back, home cat tongue into Cup. Wife smiling says: ?it seems cats also love to drink Oh! medical malpractice lawyers new yorkcould you a cup!? medicine has gone, I'm not willing to let it go at that, so to find an excuse to go out to buy. 3 enter the elevator, I think twice before strange events, Elevator has become a part of the time machine, this time into the elevator, I do not know when you go out again the day when I was 8 years ago, I began to regrebeverly hills plastic surgeryt not take the stairs, small laxiang in your hands. Now, I don't know which one to press buttons, twice before pressing ?1? failed to reach the first floor, shouldn't I? I hesitated, perhaps this will change my life, I was more worried about my second life was just Flash in the pan. Indecisive me to sit on the small box, cross a lot of mixed emotions, I couldn't make any move. Suddenly, Elevator automatic up and running, my heart was tightened before I press any button, violently shaking up the elevator, I fell to the ground, together with small boxes, a narrow lift over and over. Lifts quickly rising, and also to decrease speed, vent jarred sound, I was a jerk hurt feelings and wanted to throw up. Elevators stopped with a ?crash? I cower, groggily groped door keys to open elevator doors shake, I like walking on a pontoon, crooked half half climb out of the elevator. I seem to get drunk. I like walking home in front of inertia, it so dark, I felt my key in the Pocket, the door opens, my wife looked at me standing at the door, my eyes showing the effects of drink Dim says, "come, before you drink it. "My wife and lifted into the bedroom and lay down, she did not blame me, help me cover yourself up and went away. Today I am pleased that, because of bud, Bud to see the Villa, I let her pick out a set of, she said that to live with me forever. I'm coming back to with his wife a divorce. Talk to someone outside the door, is his wife and son. "MOM, Dad coming back?", "Shhhh sth Daddy was tired, sleep. "Wife whispered said. "Why Dad so each time you come back late, so tired?", "Dad is so hard to make money outside. Listen, don't wake Daddy, come back to bed! ?I want to talk to my father to sleep, I haven't seen him for. ? ?Waking up will be able to see him tomorrow. ? "" MOM, you're not afraid of my father did not return to? "," here is my dad's House, Dad knew every day we are at home and wait for him to come back, why he wasn't coming back? "," it would be. "After hearing this, I had a trembled, suddenly woke up. This is something that half a year ago! when the son was born, I was in Beijing with the customers to bargain. Son called first when Dad, I'm far away in Lanzhou. Son of the first kindergarten in the sky, I opened branch in Changsha. ��Щ�����������������ͬ���裬����������ô�������أ����ӿ��ܲ�������ң�û���ٽ����ң���Ҳ�޷���˯�����ڿ���Ҫ��Ҫ���ڿ���˵��飬����ô���ڣ�ҹ���˾���ȫ�����ƺ���ֻ����һ�������ţ�15¥�ķ��ر�󣬴������ҵľ��ģ�����ô�����Լ��ĵڶ����������ĺ��ң����û��ҵ�С���䣬���ĵ��߳����ţ���Ҫ�ú��侲һ�£����������� ������ǵ�֮ǰ���ն����ĵ����¼����������ٽ�ȥһ�Σ�����������Ϊ������������� 4, after entering the elevator, I put all the keys are pressed again, like Russia turntable, I used my life as a bet. Elevator operation is smooth, display of numbers one after the other, jumping from 15 to 1, seems to have everything back to normal. Presently, Elevator stopped with a ?sting?. I am tempting it or not, determine the elevator has really returned to normal. I dare not act rashly, patiently waiting for the elevator door opens automatically, but neither stood, I reached for the door key, little was dark. I felt fear of top kill, backbone straight cold sweat. My desire to survive to drive me trying to press the open press, but aren't sure whether the elevator lack of response. I got stuck in an elevator, I double back bend, sit on the floor, lift immediately jump a little, I rolled a roll to one side, it is estimated that such a jump elevator down two or three floors, just read ?1?, is likely to be, if the lift from a 9-story fall, I will die. ?11? I dare not move a finger, which cannot be controlled tremor. Called for, but it seems thatMortgage Loans Bad Credit there is only one world, if I fall into the cracks of time, I'll never go. What hit me on my feet, lift immediately shook for a moment, feeling elevator speed fall, I was so frightened, holding my little box, and cried with a loud voice. If I really was dead, son will inherit the property of I, my wife will I make arrangements for a dignified funeral. Wife carrying her son secretly weep, each year to the grave I worship the son. If I really was dead, my wife would let my son will always remember my best foot forward, leaving blood and give everything for me. If I really was dead, Bud, Bud, certainly not I Shou-ching, she was 22 years old, looks beautiful, and she will soon be with another man to live in and I gave it to her in the Villa. If I'm dead, Bud, Bud, may or may not cry for me, a few years, she even forgot my name. I don't want to die, I really don't want to die. Elevator just like bungee jumping, jumping two and then stopped, while also lights up. I'm wiping tears, fibrillation shaky ground stations, hesitation and reached for the door keys, elevator doors have no reaction. Surely God punish me, if we can come out of the elevator and go back into time and space in elevators for the first time, I swear I will return to his wife and children's side, money, Villa, lovers are the clouds, his wife and children in the side is true. Elevator door opened quietly, I can't believe inattentively out of the elevator. Feet into the solid concrete floor, a narrow escape feeling. I could see the pain of body, seeing his wife rushed to walk into an elevator, I would like to call her, but things haven't called export, the elevator doors close up. I do not understand why his wife went so fast, seems to be holding something in his hand, she is wearing clothes like that one when I first left, then she seems to be to catch up with what I'm saying, what, am I finally came back to Earth? wife elevator to enter this weird, will there be danger? thought here, I's always slaggingoff up key. Display digital insists on getting smaller and smaller, is meant the elevator did not issue? to sit me down to the ground, hands and face, and I sincerely hope that my wife can come back safe. 5, do not know how long, Elevator "bites" with a stop in a 15-story, and then quietly opened in front of me, I between surprise and joy, seeing his wife hair out of the elevator of the non-destructive, I staggered to climb up, embraced with open arms to his wife, but surprise, his wife raised their hands, a slap in my face, my face was burning for burning, wife was furious and stared at me, I've never seen her so angry. "I know you hate me, I do not have a chat with your divorce. ?Now I can't wait to tell you a divorce. ? "A wife is grate. "Why do you want to make me?", "I called you because you cheated me parent blocks of 100,000, you're murderous scheme under one's own children. ?What do you say?? ?you imagine where did I go right? bought the House 10 years ago, when you tell Gordon Chen collusion to 300,000, as long as 200,000. ? 8 years ago, you're out of work, wants me to knock the belly of the child, you secretly put drugs in coconut milk, fortunately I did not drink, or sons have long gone. Six months ago, you bought a villa for the woman, divorce or hide from me, you give me your property. I just want to go back to the House and her son, but now I've changed my mind, I would like to tell you, I want you to have nothing. "" You, your divorce agreement is signed, how did you come? "?do you think I was something in his hand?? wife coldly raised his portfolio �� are in the hands of the divorce agreement! I put in a little box, how in her hands?" my kindness return to you, surprise you see me as the mouse and see cats, but you can run faster, or I never knew you had on things I have done so more frenzied. "His wife said, agreement has long been torn into pieces and throw to me, and never came into the room. My sudden weakness, picked up a small box into tears, and now I really only the small box left