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2011,1,8 the rose about week Children's Day. the rose about Buehler (ads: credit card)Mortgage Loans Bad Credit, ordinary people's happiness, is a bit shy, somewhat enjoy, like flowers open in the corner of small flowers, scattered, plain sky, neither bright without dazzling. However, the Sun, there is joy, you avoid the crowds, and happy on your own. --Search all: good evening, where the friends, you are now listening to the FM:100.9,AM:1431, Shi Jia Zhuang economic broadcast of radio and television of the Mary Kay Compte d' �� pargdallas wavefront lasikne Orange marcvellous Convention, Shu Jun tonight will continue to invite you to join me, face and we love married life together in a confused and feeling, medical malpractice lawyers new yorkwere found the true meaning of love and happiness.
traducteur anglais chinoflorida accident attorneyis������������beverly hills plastic surgery��wbr>���DZ�2bmw baby0��ǰ��������Ȼ����20��ǰ���Һ�� At that time, my monthly salary is $ 70, so that only the holidays could dare to buy teeth 9 cents a pack in the Double Ninth Festal ??, usually only to smoke around 4 cents. As for buying a first bike and 70% money is borrowed. Original scenarios are still remembered. Bicycle ticket supply in those days, there is a new brand of bikes do not have tickets, but the $ 199. My colleagues bought a pretty I envy, and want to buy. Touch pocket, coupled with the collapse of steel but $ 50, and my character is thinking, so be sure to do, or anxiety.��������Then ran and his colleagues to take $ 150, bought it 2.5 months ' wages to buy a bike. Amazing color televisions, refrigerators that are extravagant, to save at least ten years you can afford.����As for the car, but also dreams don't dare to think.����20 years ago, I was very relaxed and happy. Easy because there is no pressure. assurance Priv �� e van graduation, instructors hold list announced: Tom Mor, Dick to the Ministry of sth����Again, poor, can get a decent State units, so just went to College at that time, even into the safe. Easy because not afraid of the disease.������No matter how big the disease, cure treatment is not good that is a later story, but very few people look down on worries, is followed by a unit, the backing of the State. Happy because, although the life of the poor, but everyone is more or less. I earned 70 per cent lead was not much to go, and he have family burden, not necessarily easier than I am. A sight, no one is better than who the number, and psychological balance.������Our ancestors had told me: inequality and inequality, as ??, so we didn't complain about poor, poor thing and be happy. Happy also because simple and warm interpersonal relationships. Just graduated, throw old quilts in the Office, big sister watching over the Office, at home when I travel, take apart and wash less, find someone to play again flock, let me come back moved almost to tears. Ill unit's biggest leaders in their own home cooking a bowl of horizontal two egg noodles, end to single quarters in person, "chenre eating, fat sweating it would be nice.������"It felt, led just like the parents sth����20 years later, I'm rich. Today's income, I almost want to eat what I eat, wants to buy what you buy, as long as the required don't be ridiculous. The last 2.5 months of income to buy bicycles, now the income to buy one or two days past to save another ten years to afford a refrigerator, color TV, now a monthly earnings can buy several; don't dare to think past dream cars, now open on the sth����In a Word, now I really had money.����However, I suddenly found that of 20 years ago and I have money, and there is no happier, even the opposite. First of all, although much money, but money brings happiness but less.������Holidays bought the Double Ninth Festal enjoyed in the past, but now, hongtashan every day and even Red China has no taste; used to borrow money to buy a bike that loves, can't wait to rub twice a day, but now a hundred thousand of buying a car, jam on the road every day, experience not only to the original bike brings joy, instead of traffic jams every day Maniang past festivals a basket of eggs of happiness with joy, now feast, the unit made a generous bonus, plug into the package, has not found the feeling of happy sth Even more terrible is, to get rid of the ?effect?, ?? follow run be uncertain. You have the money, a monthly income of 10,000, they sing a song is 100,000; you live hundred square meters of the House, but a classmate bought qianwanyi of villas on sth������Are human beings, differences between why so much?, than people dead, mental imbalance in the beginning. Also makes me unhappy is, relationships, past qilerongrong warm Greek deficiency has become increasingly like a family, because the competition has become the mainstream of society. Competition in the community, not to, and even slower progress than others is a step backward. Colleagues not to mention helping you take apart and wash covers, send egg noodles is almost extinct, capable of being mixed does not give you continuous, even if the good guys. Everyone you staring at me, and I reckoned you, few can too easily. Now interpersonal relationships is really into playing mahjong, everyone was staring at the opponent on the left, watching live, you say I can not tired? proofof total money is better than no money, after all, is the Foundation for economic, economic base determines the superstructure, which I knew at middle school. Why now with money instead ofBecome sad every day and even has been through much bitterness? we develop our economy, make money at the same time, really lost what? the previous segment to see a report, the United Nations global happiness index survey, the results expected: the highest happiness index in the world, not the most developed of the United States, it's not the best of the natural environment in Europe, but the economy is lagging behind, life is the original of the Pacific Islands. Results of this survey make me seem to have found some answers: economic development can change the quality of life, but may not be able to create happiness.����Happiness comes from within the harmony and inner harmony from social harmony and harmony between man and man 's, which are economic development alone is not enough. Of course, we must understand that the mentioned those happy 20 years ago, may not be the best, most solid happy, unhappy is not necessarily today is a corollary of economic development. However, if while we work to develop the economy, but forgot to care for our soul, in competition at the same time, and neglect the care from person to person, socio-economic development can hardly be proportional to the individual's physical and mental happiness. Because the economy developed, more money, and can only be bought at most modern way of life, but you can't buy the hearts of harmony and happiness. 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Or directly in the Baidu search: Shu Jun rose about 2011.01.0602:15 "" Shu Jun Jie Hello. my husband chatting till midnight every day, to call users, with husband wife call information, for which we fight angry after they contact, whether to ignore or give her a call I say? answer: you give the woman a call should be a go, and even ask for insulting things, they would say: have the ability to govern your husband. The problem is that your husband some helpless, quarrels angry is switch off. If you do not want to divorce so something, you probably have several solutions: one man's road to huanzhiqirenzhishen, to you I also chat, your husband, wife, and my husband, wife, he is angry not angry, to see if he stand, if he gets angry, if he could not bear, then I modified the. Second, to ignore, do not chat? you can make a much bigger risk to? they are no match for you, those who are specifically looking for another husband chat woman is a woman who is very boring, not much higher grade. three, with a view guided approach, a man who chat online all day, are generally boring, there is nothing to pursue, to spend time talking to network, or using Web chat to vanity, you managed to truly understand your husband, and he really cares where if he's a bit of pursuit, training points and his interest in elegance. four, suddenly she thinks, would like to open. The husband is, you selected, maybe he also use network chat, call, say sweet ways to capture your heart, it was his personality, he just continued to play to his strengths, the difference is in your possession, and now in another woman. He has not changed, but you do not accept. Do not accept only quarrel, accepted will be able to live in. 2011.01.03 ?I'm a big girl, high upon a boyfriend, love me he hurts me, but I was in College, he went abroad, he can only be returned once a year, and that is to say have gone five years became for a decade. ? Phone two of us are crying. I said he would wait for him. But that he had found a girlfriend, is also love online. Now he will care for me on the phone, but I said I'd let you guys, I just want to ask why the change? but he does not say anything. I won't forget him, and I couldn't get over it. What should I do? "the answer: you just want to ask why would he change? that would be tantamount to ask God: why do you like change. Change is normal, no change would not normally do. you high at three o'clock only more large? middle school students various value concept fundamental on no forming, emotional changes is large, then of love Basic is a adolescent of budding, a specific phase suction, also can expect it has more large of stability, can expect it forever did? he a teenage age of children traverse has sea study abroad, stranger there, alone lonely language does not pass, faces of variables is large, he needs a can has common language can understands he of friends, and you has plays can't so of task has, so other girl appears has, this does not difficult understands. Don't tell me you have so little children, that is, some adults, married people with children, environmental change, feelings will change, original purpose of the many people who go abroad may be all about family life better, but then it was a family drifted apart. WBR> is now a good idea to ask yourself: why would he not change? forget fit doesn't matter, which may be large, old enough, everything is not too late, which day is willing to put down and then down. 2011-1-814:28:06 Shu Jun sister, I'm a freshman student, Ishiie school, liked a girl, was talking of very speculative, but our final destiny without, like her five-year, and now no longer contact, but I still can't forget her, what should I do, I often heard your program. Answer: forget is that you like to remember and do what you like should make you feel happy. If you're not happy, then do something else, the time will make you forget. 2011.01.0421:01 "" rose about: my name is Xu Huiyong, Henan. My job in Shijiazhuang, Sichuan province, told me about a girlfriend. My life was 24 years old, and she was 18. My home and her home is too far away, and the age gap. I am short, I am 1.55-meter, she 1.6-meter. Possible? I love her very much, she loves me! help! your sister! "replied there may of course be at least why you fell in love. But go to the marriage was difficult, she was only 18 years old, is uncertain, miles away from home in the future to not go home, family members would agree with you, if you can afford, and so on, the variable is still a lot. 2011.01.0420:52 "about Hello rose, we were married for six years, he was a soldier, met because when we talk about understanding opportunities few, so I don't know much about his bad temper, and realized over time, I do not know what to do, but he loves me," replied: there is no perfect people, he loves you, it is sufficient, bad temper, is are you inclusive, don't mess with him easily. 2011.01.0620:51 "Shu Jun, I love boyfriend of four years of University in the field, poor conditions at home. Home relocation compensation money, said that in order to Shijiazhuang, I want to buy a House. But my parents wouldn't agree, saying that we later in Shijiazhuang, even if there is no formal work will suffer, at home I find a county official work of the fixed object. Parents happy, we uranium conspiracy, the human eye. But I also like the boyfriends, but I don't know why, Shijiazhuang, I am looking for a job does not have much confidence in, do not know what to do, was very worried sth "Answer: good job, and can't find good jobs, this is not your personal challenges. When you have no choice, and only indomitable will. Such as college students from poor home, Shijiazhuang development, regardless of the most difficult and you want to stay here, then he can't take into account the work in formal or informal, as long as the money can survive on the line. but you're different, do you have a choice, you will have at least two options, a home is calling you, uranium conspiracy, the objects are waiting for you, let your heart. Select the boyfriend, emotional foundation for four years, but life in the future is uncertain, requires a spirit of adventure, need suffer prepared; select home, rely on parents, boyfriend for stable work, not much suspense, but emotional involvement is unknown. how to choose? depends on your own is a kind of person. Have the courage to dare adventure dare bear able to endure hardship, boyfriend is a better choice; no courage cowardly didn't want to risk not assume, and back to parent well. But no matter how choices are within, once the decision is not required for, sugarcane ends is not sweet. (spots) Flower: rose about welcomes you to continue to listen to: FM:100.9,AM:1431, Shijiazhuang of radio and television stations about economic broadcast of the rose, is now taking place interactive links, interaction can be edited in the process of listening to the message, sent to the SMS platform: 13,191,873,687, when you send in the previous note: or the rose about Shu Jun, outside of the program or you can send mail, mail address: shujun1009@126.com. Want to join our friends of note, the 8th group current vacancies, group number: 121,289,749, missed the program to listen to, you can log in our blog broadcast details of the Sina textual information. Directly in the Baidu search: Shu Jun rose about 2011.01.0620:51 "rose about: I am in love with a boy, very much, I implied, he will understand that was loaded did not know, but because the school had something, I am also in the works, he gave me a call the other day, we met, he promised me a fast. When he's willing to do so, but he said his parents had him from care before you go to a pair of lovers. But since he seems to ignore my existence, or not taking the initiative to contact me, but he is very busy, but too busy to not have the time to send me a SMS do? I would not like to see asked him point, because I was afraid of the answer, what should I ask him, "answered: it is said that in love relationships, love the party more passive, because the party cares more about love, care about each other's reactions, care about each other's attitudes, often in a State of apprehension, worry about more than peace of mind. This is now the State, because you are more like him, because it is your initiative, he appeared to be passive, coupled with the parents ' urging, he'll accept you, but after an apparent lack of enthusiasm. proofof he would not be too busy to send text messages, no hair, still shows his lack of enthusiasm of love. But is there any way to do it? are you really like, are you willing to stay with his, he may neverLike you said. you do not wish to understand and asked him, you know, ask yourself: If the other party is not very fond of you, would you like to be with him? if not active, there is no enthusiasm, how long is your patient can persist? r>2011.01.0620:36 "Shu Jun Jie you, listening to your programs benefited a lot, thank you, Shijiazhuang, I would like to ask that hospital treatment of hepatitis b in Yang, please check you thank thank you" to answer: Shijiazhuang hospital for infectious diseases, that is, v hospital in Shijiazhuang city. 2011.01.06 rose about my lovely son married for three years now every day you say I do quarrel wants reluctant son "2011.01.0620:50 rose about, my wife and I always quarreling, a word not noisy. You say I do. Answer: your message we put together to answer. quarrels also need passion, quarrels without passion which has the mood? look at from this point, you are very strong, young Qisheng, do not compromise, do not convinced, fold in good health, energy enough, did not move quarrel or earlier and earlier do not want to fight. quarrel is also a strong Exchange, belonging to the storm, storm pull, instant spray-drenched, and fun. So you can see, you are all good people, like the feeling of cool, otherwise it won't start. quarrel might also be because liver-fire ascending syndrome, Mong Kok, of fire and with the spore steaming, alone, could not, otherwise how could one not? if not how can every day, not even the weekend? passion is a good thing, life requires passion, but not all on the fight. Couples need to communicate and understand each other's ideas, but always strongly communicate how much effort it, but also very monotonous. Liver-fire ascending syndrome exuberant, is the need for traditional Chinese medicine, diarrhea due to fire, conditioning, also depends on your family's diet, do you eat out of the question. finally take a look at yourselves, quarrels do not solve the problem, please don't be too impulsive, I reason, don't at home on the win or lose, home is where the intercese, not just local, reasoning at home, nobody wins the only, no winners. There's husband, let man without a star, earns with his wife what happened then? you earn win glory? wife, your husband is not easy, hang in there on the outside, go home and also depends on your face, money does not give him first? you don't expect him to like everything you wanted to do, don't try to change him, do you think is doomed to disappointment, quarrel is unavoidable. husband, wife, you must accept the other side is unlike your gender, who does not like, don't try anything in line with your ideas. House Exchange has a variety of ways, in a gentle and mild way, full of affection, of Thunder and lightning, momowuyu, be very much in love, a warm hug, and so on, small husband and wife were a little creative imagination, don't fight alone. 2011.01.06 20:32 ", rose has about sister I is a 2010 just out wage earners of a 18 age of girl, I today just and boyfriend min has, we just on of when is I like he, he says just began he does not like I, later only like Shang I of, now we familiar has each other, and contradictions also increasingly more, I this people is petty at, I is unlikely to willing to he with other girl playing makes, because he, I hurt has many people, now I and he broke up has, but I heart is hard, I placed no fewer than he, although broke up is I made to of, sat I opposite of colleagues says today he cry has, I know Hou more hard, I the do does? help help I's sister" answer: 18 age of love also is young, on like kid has House infants, little trifle on can let you PEAR blossom bathed in the rain--a weeping beauty, may also only 18 age of he also still children, children is needs partners of, you only Xu he and you play, no he and others play, this requirements is a bit severely has. This break up, you did Little enough. Sorry, what should I do? and why good, anyway, you guys are so small, child fenfenhehe is not too strange. But your mind is getting bigger, or you'll eat finished vinegar. 2011.01.0619:48 "sister good! I'm now quite confused. Is: I was a member of the military, we spent three years in love, and this year I graduated from University, family urged me to get married. I should tell family members I have, but I'm too afraid after telling his family that he is unstable, do not agree to, yet I was the Hui, Han nationality he is, we must not and foreign marriages. I don't know what to do? help me out of the idea. "Answer: you can't because of fear of consequences, has been concealed, this must be said with his family. Also, your situation is very complex, but also to national habits of national customs issues, it has more to say. Do not avoid, to stand up. 2011.01.0720:47 "rose about: about to get married, her husband's family previously promised condition has changed because of my pregnancy, I do not know what to do?" the answer: no way, previously promised to estimate is an oral promise, no documentary evidence, there is no notary, you can't on litigation, is legal does not support. So who makes you not paying attention, a pregnancy in the eyes of her husband's family who, you depreciate, chips reduces, you're not yellow young lady, people marry youFor your charity, reasoning where you go to? , girl, fengfengguangguang married wanted to own, really have to take yourself seriously.